Friday, April 10, 2009

Is there a new Star Trek ARG?

I get a lot of emails about movies, especially if they are J.J. Abrams related. One of the latest featured photos from some Star Trek "dance" parties taken by TheCobraSnake. I'm not much of a Trekkie, but I am a J.J. Abrams fan, so this looked like something I should check out ;)

Anyways, one of the first few photos I looked at had a weird URL written on it. It doesn't look natural (like it is photoshopped or something). Hmmm....

The address - - takes you to a weird flash site with static and flashing images and weird sound.

I looked through the other Star Trek party photos, and found two other images with URL's in them:

The two other URL's I found - and, have very similar (or the same?) flash websites.

This could be a CobraSnake thing (gamejack?), but since the photos are Star Trek related, I was thinking it could be for a Star Trek ARG? Does anyone know anyting about this? I googled it, but wasn't able to find anything about it... Just in case, I started a new thread over at Unfiction if you want to investigate it further, or feel free to discuss it in the comments...


  1. So...if you watch it there are numbers 04-17-09 you need to slow it down to see it

  2. i thot this was cloverfield clues not star trek i want to hear more about the background story of clover

  3. Marco - That's the thing, there is very little Cloverfield news and no ARG (background story) happening at the moment. Dennis can't report on news that isn't happening, hence another JJ Project.

  4. At I saw some numbers flash really quick. What were those??


    haha, thought this was funny

  6. I looked at the websites and thought they be binaries.

    So I translated them
    -The first one ( was translated to be Ca, that could possible be the symbol for Calcium.
    -The second one ( was translated to be AL which could be aluminum.
    -The third one ( was translated to be O which is oxygen.

    But yeah, that's all I got so whatever....

  7. Well, the people already figured that out....sorry....thought I was smart....

  8. In Star Trek 4 Scottie mentioned ALON a clear aluminum... This turns out to be CaAlO which is monocalcium aluminate decahydrate... Close but no cigar. I'll keep researching!

  9. It could be a possibility that the binary referring to the Ca Al and O as part of a chemical reaction. I know that those can be parts to thermite... That being said there are surely hundreds of reactions that it could be. Just a thought.

  10. number 19886 in 0100000101101100.flv in 40 frame

    also check it's now empty

    in Quicktime Player 40 F
    looks like Fahrenheit
    -40 °F and -40 °C represent the same temperature

  11. i made screenshots
    so here frames from videos

    in frame 60 "Fe Ca Si Al"
    in frame 144 some signs
    in frame 272 "-04|17|09"

    in frame 40 "19886"
    in frame 276 some signs

  12. Yeah, the Binary for this = Ca Al O, Which is chemical, used in hundreds of reactions.

    A Caalo, is also a species of Paranaha.

    Also, Alot of imfo is flashed when you slow this down. 87456 is one of the numbers I could make out.

    Intretingly, also the number 6. In Roman Numerals. Bottom right. Ideas?