Saturday, February 23, 2008

JJ Abrams Talks Cloverfield Sequel, Dark Tower

JJ Abrams was interviewed by Reelz Channel and discussed Star Trek, Cloverfield Sequel, and the Dark Tower series.

* Thanks to Edward M for the email!


  1. Sounds like JJ is implying that a Cloverfield sequel will not likely be filmed "fist person" and my be a more "traditional" style film. Personally, I hope so, that opens up far more opportunity to answer the unanswered questions. BTW where did "ALADYGMA" come from? I haven't been able to find an origin of the rumor, just speculation on what it means.

  2. Ok so jugging buy what JJ said cloverfield 2 might not from a hand held cammera perspective. That might be cool to see everthing normaly.

  3. 'Cooked something up...' Ooh, interesting. Anyone else laugh at the woman saying 'make up another monster'?

  4. yeah, i don't think i would love to see a cloverfield sequel done in the same style... that would be... a little like, overkill? i don't know if that is the word, but still, it would be much.

  5. Wait...seeing everything from a POV is not seeing everything from a normal perspective?

    conrad4ever, if you normally see your world in smash-edits and jump cuts, then I seriously want some of whatever you're smoking. :)

  6. he agreed with her about "another monster" but he could have been just saying that to get through the question. Another monster from the sea perhaps? If theres a sequel i'm going opening night!

  7. Awesome. Sequel appears to be in the works. Don't know if it'll be traditional or not, but either way it's gonna be awesome.

    I just hope that it'll clear up some of the questions about the monster and its connection to Seabed's Nectar.

    Maybe it'll confirm my own theory.

    By the way, has anyone seen anything about the second Kishin comic? I haven't heard or seen anything at all.

  8. Following up you guys, instead of traditional film (which would ruin it for me), why not a collection of reports that the military has made (New reports, bits from cameras etc.)?

  9. my hopes went from blah to boiling point just now.
    Not only have they come up with an idea, but there not going to be gimmicky about it! i think the general public will be extremely happy to hear the movie will not be first person.

  10. Would you all want the monster to be from outer space or depths of the ocean?

    I'm just thinking forward on what would be a good derivative saga from this very first series. Kinda like how Terminator, Predator, Aliens, and Stargate have become.

  11. master fetty, that is a fantastic idea. Even if said information is released as a special edition DVD, that would still be amazing.

  12. reagu said 'Would you all want the monster to be from outer space or depths of the ocean?'

    Unless all of the viral stuff was a red herring, I think we can all assime it is a aquatic creature from thousands of years ago.

  13. If a monster DOES come from space, it had better look freakier than this thing.

    Which means it'd better be built for combat! Spikes on the elbows, wrists, neck, tail, knees, and out the ass!

  14. Yo...uh...i think i know how the Cloverfield Sequel and ALL the other sequels are gonna work...
    It'll be like this:

    It is gonna be shot from another camera except sorta reveal a bit more info.

    Then the next sequel would be from ANOTHER camera and reveal even more info

    etc. etc.

    Then we'll have to piece everything together. If thats not the way its done than Ill do a movie like that when I grow up! :)

  15. We've got quite a bit of information already. Chances are the next movie is gonna star Rob again, since he was going to work for Slusho! and the parent company is what got Cloverfield riled up in the first place.

    I still think that Cloverfield is a mutation created by Tagruato through experiments on a captured infant of a previously undiscovered species with Seabed's Nectar. They capture it, take it to Chuai, it gets mutated, escapes, and then tears down the station. After that, it heads for New York.

  16. It would be cool if the next movie was like a documentry that had everything worked out and would explain what happened to NYC. I dont think any of the last charters will be mentioned again.

  17. Wolfgang said 'Chances are the next movie is gonna star Rob again, since he was going to work for Slusho! and the parent company is what got Cloverfield riled up in the first place.'

    The thing is, we know what Rob did on that night - party, run, Beth, fly, crash, die. Not much more can be done and he seems to know very little, so I doubt it.

  18. One idea that may not work out for a movie but would make for a great side-cloverfield short film or dvd special feature would be a compilation of semi-long clips that come just before/during/after the attack, because we all already know what happens, but from the point of view of tons of people, or at least maybe like 6 or 8 groups of people, and they could go back and forth in the movie at points but still not get too confusing, and they would all be connected in some way, perhaps it could even be one huge group that splits up and manages to get back together and just barely escape at the end.
    The end could have the exciting elements of a blockbuster movie but from the first person view of the camera, so at least it would have some frightening and gripping emotion to it.
    Or, even better yet, it could be that way for only half of the movie, and continue all the way to the evacuation site of JAPAN, where they know far, far more about the monster and even more importantly, how to stop it. ;)
    On an even larger scale, it could be several different people from several different continents (that all speak english however), which would provide a great outlook of what happened in other countries, and they could all meet up in japan and get to know each other as one group, fighting for their lives and struggling for survival when the monster comes crashing down into Japan, which is the next destination for it after escaping from New York and heading for the rest of the tagruato oil sites.
    (maybe, I mean, there's got to be some force driving the monster to run rampant on land in cera-tain places, which would at least give the realistic-feel film some movie theme)

    If what the Wikipedia article and Abrams say is true about ideas for a sequel already in the works
    (Brian Burk states, "The creative team has fleshed out an entire backstory which, if we're lucky, we might get to explore in future films.")
    It better be something badass, as far as it doesn't make Cloverfield 2 a giant flop.
    I'd love a sequel soon, because it would bring a fresh new look back on the first film because I found it so full of questions and oppurtunity that it would make you want a lot more answers and a lot more action.

  19. Fetty, we do not know 100% that Rob is dead. The chances are slim that he survived Hammerdown, but he and Beth were under a stone bridge and it was not a nuclear attack.

    Furthermore, the law of movie plot devices dictates that if a main character has a direct or close-to-direct link to the issue at hand, he cannot be killed until his purpose has been served, or if his death will somehow fulfill his purpose or reveal whatever information was relevant to him.

    And since Rob dying via massive bombing would in now way serve to reveal anything, chances are now very good that Rob is alive.

    Why is Rob so important? He was going to become VP of Marketing and Promotions for Slusho! brand. Slusho! uses Seabed's Nectar. Slusho! is also a subsidiary of Tagruato. Tagruato is what pissed off Cloverfield in the first place, and in all likelyhood mutated the creature from something else.

    And if all of this doesn't convince you, then the strange commercials during Degrassi that we all heard about and the audio clip at the end of the movie should.

  20. so kishin is no longer on web kodakawa but there is no new comic to replace it. hmmm... what's going on? did they just give up on giving us a story?

    and i may have taken forever to realize this but... i now know why they chose matt reeves to direct this. he may have started out on felicity but that's what gave him the best experience for directing this movie. it was all about the human story and not the monster. I mean i love the monster but I really love the story of the film and the emotional aspect. it gave the movie so much more than trying to make it some crappy love story from huge action films.. this actually felt real emotionally. i'm so sad everyone's dead in their fictional world.

  21. Here's my ideas for two sequels, since all great series come in threes.

    2nd movie:
    From the perspective of a news cameraman, a news crew is doing a routine follow-up story about Tagruato and the Chuai station incident. As they're filming the Tagruato tanker in the harbor, they witness the monster attacking and capsizing the ship (although it isn't apparent that it is a monster, yet). As the the crew follows the chaos trying to get the scoop, they do on-the-spot interviews with people who aren't interested in being interviewed (ala Michael-Moore-esque segments). They soon realize what is happening and go from investigative reporting to trying to survive.

    As a new point of view, the news crew could offer new insights from calls to and from the TV station (who have inside information), interviews with military personnel, and maybe even an interview with Ganu himself (before the attack).

    The 2nd movie would be a lot steadier because of the professional camera work, yet would still be point-of-view and insane and shaky at times (the right times for effect).

    3rd movie:
    Film from the military's viewpoint (via helmet-cam), who would have the clearest point of view of what is going on. Film begins with a close-knit platoon doing routine exercises at a base outside New York City. Then as they're about to head home for the night, alarms go off ("This is not a drill!") and they are deployed to New York City. As they try to maintain order in the chaos, they realize what they are up against. After a full assault, the now rag-tag group of surviving soldiers tries to survive while making it to a safe (or extraction) point. The movie and series ends with the military knowing what happens, even though I'm not about to write the ending for the movies (I'd personally like to see it left open).

    The military would obviously be able to bring in new information because of their privy to classified information (although not TOO classified, obviously). Maybe the person who's helmet the camera is on is a ranking officer who's personal struggle is to keep his platoon together as their brothers get killed one by one.

    The 3rd movie would be pretty shaky, as I imagine a helmet-cam would be. I hope this would add to excitement of the whole thing (especially with the weaponry and close-encounters with the monster and parasites). Of course, those cameras never really turn off, so the entire movie would be one long scene (a near impossibility for any film).

    If anyone can think of a better solution for the military point-of-view, I'm all ears.

  22. Wolfgang, I would normally expect Rob to survive, but Cloverfield isn't a conventional film. He may be VP of the Marketing in the US, but he isn't exactly leader of Tagruato or anything large like that.

    As for the sound clip at the end, I'm pretty sure Matt Reeves recorded that himself just to work as a clue, not to imitate Rob. And what's the Degrassi commercial? I must have missed that (quite a surprise really).

    Besides, if the film is going to be set on the same night, wouldn't it be very unlikely for Rob to be in it?

    But hey, it's our different opinions.

  23. Dennis... I seriously think that you should create a new blog about Aladygma, something like I really don't think that it's a rumor of a rumor of a rumor... and we should have a light among our darkness with your knowledge and experience with Cloverfield viral!!
    Aren't you interested on that possibility?

  24. By the way, please take a look at our spanish website, We're discussing the probable film Aladygma since last week at the forum.

  25. hey hav any of u heard of aladygma

  26. Okay, so it's March 1 and no Cloverfield Manga. I thought we were promised another one by the end of February. I've been checking everyday for the next part and still nothing. I never thought this would be possible, even after all the viral was meaningless, but I'm beginning to lose faith in J.J.

  27. Okay, so it's March 1 and no Cloverfield Manga. I thought we were promised another one by the end of February. I've been checking everyday for the next part and still nothing. I never thought this would be possible, even after all the viral was meaningless, but I'm beginning to lose faith in J.J.


  29. A few comments about aladygma...

    Is this necessarily a movie? Could it be something else? In my searches I haven't seen anything that points towards anything specific.

    Also, the website says "start date" which indicates that there will also be an "end date."

    One last thing... From what I've seen, there is no connection to Bad Robot or JJ Abrams at all. Is that all just speculation? Couldn't this just be some copycat viral marketing? For these reasons, I'm not going to fall for this one quite yet... Of course they've already generated a stir online, such as this post, so I guess in a way they've already roped me in.

  30. I'm aware that this isn't a conventional monster film, but it did in fact follow several conventions.

    First off, the monster is immune to all forms of military attack.

    Second, the monster eats humans.

    Third, the monster causes mass destruction.

    And fourth, the monster always appears wherever the heroes are.

    I didn't see the Degrassi commercials myself, but I have heard many descriptions. It was static with some messages appearing.

    "Are you okay?"

    "I'm still alive. But so is it."

    A couple of people were very scared, and then they became very disgruntled when they started showing Cloverfield commercials. In all likelihood, this was a message from a survivor of the attack.

    As I said before, Rob has a link to Tagruato: The Vice President of Marketing and Promotions of Slusho! brand "happy drink." Last I heard, Tagruato was not only planning to bring Slusho! to America, which would make Rob VERY important to them, but was also planning on putting Seabed's nectar in our water systems. I may have misread something somewhere.

    Either way, Rob is still very important to Tagruato, and thus important to the plot.

  31. For anyone looking at aladygma, the main site has three buttons now - one shows a head...interesting.

  32. If aladygma is officially a Bad Robot thing, my guess is Dark Tower.