Saturday, September 26, 2009

Slusho! in Fringe Poster

Slusho! in Fringe PosterSlusho! in Fringe Poster
J.J. Abrams' favorite frozen drink Slusho! has made another non-Cloverfield appearance, this time showing up in the season 2 poster for Fringe. The poster is filled with other Fringe-related Easter eggs as well. Slusho! was also seen in the show, in last seasons' episode "The Road Not Taken".

* Thanks to Corey for emailing about this!


  1. My Math teacher loves this show and we have to do a project about 10 things on the Fringe Poster thats relates to Math. On my list #1 was Slusho

  2. Charlie pored his Kaitei No Mitsu flavored drink on the ground in last night's episode!