Tuesday, September 9, 2008

FRINGE Series Premiere Tonight!

The series premiere of J.J. Abrams' new Sci-Fi Thriller Fringe is tonight at 8:00/7:00 C

Be sure to check out the FringeTelevision.com Episodes section for post-episode discussions, and their Screencaps section for Easter Eggs and hidden clues to the show.

Fringepedia.net - The original FRINGE WikiAlso, be sure to check out the Fringe Wiki Fringepedia.net. Fringepedia.net contains a wealth of information about the latest episode, characters, and "The Pattern". Just like Lostpedia or Wikipedia, any one can join and help contribute to the ultimate Fringe Encylopedia.

Are you planning on watching FRINGE?


  1. This news is related to Cloverfield how?

    Oh, right ... J.J. Abrams.

    I watched the [Fringe] season opener, and this cements my desire to not watch television.

    I'm not a "die hard" Cloverfield fan, but I like to check in once and a while to see what's happening.

    I started to watch "LOST" after getting involved with all the "Clover" hype, but also lost interest during the flash-forwards and other manipulative bits.

    My view is that Cloverield is the Lost Experience for cinema. (With a broad Viral Internet trade). I was somewhat intrigued by the placement of a SPORE commercial during Fringe's opening ep; and I was stunned to find many Cloverfield creations on-line.

    Cloverfield lives on, ... Why not report what news is continuing and not distract us from elements not related with this film.

    Unless, it turns out, that Walter Bishop somehow created the Cloverfield creature in his lab.

  2. After watching tonight's episode, I may have discovered something of interest:

    After the final break there's pictured a street sign with the letters "VOCES VIDEO" seemingly taped over the letters "ONE WAY" (under Barclay St.); similar to those in a stereotypical ransom note.

    I think I found a website with a few too many broken links to be ignored: VOCES en ESPAƑOL es VOICES. Rubin Palozzi, may have something to do with this program. He worked with J.J. on "Taking of the Hill" in 2006.

    Just a thought.