Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cloverfield News

I've just returned from vacation, so here is the news you may have missed while I was gone:


TOPX said...

* oh!
* duh!
* aw!
* uhm...
* mmm
* grrhh...
* kewl
* ew!

Kevin said...

The 4th bullet point is way old news. We made that connection on unforums when only the trailer was released. Here's the thread.

Slyth66 said...

lol, the adult movie sounds interesting, and i'm only 15! i'd watch it just for the cloverfield relation, lol. just make sure my parents don't know!

Derek Brink said... is "Slusho" being misinterpreted as offensive??? What do they think it is? There's a guy in my neighborhood who has "6T9N" as his plate...and "Slusho" is offensive???