Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cloverfield Nominated For Two Saturn Awards

Cloverfield was nominated for two 'Saturn' awards by the The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films.

Cloverfield was nominated for Best Science Fiction Film, and Lizzy Caplan was nominated for Best Supporting Actress.

It's not really clear how Cloverfield is even eligible, since it was a 2008 movie, but let's not look a gift horse in the mouth :)

* Thanks to rjlvk (?) for emailing me this!


  1. To be really honest i hate this.. the manga suggest more info .. but i seen the movie .. and still no more info .. help me.. BTW .. FIRST ..

  2. Awesome! It deserves whatever it wins. Unless it wins a Razz.

  3. FINALLY got to see cloverfield just now (just got home). Was great. A lot of people said oh that was crap, and i think that was because they didnt know a lot of the back story as we know it. I think i would have thought it was very weired with out knowing some stuff i do. The monster was... wow! saw a lot of it really and the face was brilliant, well worth the wait. When i first saw the monster on the net, i thought, it doesnt look like a sea creature but seeing it in the movie it did have aquatic features (thin eel like tail for swiming). Leaves a lot of questions open still. Puzzels me why jamie was asleep on the couch if she was so hyper, prehaps worn out??? And what happened to her?!?! I looked for the thing falling out of the sky at the end but i didnt see it. Oh well. The parasites where weired too, but when HUD had the night vision on, wow they looked nasty. Was well done. Loved parts of it was disapointed with others. JJ adams really messed with our minds with the previews though, none of them where exactly the same as what was in the movie. Also the roar, it wasnt anything like what we heard and it seemed to be missing in parts where we have heard it in the previews. 4 stars definatly!

  4. Brilliant. Cloverfield deserved this - as did Lizzy who was excellent. Fingers crossed!

  5. this is great I hope Cloverfield and Lizzy both win as the movie was excelent and Lizzy was brilliant