Thursday, August 16, 2007

Slusho and Apollo Candy

What kind of role will Slusho play in Cloverfield? To find the answer it might help to look at the roll the Apollo Bar played in Lost, and the Apollo Candy website.

* Unfortunately, the actual site no longer exists - the domain expired and was hijacked. Fortunately, I had a complete copy of the site, so I have created a mirror site.

Even though they are NOT connected, there are a lot of strange similarities between and Apollo Candy:

Secret Ingredients: Slusho contains a mysterious deep sea ingredient. Apollo bars were rumored to contain a virus and psychotropic compounds.

The Number SIX: The Slusho website has six sections, and the slogan is "You Can't Drink Just Six". Apollo Candy also has six sections, and this interesting story in "The Man" section:
M. David Benson served America in the Korean War and recounts the moment when he, too, discovered that chocolate ran through his veins: “The six of us were pinned down – scared witless. I knew we’d be lost if we didn’t come together. So, I rifled through my pack and found it -- the Benson Chocolate Bar mom had sent. They were expensive. She was poor. But once a month, like clockwork, there was that care package. Six ways, I split that chocolate, and even with death staring us in the eye, not a one of us could deny the smile on his face.

Hot Air Balloons: Slusho features a hot air balloon with a duck on the Downloads page. The Apollo Candy website has a balloon on The Company page. BTW, Lost also had a Hot Air Balloon that Henry Gale crashed on the island. Will there be a balloon in Cloverfield too?

For those not familiar with Lost, Apollo Candy is a fictitious company, similar to Willy Wonka. Their chocolate Apollo Bars have made several appearances on the show, but only as a novelty. However, the bars and the website were an integral part of The Lost Experience ARG last summer.

The Apollo Candy website provided a background story of the candy, and the history of the man who created them. In the story, the company was taken over by the Hanso Foundation, and they were planning on using the chocolate to distribute a virus that was being developed which would kill 30% of the worlds population. As part of the ARG, real chocolate bars were distributed at various locations around the world. Each bar was printed with a website where people could join together to take down the Hanso Foundation. For more information, see the Apollo Bar page on Lostpedia.

What does any of this have to do with Cloverfield? I don't think Slusho will be a major part of the story, like Apollo Candy was in the Lost ARG, but hopefully it will have more to do with the story than just a cool t-shirt Rob is wearing.


  1. hi dennis
    first time poster

    has anyone thought about dr. hackett, he was a employer for apollo candy who researched psychotropic drugs by putting them into beverages


  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if the Korean War was '50-'53 and M. David was born in '38, he would have only been 12-15 years old depending on when he served.

    Does it mean anything or just an oversight?

  3. Not impossible, my great-uncle served in WWII when he was about 16. You lie about your age. Still, it does seem a bit like an oversight.

    Possibly made it Korea rather than Vietnam (which would chronologically make more sense) because two of the Lost characters are Korean?

  4. Dennis, God bless you for saving the Apollo site!! Especially since its dubious reincarnation, ahem.

    All good Qs and comparisons that you bring up. You're right, Slusho will most likely be just a footnote or background to the major plot. It's fun how Abrams and his peeps do this kind of thing with their stories to give more dimension behind, or sideways to, the scenes of the actual story.

  5. In that era Young kids lied about their age all the time to get to go to war... But Korean war seems like a weird choice, especially when Vietnam would have been just a decade later and made alot more sense, so it must be either a) a link to LOST with Sun and Jin or b) just something to make us have discussions about

    Abrams never overlooks anything XD

  6. Is anyone planning on going to any of the events on the "US Distribution" page? I don't live close to any of those areas.

  7. einahpets,

    The Apollo Candy site is from last year, so all those date are for 2006.

    Just to be clear, the Apollo Candy site is a LOST site, and IS NOT connected to Cloverfield.

  8. Ah, alright then. Thanks :]

  9. Interesting is, there is very famous Chocolate in Japan, named "Aporo" (Apollo), is made by chocolate manufacture "Meiji".

    I ate it - really great.

    P.S. Who knows, perhaps there are more connections between "Lost" and "Cloverfield" as we suppose?..

  10. Perhaps, it's a Lost movie. :D

    Now that would be a major twist.

  11. This is kind of random, but reading the repeated emphasis on "six" made me think of the Numbers on Lost. I continue to believe that the total number of Numbers (i.e., 6) is more important than any of the actual Numbers themselves.

    For example, six values can be used to specify the location of a point in "phase space," which is an imaginary construct used in chaos theory. Valenzetti, of course, was a chaos theorist. Six also is the number of numbers used to specify the strength of an electromagnetic field.

  12. I doubt it will be a LOST movie, but i think we can expect to see some LOST tie-ins for die-hard fans, maybe the two set in the same universe kinda thing, but nothing major maybe just neat little things for us lot to find..

  13. Dennis,

    I would just like to throw my two cents in and say that the Apollo bars on the show are far more than just a novelty. They have grown much since then. Of course ou have the fact that the people who have eaten the Apollo bars tend to have more of a reaction with the halucinations of the island.
    (Hurley, Kate, Jack, Shannon, Boon, and Locke to name a few) Plus you have the new addition of Alice i think the little girl who befriends Young Ben who says that the kids are allowed to eat as many as they want. I think they will play a bigger role in something as time goes on.

    Also I would like to add something on topic,
    that maybe since this is a giant monster movie and it seems to come from the water, the Slusho connection is to the secret ingrediant. This secret ingrediant is what kept the monster asleep and as they used it to make slusho, they depleted its overall strength on ??? monster... it awakes and attacks.


  14. Hey. View the source for that Apolo thing. There's a link to the company that made that site, The Hanso Foundation, or something along those lines. The man talks about some girl name Rachel Blake. If you view the source for that site, it links to her blog. Click the picture in her second most recent post.

    Only do this if you're in the mood for another mystery.

    I doubt it has anything to do with Cloverfield.

    viewing sources are fun :D

  15. I think that was all discussed in the Lost Expirence. I diddn't play it, becuase I had no idea what an ARG was untill cloverfield.

  16. also: there are 6 slusho flavors.

  17. The thought of it being a Lost movie crossed my mind before we got too much info as well. It would have justified such a long hiatus for working on that, in our minds anyway. :-) Maybe later.

    I think that the Apollo bars are more than a red herring or background filler also Ded. At least I'm hoping that if TPTB keep bringing them up in so many ways, that they will be. Especially as you said, that weird mention about how the kids can eat all they want. Too curious. Probably sets them up pharmaceutically for Room 23, heheh.

  18. I'm still afraid to eat my Apollo Bar! LOL

  19. Ah, Apollo bars. Ya gotta love free chocolate giveaways. Even with possible side effects.

    Thanks for the walk down nostalgia lane, Dennis.

    I love this blog!

  20. I never got an Apollo Bar, my mum thought i was too young to go to birmingham on my own to get a chocolate bar lol (Im in the UK) should have bought one on ebay or something :(

    Anyway i think Slusho is what caused the monster...Well kind of. Im debating whether the secret ingredient
    A)genetically modified a creature and supersized it (but this would suck)
    B) whether the monster ate the secret ingredient and after Slusho took away its supplies of food, it went looking elsewhere and rampaged through New York
    C) Like Ded said the secret ingredient kept the monster at bay in someway or another and after Slusho took it away it reared its head above water.

    I think the most likely is B, but i am positive Slusho caused this in someway, otherwise what is the point in them?

    I mean at first Apollo Bars were nothing, just a novelty in LOST but astime went on we found out their importance, with the Virus off island and maybe that link about it affecting people on-island (heres a point Hurley tried to kill himself whilst under the hallucination maybe caused by the Bars - maybe thats what the virus was meant to do, drive people to suicide)
    At first here we didnt think Slusho was a big part of the story just a novelty but i think these ideas mean it could be a much bigger thing (sorry about going off on LOST tangents)

  21. Dennis, thanks for archiving the Apollo Candy site. I never followed any of the "LOST" ARG stuff because I didn't become a regular "LOST" watcher until the diamonds and spiders episode in which the two characters were unintentionally buried alive at the end. That was some perfect pulp. Anyway, thanks to your archive I get to see some of what I missed out on. Thanks again!

  22. Another untitled project by JJ Abrams. unrelated but thought I would post anyway. look at the plot outline, its about researching a mysterious ship sinking in WWII, i know its unrelated but i cant help how amazing JJ Abrams could make this idea XD

  23. einahpets

    again...that's from last year. anything you find associated with "apollo" will be from last year.

    the hanso foundation, etc.

    all part of "the lost experience" from 2006.


  24. Just to clarify:

    The Hanso Foundation
    Let Your Compass Guide You
    DJ Dan
    Rachel Blake
    Where's Alvar
    Stop Hanso
    Hanso Exposed
    Retrievers of Truth
    Valenzetti Equation
    Apollo Candy

    Are all to do with The Lost Experience ARG from last summer, and nothing on those websites will be to do with Cloverfield.

  25. Welcome to the world of LOST, Bonk, no matter how late! Be sure to go out and purchase the first two seasons, so you will be all caught up by the time Season3 is out, so you can catch up by Season4. :o) Or...just borrow the DVDs. Anyway, if you like what you've seen since the Razzle-Dazzle episode, you won't be disappointed by S1-3.

  26. This seems like it fits but did anyone notice that on one of the character myspace's they posted the video to Modest Mouse's "Dashboard"?
    It's taken from the album "We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank" which features a hot air balloon prominently on the cover.

    Just a thought.

  27. Did anyone try to enter the numbers as a combination to the Flavors in Slusho?


  28. In the 1-18-08 trailer... When the camera man is asking three girls to say bye to Rob, I noticed that the first girl (the one that says "What is this for?") is drinking something with a straw. I don't know too much about over 21 parties, but I don't think there are many drinks at parties that come with straws. This would lead me to the conclusion that she is drinking a "slusho!" since that is drinken with a straw. Slusho! is officially an actual drink in the movie!

  29. Hey guys,

    I just remembered that the virus thing is from heroes. A guy goes in the future where there is a virus that had been released that had killed 30% of the earths population! this is crazy