Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A new website was found today,, based on clues from Jamie's MySpace page, and comments by LenaDia.

In Jamie's previous post, she mentioned a Teddy Hanssen and how she missed him.

At 5:12P on Sept 10th, she left a message for LenaDia:
Hey girl! Well that certainly got his attention. Teddy-bear called me each of the last three days, and each time we've ended up talking for like 3 hours. I miss the man behind the voice! He says he already watched it ten times and demanded more! Such a sweetie!
LenaDia left her a message two minutes later:
I'm glad it worked for you, honey. I knew if he could just bear witness to your hotness, he'd never stray. Though I still don't think you should have to work so hard.

Out of the blue, Nenya from Unfiction found On the site is the bear picture, and the following message:
Just for you Teddy-bear! I miss ya like CRAZY already!!!Love, your Lil' Lascano
Clicking on the picture takes you to a login page. Crazyover11808 found the password: jllovesth (awwww, how sweet) which take you to a video download page "for my baby".

You can download the video directly here (QT - 18MB), or check it out on YouTube here.

Hawk also has a new post today - another Fantasy Football request :|
AP, the week 2 version

What up, thanks to all my Purple warriors for the fantasy advice.

I need you again! Anyone have the inside word on Chester Taylor's hip injury? AP BLEW UP week 1, he looked amazing. But Childress still claims CT is the starter. I don't know how long that can last, but that's not what I want to hear as a fantasy owner.

Are they saying CT will play, be limited, be out, any news?



  1. I think the illuminated manuscript page hanging on the wall looks awful random. I can't get a good enough image of it to tell what it is. It would be interesting if it turned out to be from The Book of Revelations or something.

  2. I think it's kinda funny and fishy that she left the camera on... When she goes to turn it off the first time it's sooo fake lol... Bladder Infection... Hmmm we know know LenaDia is her roommate... I'm glad there's something new!

  3. now forwards to

    Also.. while your there check multimedia > sounds > Mystery

  4. I can rule out the Book of Kells, the Gutenberg Bible and the Lindisfarne Gospel from that page on the wall. I am still working on it, though.

  5. Ok...I decided that the illumination on the wall is most likely not a reproduction from anything religious because it is too plain. It kind of looks like a page that would be found in a medieval manuscript of Hippocrates, meant to be used by a medieval physician. The only thing relevant I can connect to anything else is this quote:
    “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” --Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.)
    Does this have anything to do with the movie? I dunno.

  6. I don't think the page is medieval. The text looks too typeset and the paper looks too modern. The top letter does not look illuminated as much as it looks like a block print. I would guess something early modern, I would have said a Gutenberg, but Genifer disagrees.

    Regarding the second comment by Gen, lots of religious texts (for daily use) in the middle ages were very plain. But the text is just on too regular of lines and even left margin justified to be done by hand.

    It it probably something recognizable, if it is meant to be important.

  7. Cranberries are sometimes called ‘bear berries’ because the bears are fond of them.

  8. Does anyone notice that on the history page of all of the speech bubble that appear when hovering over the animals are code names for the movie?

  9. "Cheese" was a code name, but not "Hammer" or "Oven Mitt" AFAIK.

  10. Rob emailed back on myspace, his resume is not online, but he likes my eyes. Lame...

    I did reply, "Who is TEDDY?!"

  11. ok on Jamie's myspace it says her religion is wicca...maybe as a joke, maybe not....anyway i tried to find some wiccan documents/books...i found something called the "Wiccan Rede". an image of it is at

    looks like it definately could be what's on her wall with the big block letter at the beggining and stuff...obviously the paper is a different color and shape than the one online..

  12. Hey Dennis!

    Check this out!

  13. If you read through this:

    you can see the many code names for the movie. All of which are on that page.

  14. phillipppp,

    LOL! I'm not going to look up the proof for YOUR theory!

    The animal's thought bubbles on the history page are:

    • Donkey - Oven Mitt
    • Fish - Cheese
    • Jelly Fish - Hammer

    There are NO other animal thought bubbles, and ONLY Cheese was a codename.

    Here are some of the codnames for the movie:

    • Cloverfield
    • 1-18-08
    • Slusho!
    • Cheese
    • Chocolate Outrage

    YOU tell me what I am missing....

  15. hello. just an observation but is chocolate rage on flavor page holding an oven mitt in its left hand?

  16. New at this. If you go to the distribution opportunities part of the Slusho website, the monkey is holding cheese, there is a hammer inside the blueberry and the orange one is wearing an oven mitt.

  17. I don't know if this means anything but your post talks about one movie, maybe i'm a little far behind in this, but when i logged in there were 11.

    for my baby

    Video 1

    Video 2

    Video 3

    Video 4

    Video 5

    Video 6

    Video 7

    Video 8

    Video 9

    Video 10

    Video 11

    also i notice the sword logo on the right.