Thursday, June 12, 2008

Blair Witch's Daniel Myrick on Cloverfield

Den of Geek has an interview with Daniel Myrick, the co-writer and director of The Blair Witch Project, and the topic of Cloverfield came up:

Do you take it as a complement then when something like Cloverfield, ten years on, gets compared in certain ways to Blair Witch?

Absolutely, yeah. I thought it was very much in the spirit of the Blair Witch, and a very ballsy move for a high budget film to take that kind of cinematic approach. I thought they executed it on a lot of levels very well. I would have done a couple of things differently. But I think that for a film like that to get made is very encouraging.


Jester17 said...

I wonder what he would have done differently.

Dennis said...

Not shown the monster?

eduardo said...


Jeroen said...

Jester17 said...

Not, show the monster? No, I wouldn't very much care for that. lol

eloOMGmoto said...

oh my. comparison to Balir With? only comparison i can think of is the whole camera idea.

Oy. we need more updates. i check this site everyday and nada zip zero nulch.

i think the Clovie team needs to start workin!

btw, wen do winners of contests or questions get the prizes we won? Its been a little over 2 months