Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cloverfield Set Videos and Photos

Cloverfan over at Unfiction has posted video and pictures of the Cloverfield set in New York city.

Cheese, Chocolate, (Sledge)Hammers, and Slusho! all make an appearance, but I didn't see any oven mitts.

Apparently, filming continues tonight - so look for more to come! And if you're in the area...head on over and get me some exclusives!

You can see the videos over at Veltliner1978's YouTube page. There are currently SIX videos!

UPDATE: A ton more photos here from dave71129 at IMDB.

UPDATE: You can't watch just six! Dave also has some video on YouTube.

Cloverfield Spy Set Footage

IESB.net claims to have exclusive "spy footage" from the Cloverfield set. Not a whole lot information there - helicopter lands, some people running around, military vehicles.

You can check it out at IESB's site here.

UPDATE: They have posted up addition photos and video.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Slusho! History and Download Changes

The Slusho! History and Downloads pages also have some small changes.

On the Downloads page, in addition to the Hot Air Balloon Duck that shows up on the right site, there is now a Parachuting Duck that appears on the left side.

On the History page, the Jelly Fish is now thinking about a hammer (!?!), and the Crab changes its expression when you click on it.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Slusho! Flavors

The Slusho! Flavors Page allows you to mix your own custom Slusho! drink.

Become like the masters, Noriko and Ganu - CREATE your own FLAVOR MIXTURES for a unique SLUSHO! experience!! The beginning of each SLUSHO! is the deep sea ingredient, and YOU CHOOSE what delicious combination to make! Add a little or a lot of each flavor below to make the best SLUSHO! of all time!!!

The available flavors are: Blueberry Zoom, Chocolate Rage, Mikan (Tangerine), Nashi (Pear), Banana Anime, and Strawberry Tasty.

After all the ingredients are combined, your custom mix is ready to drink!


Slusho Happy Talk

The Happy Talk page features a large mouth that opens up, and one of the various Slusho! characters is inside. All of the characters, and some new ones, appear saying various strange Slusho! quotes, then get swallowed up by the giant mouth. The title of the page is "Your Slusho! Quotes", so these may have some from the emails sent to Satoshi.

Here are all of the current quotes:
  • I'm HAPPY, RIGHT NOW...Thanks to you!!!
  • I am so happy, but I wish I had some Slusho! Then I would be even more happy.
  • Are you one of us?
  • Happy, am I happy? Of course I am. I love Slusho. I enjoy your product, and I feel Ganu's dream when I drink it. Thanks for turning me into a whale... keep up the good work.
    Slusho is people!!!
  • I have had six slusho. Can I have a Slusho T-Shirt, size xxxl? Much thank you!
  • I have to complement you on your beverage, which I sampled on a recent trip to Hokkaido! Very delicious! Please bring it to America soon!
  • I love Slusho!, it's the greatest thing I've ever tasted!!!
  • I've never had a drink better than Slusho! It's so yummy!!!!
  • Am I a whale????
  • Help! I had 7 ... is that bad?
  • Slusho, I am very happy! I really can't drink just six!!!!!! I want to thank you! Also I thank Noriko, because she created the best thing ever! I'm happy!
  • Slusho is the best drink ever! It makes my tastebuds ring! Keep up the good work!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Now Slusho! Store Make You Look Cool!!!

The Slusho! store is now open for business.

Joop and his friends are having a fashion show to introduce the new Slusho! clothes. The Donkey, Fish, and Duck comment on the exciting couture:

Donkey: These clothes are FRESH - for you!!!
Fish: I wish I could wear the shirt, too!

The show's slogan -"Slusho! make you feel freezing. Now Slusho! make you look cool!!!"

Clicking on the link take you to a real online store where you can purchase t-shirts and hats.

Be careful with the t-shirt sizes - Shirts run extra tight for nice fit!

Slusho.jp - Major Updates

The Slusho website has undergone some MAJOR updates. All of the pages are now working, and each page has it's own music.

The new pages that are now working are:

• Store - where you can now buy T-shirts and hats
• Happy Talk - displays random Slusho! quotes
• Flavors - you can mix your own Slusho! flavors

I'll have a new post for each page as I dig a little deeper!

* Thanks to Robofish (the first to me know!)

Friday, July 27, 2007

Rob's Friends on MySpace?

It looks like Jamie has a MySpace page. Here is a link to her page, and all of her friends. All of her friends have links to each other, and they have comments in each others photos.

I'll leave this as homework for you all this weekend to see if you can find anything important!

Dig away!


* Thanks to MrToasty at Unfiction!


There are two HIDDEN MESSAGES on the backs of two of the photos on the 1-18-08 site. To flip a photo over, drag the photo to the top of the stack and "shake it" back-and-forth.

The first hidden message is on the back of the "rob drinking" photo. It says "Dont forget who takes care of you! Love J"

Who's J? JJ Abrams? :) Probably JJ Hawkins (see MySpace post)

The second hidden message is on the back of the newest photo.

It is titled: "Lascano, Platt and Robbie - Jan 2008" and reads: "Robbie, Here, use this photo to send a message of my hotness far and wide!!! Im gonna miss the hell out of ya!! Love, Jamie"
Jamie must be Jaimie Lascano, and the guy in the middle is Hudson Platt.

UPDATE: the link above is to our mirror of the original 1-18-08 site. DO NOT go to the original 1-18-08 website anymore. The domain expired and is no longer controlled by Paramount, and someone else snatched it up to run ads with malware.

1-18-08 - Photo # 5 - Red Solo Cup

The latest photo on 1-18-08.com is a picture of Rob, Platt - possibly the camcorder guy, and Jamie Lascano, the blond woman.

I looked through the trailer, and didn't see the woman.

The "physics" of the site seem to be improving. When you move a photo around, it moves the other photos with it, and you can only bring a photo to the front by sliding it out from underneath the other photos. hmmm.

The photo is time stamped 12:04A, which would make it the second photo in the series:

12:01A - Rob drinking
12:04A - Red cup
12:36A - Two Faces
12:48A - Steam
1:24A - Soldier

UPDATE: the link above is to our mirror of the original 1-18-08 site. DO NOT go to the original 1-18-08 website anymore. The domain expired and is no longer controlled by Paramount, and someone else snatched it up to run ads with malware.

JJ Abrams' Cloverfield speech at Comic-Con - VIDEO

UPDATED: Here is better video of the JJ Abrams speech at Comic-Con from IFC.com.
* The original video posted here was taken by the great and powerful TotenGraber!! Over 2100 views in 2 days!!!

You can see that JJ Abrams is wearing an INFOCOM t-shirt. You would think he would be wearing a Slusho t-shirt, but he's too cool for that :)

FYI, INFOCOM was the company that created the ZORK games in the early '80s. Maybe this is a CLUE! Will we see a Cloverfield text-adventure game?

Here is a transcript of the speech that I made:

This is going to be really, really quick,

I just want to say, I want a monster movie.
I want a great monster movie. I wanted a monster movie for so long.

and, I was in Japan over a year ago with my son, who's eight.
and all he wanted to do was go to toy stores, so I know he's my son.

and we went to all these stores and there were still all these Gozillas everywhere
and whats better than Godzilla?

And I thought, we need out own monster, like we need a monster movie

And I thought not like King Kong. I love King Kong. King Kong is adorable.
And Godzilla is a charming monster. We love Godzilla

But I wanted something that was just insane, and intense.

And so we started making this movie,
and we're making it for you right now
, and it's almost done shooting.
And I watch dailies, and I'm more excited about the movie itself than the trailer,
which has gotten an amazing response.
I can't thank you enough for that

I would say that we have six months before this movie comes out, it's a long time
And so, in the coming months, you're going to get a whole bunch of things:
  • You're going to get the real trailer
  • You're going to get the real poster
  • You're going to get to see the footage from the movie
  • And You'll get the real title
I don't give that today. But, I will give you today...

[Croud aaaawwwwwwwws!]

Oh COME ON! Please! You think we'd call it "Monsterous"? No.

We have something for you, which is that we have these posters that are made that are really cool. A series of four posters that everyones is going to get, and I hope you like those too.

I can not wait for January. You guys are the greatest. Thank you so much.

Cloverfield Posters - Series of Four

JJ Abrams announced at Comic-Con that there is "a series of four posters" for Cloverfield. Each one has a different tag line - MONSTROUS, FURIOUS, TERRIFYING, and fourth with no title(?).

Collect all Four! Trade with Friends! I WANT!

I noticed there is a Bad Robot logo on the bottom left corner of the new posters!

* Thanks to High Voltage Media for the FURIOUS image!
* TERRIFYING poster available for sale on eBay

Thursday, July 26, 2007

NOT Monstrous!

JJ Abrams gave a quick speech after the "Cloverfield" trailer was played at Comic-Con, then quickly left. Alex Billington from FirstShowing.net provided a transcript:

“I want a monster movie, I've wanted one for so long. I was in Japan with my son and all he wanted to do is go to toy stores. And we saw all these Godzilla toys, and I thought, we need our own monster, and not King Kong, King Kong's adorable. I wanted something that was just insane and intense. It's almost done shooting and I watch dailies and I'm more excited for them than the trailer, which has had an overwhelming response. We have 6 months before this comes out. We're going to have a whole bunch of things, a whole bunch more." He said a full trailer, more clips, full posters, and much more will be coming out over the next 6 months, including the name, which he will NOT reveal today.

You think we'd call it Monstrous? No…"

Well that's it... the Paramount panel is over! No more news :(

6 more months to go!

Slusho T-Shirts

I just got word from Totengraber that the people in line for JJ Abrams got gift bags.

Inside was a Slusho! T-shirt! The back of the shirt says:

Entertainment Weekly Confirms "Monstrous" Poster

I just receive an email from Entertainment Weekly, and they have an "exclusive" look at the new Cloverfield poster. LOL.

It's the same poster as the Monstrous poster that was leaked Tuesday, except it doesn't have a title. The fact that their poster doesn't have a title might be because it had not been officially announced yet, or maybe the movies title is NOT Monstrous!

This does confirm that the poster is real however...now we just need a name!

(click poster to see full-size)

Comic-Con 2007 Cloverfield News

Let the fun begin!

I will be posting LIVE Comic-Con updates here as I receive them from my field reporters.

If you have any tips, photos, links, etc., please post them in the comments!

10:00 AM - Comic-Con opens
1:30 PM - Paramount Pictures/JJ Abrams
5:00 PM - Lost Season 4

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Monstrous Poster - High Res

(Click the photos to see full-size)

Kristen FTW!

It looks like the first photo came from Kristen at
CloverfieldParasite.Blogspot.com. Nice work!

What is this thing?? Notice the:

• Huge gash marks where the head was torn off, and on the buildings
• Huge round hole through the city
• Trail marks in the water
• Helicopters flying over the city