Sunday, February 7, 2016

New 10 Cloverfield Lane Trailer During Super Bowl 50

 There was a new 10 Cloverfield Lane trailer during the Super Bowl. We will have some new screenshots soon!


  1. They make Goodman look decidedly more sinister in this 2nd trailer.

  2. Seems clover got a little radioactive since last we saw her?

  3. There are still a few things that bother me here...

    First of all, it's known that this movie started off as a different project. The link is out there to even find the original script that is simply about two people being held captive in a bunker. JJ Abrams even said that the idea for this project evolved over time. It happens quite frequently in Hollywood, where a denied project will simply be picked up by someone else, and adapted to fit into another franchise.

    It has also been put out there, that this movie is an entry to a new possible anthology series all carrying the name Cloverfield. Whether or not all of these movies take place in the same universe, or simply deal with different kinds of monsters remains to be seen.

    Which brings me to my third point, the tagline for the film that monsters come in all forms. The roar at the end of the trailer, still gives me a bit of pause. While very similar to the monsters roar in the original Cloverfield, is NOT the same roar! It is much deeper and almost sounds like a human male screaming, put through a synthesizer. I mentioned on one of the other articles, that the special features on the Cloverfield DVD do mention that clover is simply a baby looking for its parents. It is possible that the roar that we are hearing is simply an updated version of Cloverfield roar. It is also a possibility of that we will see one of the parents! However it's also possible that that is in fact a human screaming put through effects, to simply tie it to the franchise!

    I have a bad feeling that the only "monster" in question here is John Goodman's character... We do, at least know, that this film is set in the same universe as the original, we just don't know when in that timeline this film takes place.

    I desperately, DESPERATELY hope I'm wrong here, but we may be being set up for a huge letdown, when either no monster shows up, or doesn't show up until the last few frames... it's simply a bad feeling that I can't shake!

  4. did anyone notice that there are 3 or 4 numbers at the bottom of the ON DECK poster
    they are 742 and there is what looks like an x in front of it. any speculation?