Tuesday, May 27, 2008

FRINGE - The New JJ Abrams TV Show

The next big thing from JJ Abrams is the FOX TV show FRINGE, which begins August 26th on FOX (Star Trek won't be out until May 2009).
The new event drama premiering this fall is a fantastical thriller from acclaimed writer/producer J.J. Abrams (”Lost”), Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman (”Star Trek,” “Mission: Impossible III,” “Alias,” “Transformers””). Joshua Jackson (”Dawson’s Creek”), John Noble (”Lord of the Rings”) and newcomer Anna Torv star as an unlikely trio who uncover a deadly mystery involving a series of unbelievable events and realize they may be a part of a larger, more disturbing pattern that blurs the line between science fiction and technology.

Think Alias meets House meets X-files. The show also stars Lance Reddick, who you may know as Matthew Abaddon from LOST, and Kirk Acevedo, who shares a last name with me(!), and was in The Black Donnellys with Michael Stahl-David, AKA Rob from CLOVERFIELD.

The next big thing from me will be working on FringeTV.blogspot.com. FringeTV will combine show news, episode discussion, and we'll soon be following the FRINGE ARG, which appears to be connected to HOLOMOVE.


  1. "The next big thing from me will be working on FringeTV.blogspot.com."

    Does this mean basically no more Cloverfield Clues, or just not much more Cloverfield Clues until we get solid word on any sequels?

  2. CloverfieldClues isn't going anywhere obviously, and I'm not going to turn CloverfieldClues into something else (like a general movie blog or a Star Trek blog or something like that). It will remain "pure" Cloverfield.

    So... unless there is a sequel, which doesn't look inevitable at this point, then there will not be much news to report.

    The ARG seems to be over, the Manga is over. The only thing left is the Blu-ray release next week, and the Cloverfield toy in September.

    Hopefully there will be some good news at Comic-con in July!

  3. Yeah it looks like the Cloverfield universe will be in a dry spell for a while. Fringe looks very interesting and as always(JJ Abrams) there will be an ARG for it.

    As for the news about thr sequel, i talked to Peter of Slashfilm yesterday and he said that sources close to him have said that the Cloverfield sequel is NOT in the current plans for Bad Robot and Paramount. It maybe that there keeping hush hush but from recent interviews with JJ Abrmas himself, he's not even sure if he's going to make one.

    Hopefully it goes well but if not, it's time to move on with other films and stuff. =)

  4. Hey Dennis,
    If you are going to the Comic Con in SD in July, would it be possible if you could pick me up a few Comic Con Mighty Mugg Exclusives? I can give you more detail and i would pay you and pay for shipping!

    Please email me if possible..


  5. There's still a possibility of a sequel being greenlit sometime in the near future. No doubt that we'll most likely be watching the sequel in theatres next year. But like the dark knight pointed out earlier about current projects, well, there's just too much going on with JJ Abrams to really get back into the fray. Matt Reeves is working on The Invisible Woman and JJ Abrams has his hands full with Star Trek and Fringe, and Lost of course. He's a pretty busy man. The AGR, I'm sure it'll still be active. Afterall, I thought it was already confirmed that the marketing team is behind the Cloverfield ARG, not necessarily JJ Abrams. I could be wrong on that part, but these are my thoughts.

  6. jacob said... Hey Dennis, If you are going to the Comic Con in SD in July,

    Sorry, I won't be going. I would have emailed you, but you didn't give me your email address...

  7. DOH! I'm so lame... I even copied the last name from my Lostpeida so I wouldn't spell it wrong. EPIC FAIL!

  8. I don't know much about HOLOMOVE, but how is it connected to FRINGE?

  9. I'll have a post about it on FringeTV soon. It was hinted that they are connected on http://www.fox.com/futurefox/blogs/

  10. It is possible Paramount may take Cloverfield franchise over and find someone else to do the sequel.

  11. Can you find a different video player so that it doesn't automatically play the video when we come onto the site?

  12. Im really loving J.J. Abrams new show 'Fringe' its been shocking and interesting straight from the begining. Can't believe the first season is over already, looking forward to getting it on DVD and seeing the next season. :D