Friday, May 1, 2009

Slusho! appears in new Star Trek movie

Here is the scene from the upcoming Star Trek movie that shows the appearance of J.J. Abrams' favorite frozen beverage - Slusho! Star Trek opens nationwide March 7th.

BTW, if you haven't been following the Star Trek ARG discovered a few weeks ago, you should check it out. It already looks bigger than the Cloverfield ARG, incorporating real world clues (including a real alien crash site), interactive characters, and who knows what else is in store!!?!?!

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  1. Yes, this time the Star Trek ARG is much more huger than Cloverfield ARG... I write about this in my German blog (well, in German *sigh*).

    There are many cool interactive websites and also very cool Augmented Reality 3d Starmap!

    I wish, they would make so much effort for Cloverfield ARG (since I love CF ARG in many ways :-))

    Btw, they drunk Slusho! at Star Trek Premiere! :-) wonder, what was inside? subLYMONal? ;-)

  2. Apparently, there's a page from the Cloverfield Kishin on Sam's bedroom wall in TRANSFORMERS: ROtF

    BTW - I loved the new STAR TREK film.

  3. Not really all that interesting but in the new Transformers movie, a CLOVERFIELD poster makes an appearance in a college dorm. Keep your eye out if you wanna spot it.

  4. And, when in College, Leo (Sam's roomie) has a Cloverfield Movie poster (among others) on his dorm-room wall!