Friday, October 9, 2009

Slusho Makes Another Appearance in Fringe

Slusho! made another guest appearance on Fringe, in the latest episode "Momentum Deferred". However, in the world of Fringe, shape-shifting soldiers from another universe prefer drinking mercury to frozen beverages, even though Slusho itself is imbued with Kaitei No Mitsu!

* Thanks to Titan777 and MisterPine88 for emailing about this!


  1. Glad to have been of service, Dennis! I'll keep my eyes peeled for anything else, as always!

  2. Yeah, I've saw it yesterday, I like the colour of Slusho! I hope, there will be some reference of Tagruato in Fringe :-)

    Btw, have you already seen "Cloverbrawl"? Very funny and well done fan-made movie with many game tie-ins:

  3. no disrespect , but i think this extremely trivial things do not belong to this devoted blog , there will be a hundred more slusho appearances

  4. While the re-direct from the Slusho Store ( has been sending viewers to DisplayStar for some time, a NEW page has been added when you search for "Slusho" ...


  5. "500 Rads": J.J. Abrams TOP SECRET project. "Cloverfield 2"?!!!!!!

    "500 Rads" é o nome do novo projeto de JJ Abrams, que vem sendo feito em segredo. Seria "Cloverfield 2"?!!!!!!

  6. Hey people,

    tomorrow is 2nd Anniversary of Cloverfield!

    Let's celebrate it with opening, turning PC speakers loud and waiting for 6 minutes!

    A worldwide roarrr!