Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Slusho Laptop Prize

Austin was kind enough to send pictures of the Alienware laptop that he won in the Slusho commercial contest. He received the laptop yesterday, and had this to say: There was absolutely nothing Cloverfield-related included in the package, except the laptop cover (duh) and that everything was registered to Paramount and Bad Robot and stuff.

You can view more of pictures of the prize here.

* Coming soon: expect some catch up posts, part 2 of the Cloverfield Manga, and maybe another podcast.....?


  1. I am envious of Austin and his fine specimen of crafstmanship.

  2. Alienware. Maybe it's a clue to the monster's origins?

  3. Maybe there's something ON the computer, some file or something.

  4. patrick said 'Alienware. Maybe it's a clue to the monster's origins?'

    I doubt it - Alienware is a real company.

  5. I don't think it's a clue. Alienware happens to be the best system you can get (aside from building one yourself) for gaming.

  6. Awesome laptop , looks amazing Congrats Dude ~
    * btw i saw cloverfield ... it was freakin' awesome ... absolutely genius .
    cant wait for Kishin's part 2 ! ~

  7. patrick... :: sigh ::

    Well that's a shame that it's just a Slusho! laptop. But this renews my faith in all sweepstakes/etc. People actually do get prizes!!! Just never me. Haha

  8. @patrick
    "Alienware. Maybe it's a clue to the monster's origins?"

    you do know its a subsidiary of Dell right

  9. Patrick said... "Alienware. Maybe it's a clue to the monster's origins?"

    I had nothing better to do so I did a little research on the company Alienware and I found this little peace of info

    "...the theme to their products, with names such as Area-51 and Aurora." here's the web site so u can read for yourself

    Now, if this had anything to do with Cloverfield, the "Area-51" could mean that Taguato did some experiments on the monster with the "sea bed nectar". Or that the government knew about the monster somehow.

    This is what I found on the name "Aurora"

    "In ancient Roman mythology Aurora, goddess of the dawn, renews herself every morning and flies across the sky, announcing the arrival of the sun. She has two siblings, a brother (Sol, the sun) and a sister (Luna, the moon).

    A myth taken from the Greek Eos by Roman poets tells that one of her lovers was the prince of Troy, Tithonus. Tithonus was a mortal, and would age and die. Wanting to be with her lover for all eternity, Aurora asked Zeus to grant immortality to Tithonus. Zeus granted her wish, however Aurora had failed to ask him for eternal youth. As a result, Tithonus ended up aging eternally. Aurora ended up turning her beloved Tithonus into a grasshopper."

    Ok, that was a lot. Now this could have nothing to do with anything at all, but what I found was interesting was that it Aurora turned her beloved, Tithonus, into a grasshopper. The first thing that came into my mind were the parasites.

    I could just be going on a wild goose chase, this could be absolutely nothing! It could be that I'm really obsessed and I was bored. It could be just a coincidence that these thing tie together just a little bit. I just thought I would let you guys know.


  10. very nice mate, your one lucky bug*er :)

  11. someone sells his one on ebay:

    10.000 bucks or best offer

  12. I thought there was only one laptop that existed...

  13. There's a new update in the Happy Talk of yhe Slusho! page:
    "Cranberry Crush flavour would be infectios!!!!!!"
    very wear isn't? somebody can explane me what "cranberry crush" means? because i'm argentinian. i saw cloverfield twice and it's awesome!!!! i loved it! the page is very cool thanks to the creator i found evrything than i needed. i was listening the overture of cloverfield and i listened something like whispers. i don't know if is people talking in the cinema or is the videocamera. my e-mail is
    I will wate more news here in Argentina. GOODBYE!!!!!!

  14. I cannot wait for cloverfield sequel updates(i Know it wont be for a while), this is what matt reeves had to say about the ideas about the sequel:

    "Just in my head I thought what was cool was that there was two movies crossing right there. It doesn't mean we'd ever actually make that movie, I don't think we'd make that parallel universe. I just loved the idea of that Rashômon point-of-view."

    "The thing about doing a sequel is that I think we all really feel protective of that experience. The key here will be if we can find something that is compelling enough and that is different enough for us to do, then it will probably be worth doing."

    "Obviously it also depends on how [Cloverfield] does worldwide and all of those things too, but really, for us creatively, we just want to find something that would be another challenge."

    IF he is not going to do the same attack, different POV, then what are his other options?

  15. omg 10,000 for that... no way! lol
    sif sell it in the first place.

  16. At this point I'm fairly certain that the Slusho site was just created as an in-joke for people working on the movie and that they never intended it to mean anything. When people found the site after seeing the shirt in the movie preview (which I'm guessing was not put there as an ARG clue, but just an in-joke), they saw how much traffic and interest they were getting and decided to finish designing the site (which originally only had a couple of screens) and sell some t-shirts and crap through it to support the ISP traffic costs. In the end, just like the name "Cloverfield" it was meaningless in relation to the story of the film and had to be stuck with due to the massive amount of interest generated by the preview.

  17. Thanks, I know Alienware is a company. I'm an IT Director and have worked with them before.

    I just read some people's thoughts (not my own) on the monster possibly being an alien and it drew my attention.

  18. Yaaaaay!!!! Somebody won...the trick is...what "exactly" is on the supercomputer????files, exe's, jpg's, things of that sort. what's original desktop image???? I wonder if all the manga comics are on some hidden file....? Oh and for some of the most seinsibly off the wall view points and conclusions visit my blog spot

  19. uh..guys...alienware is a high performance pc/laptop modding co, a subsidiary of dell.

    btw...the cloverfield toy pic is in hasbro!

  20. where are the little second set of arms on the underbelly, and why is it all white, I could swear that that creature was like a darkish black kind of color

  21. Pinkhamster said 'Slusho was just a joke.'

    Are you totally ignoring Abrams claims of a viral market and how Slusho links to everthing else?