Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Tagruato Update - Oslo Memo

The website has been updated again, with another new error message.

While there doesn't appear to be anything to the error message itself, you can separate it from the underlying page, which reveals some interesting information, although it is mostly distorted.

The 'Olso" memo, dated January 22, 2022, talks about an "Energy Revolution" and mentions the companies "Oslo One" and "Norway Renewable".

It also mentions 'something' being added at record pace, by a ‘Paulo Hydroelectric’.

The rest of the memo is hard to make out.

* thanks to Keith Hill for emailing about the update!


  1. Awesome! I (think) the date is Jan 22 (to keep in real time) and the second 2 is just a little difficult to make out. Stoked to follow the rest of the ARG!

  2. there's an update of the video, the audio changed, I made a video of it with captions of what its saying, check it out.


    this link shows clear audio caption and seems legit.. the audio reads "that's why i'm trying to warn you about the dangers of what Tagruato is trying".. the second decoding says something about a ship named Helios..

    something big is going on..

  4. Tagruatos website has definitely been hacked again! Go and check it out

  5. Deciphered here...

  6. Surprised nobody has said anything about the possible message hidden in the last error code:


    Anyone else think this kind of looks like it says, 'Don't do it' ??