Monday, December 31, 2007

Cloverfield New Year's Special

ABC is teasing a Cloverfield special that will be showing "after the ball drop", so tune in to Dick Clark's New Years Rockin' Eve!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Cloverfield TV Commercial #7 - Their Only Hope Is Each Other

A seventh Cloverfield commercial appeared during the Patriots/Giants game last night.

Watch it in hi-res on YouTube:

UPDATE: Watch all the TV Commercials together on my YouTube Playlist!

Also, I have added an additional screenshot to clear up what some people think they are "tentacles", but it is just part of the bridge collapsing.

Rob: Some thing attacked the city
Lily: What IS that?
Unknown: I saw it, it's alive, it's huge!
Rob: Beth, where are you?
Hawk: Tell me that's not her place!
Rob: That's her place, yeah.
Rob: We going to go after her.
Lily: I'm coming with you.
Soldier: There nothing you can do for her now.
Announcer: On January 18th
Rob: You guys see that guys face? When we asked him what it was. They have no idea!
Announcer: Their only hope
Rob: We could just wait for there to be a lull...
Hawk: The air caught on fire, there's not going to be a lull!
Announcer: Is each other
Rob: We gotta get out of here, it's not safe here
Rob: Run, run, run, run, RUUUNNN!
Announcer: Cloverfield, rated PG-13

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Cloverfield Trivia - Round 2

Round Two of the Cloverfield Trivia has begun - 20 new question, and now you are timed, but still no leaderboard yet.

Here are the questions (and answers):
  1. What is the approximate population of New York City? - 8 million people
  2. Jessica Lucas – one of Cloverfield’s young stars – appeared opposite Channing Tatum (Step Up) in what film? - She’s the Man
  3. What New York building does KING KONG climb in the original film’s infamous final scene? - The Empire State Building
  4. Who wrote the book, JURASSIC PARK? - Michael Crichton
  5. On 1.18 1994, what did a witness in Cando, Spain claim to have seen in the sky (later known as the Cando event)? - A ball of fire
  6. What is the average amount of time a human can survive without water? - 3 days
  7. What was the name of the summer camp in the original FRIDAY THE 13th? - Camp Crystal Lake
  8. Which of the following can be an edible source of nutrients in times of great hunger? - Maggots
  9. When in college, Matt Reeves, the director of Cloverfield, wrote the script for what film? - Under Siege II: Dark Territory
  10. Which of the following WAS NOT a title for a Godzilla movie? - Godzilla vs. Imperial Army
  11. Where does New York City rank among the most energy efficient US cities with over 1 million people? - First (most efficient)
  12. What percentage of people living in Manhattan own a car? - 25%
  13. Which of the following disaster films cost the MOST to make? - King Kong
  14. What year was the original GODZILLA film released in the US? - 1955
  15. Which film used the tagline: “Love Never Dies.”? - Bram Stoker’s Dracula
  16. Which of the following Tim Burton films is NOT a re-make? - Big Fish
  17. Although New York City holds 2.5% of the United States population, it is responsible for emitting what % of total US greenhouse gasses? - 1%
  18. Under which street in New York City does an earthquake fault-line lie? - 125th St.
  19. Where did the original King Kong come from? - Skull Island
  20. Who starred in the 1998 American film, GODZILLA? - Matthew Broderick
* Thanks to Feef, Bradly, and Chris H for emailing me!

Cloverfield WAP Site

Cloverfield now has a mobile phone website
(WAP) for the movie, in addition to the Slusho! WAP found a few days ago.

There's information on the Widget contest, a movie summary, theater showtimes (coming Jan 13th), and you can download Cloverfield wallpaper and clip from the movie.

I was not able to download the movie, so let me know if it is different from what we have already seen.

* Thank to CameronJr9 from unFiction for finding this!

Whistle Blower Message #3 - Sonar

New messages began appearing in email boxes, with one of the following images attached - sonar_1.jpg and sonar_2.jpg. There is no note or message attached.

It looks like some kind or sonar image, but of what? Was this the first detection by Tagruato of the monster?

Click here to see the two images overlapped and animated.

Click here to see the "difference" of the two images.

It looks like it is a screen shot of a Tagruato computer, based on the Tagruato wallpaper in the background. The program that appears to be running is titled "Tagruato Son-air Bld.18 Rev 1a", and has various tabs, some marked in Japanese, and shows a date of 12/18/07. The status bar of the first image says "Occ. Det. ANO 0012433. Monitoring...", and the second image says "Occ. Scale. ERR. 163".

* Thanks to Mark, Ryan, Caleb, and Brat

Cloverfield TV Commercial #6 - Who Would You Go Back For?

Here is Cloverfield commercial #6 - Who Would You Go Back For?

Watch it in hi-res on YouTube:

Rob: 7 hours ago, some thing attacked the city.
Lily: What IS that?!
Unknown: I saw it, it's alive, it's huge!
Unknown: OH MY GOD!
Announcer: On January 18th...
Rob: Hello? Beth, where are you?
Rob: She's hurt. She's trapped in her building.
Rob: We're going to go after her.
Hawk We'll go with you. Let's go.
Announcer: Who would you go back for?
Hud: Rob? He saw it, what was that?
Hawk: We don't know what we saw, the point is, it's still here!
Unknown: Run you guys! OH MY GOD!
Rob, to Beth: We're going to get you out, alright?
Marlena: Did you guys hear that?
Rob: RUN!!!!
Announcer: Cloverfield... rated PG13

* Thanks to Teap for the transcript!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Cloverfield TV Commercial #5 - Some Thing Has Arrived

Here is the fifth Cloverfield TV commercial. When it rains, it pours!

Watch it in hi-res on YouTube Here:

Group: Surprise!
Beth: Rob, have fun in Japan.
Hawk: I'm proud of you, bro.
HUD: Looks like you should have left town a little bit earlier.
Lily: What IS that?!
Unknown: I saw it, it's alive, it's huge!
Hawk: We gotta get out of here, it's not safe here.
Rob: Our options are... die here, die in the tunnels, or die in the streets.
Rob: We're with you. Let's go.
Unknown: Run, run, run!
Unknown: HELP ME!
Unknown: He's coming! Go go go!
Unknown: OH MY GOD!
Announcer: Cloverfield.
$11 guy: Tonight's gonna be the best night ever.
Announcer: Rated PG-13.

* Thanks to Gabriel for the original video, and Teap for the transcript!

Cloverfield TV Commerical #4 - We Are Not Alone

The fourth Cloverfield commercial has been recorded and put on YouTube! Finally!

Check it out on YouTube for a hi-res version:

Hawk: I think I got it. Is this on?
Hawk: What time is everybody starting to show up?
Rob: What are you doing with the video camera?
Hud: I'm filming goodbyes
Marlena: Hey Rob
$11 Guy: You owe me $11
Unknown: So how you going to...
Rob: What was that noise?
Hud: Maybe you should have left town a little earlier.
Rob: Shut up
Lily: What IS that? Is it coming this way?
Rob: OMG!
Hud: We gotta get out of here, it's not safe here.
Rob: What was that?
Hud: You don't want to know.
Rob: OMG!
Announcer: Cloverfield
$11 Guy: Tonight's going to be the best night ever
Announcer: Rated PG-13, January 18th

MySpace Update - Rob's Interview

A small MySpace update today. Beth left a message for Rob wishing him luck on his interview. Is he interviewing for Tagruato, and is that how Jamie got Tagruato's phone number?

Beth - Dec 28 2007 11:48 AM - TO ROB

Hey Rob. Good luck this afternoon at the interview! I'm sure they'll love you.

* Thanks to Eli for emailing me about this!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Cloverfield Goes Moble With Slusho WAP Site has added a mobile phone section to the site, which can be reached on your cell phone at The WAP site features wallpaper and ringtones that you can download to your phone, the Slusho history, and information on the Slusho! contest.

Actually you can visit this in your regular browser as well (IE works better than FireFox), but you won't be able to hear the ringtones.

* Thanks to Teap and Semidi for emailing me this!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Odette Yustman in GQ Magazine

GQ Magazine has an interview with Odette Yustman (and sexy photos!), who plays Beth in Cloverfield. She reveals yet another codename for the movie - Monkey.

Cloverfield Beth Odette Yustman Photo 1J.J.'s New Thriller - Sexy photos of 22-year-old actress Odette Yustman

Though Odette Yustman stars in J. J. Abrams’s new top-secret screamer, for a while there, even she didn’t know the movie’s title. Abrams printed call sheets tagging the film Cheese, Slusho, Monkey, even Chocolate Outrage. All smoke screens. “I was sworn to secrecy,” says Yustman, “but things kept getting leaked on the Internet. I think there was a mole. It’s called Cloverfield now.” Not exactly bone-chilling. “It’s the name of the street off the freeway where you exit for J.J.’s office.” The 22-year-old Cuban- Californian can’t say much else about the project, except that it features “intimate, terrifying footage of an attack on New York City” and “a monster” or “monsters” she’s never seen. (But she promises the film is scary.) This woman knows gore on an experiential level—and loves it. “I grew up on a farm,” she says. “I’d watch my grandfather shoot our pigs in the head. It was horrifying—until we’d eat them.”

Cloverfield Beth Odette Yustman Photo 2Cloverfield Beth Odette Yustman Photo 2Cloverfield Beth Odette Yustman Photo 3

* Thanks to Nick and Eddie for finding this!

JamieAndTeddy Video #6 - The Call

There is a new video on (password: jllovesth)

Uh oh. Jamie still doesn't believe Teddy's story so she's decided to call Teddy's bluff and call Tag-ga-gato herself :) Well, of course they deny that he exists and what to know who she is. Fortunately, she doesn't speak "whatever".

You can download the video directly here:

Or watch it on YouTube:

Here is the transcript:

Hey Prick. So guess what?
I'm going to play your little game and I'm going to call Tag-ga-gato.

Because, it just so happens that my friend's boyfriend found the number for me
So we're going to call and we're going to see who really stole you.

It's about a million numbers, it'll probably cost me a fortune, but guess what?
You're worth it, aren't you?

Hi, can I speak to Teddy Hanssen?
Can I speak to someone that speaks American?

Oh, OK, you speak both.
I'm looking for Teddy Hanssen.

OK, thanks, I'll hold.

[whispering] I Hate You
Hi, I'm looking for Teddy Hanssen.

This is Jamie Lascano.

I'm calling from America.
I'm not telling you my address...
Surprise, Surprise, they've never heard of you.
You know what? I'm so sick of your games.

This is the last video you are getting from me. I'm officially done
[phone rings]

Unknown number.

Hello? I don't speak "whatever".

OK, thanks Teddy, now they are calling me, prick.

* Thanks to bleachgurl256 for emailing me first!

Cloverfield Wins Biggest Tease Award - Reelz Channel

Reelz Channel's "The Big Tease" show awarded Cloverfield with the "Biggest Tease" award for the original teaser trailer.

I'm sure that J.J. will put that award right next to his two Emmys :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Cloverfield Christmas

'Twas the Night Before 1-18-08

was the night before 1-18-08, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, except maybe a whale louse.

The stockings were hung over Jamies' chair,
In hopes that Teddy soon would be there;

Jamie was nestled all snug in her bed,
While visions of "primary evidience" danced in her head;

Is it still lying on the floor or did she freeze it ASAP,
Will she mix it in a cocktail for a little night cap.

Later at the party there arose such a clatter,
They turned on the news to see what was the matter.

Away to the roof Rob flew like a flash,
Looked to the harbour and saw a big crash.

Things were exploding and starting to blow,
They ran down the stairs to the street below.

When, what to their wondering eyes should appear,
But a flying Statue of Libertys' head that filled them with fear.

Smashing the cars and the pavement it came.
Rob whistled, and shouted and called them by name;

"Where's Jason! and Lily! and that 11 dollar guy!"
There's Marlena and Hud with a camera to his eye.

Oh My God! It's alive and it's huge they did say,
And whatever that thing is it's coming their way.

It was big and green and toppling skyscrapers,
Debris rained down and dust and papers.

Rob had a plan, he would rescue Beth,
Maybe she would love him if he saved her from death.

Then Marlena got bit and exploded it seemed,
And Lily and Hud also left Robs' team.

So just Beth and Rob were left huddling in fright,
1-18-08 was one helluva night.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

* Written by Red Walrus from unFiction!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Cloverfield Trivia Quiz

The Cloverfield Widget has a new Cloverfield Trivia Quiz. There are 20 questions about NYC, events on 1/18, monster movies, etc. Start studying, because there will be a leader board soon.

Here are the questions:
  1. What is Cloverfield’s release date? 1.18.08
  2. What is the approximate total size of Manhattan, in square miles? 24
  3. What is the name of the villain in the original HALLOWEEN film? Michael Myers
  4. Mike Vogel – one of Cloverfield’s young stars – appeared opposite Channing Tatum (Step Up) in what film? Motorcross
  5. On 1.18 in 1964, the plans for what New York City skyscraper were unveiled? World Trade Center
  6. On 1.18 1919, the Paris Peace Conference, putting a close to WW1, opens in what French city? Versailles
  7. Which of the following TV series’ did Matt Reeves, Cloverfield’s director, create? Homicide: Life on the Street
  8. In the main poster for the film, INDEPENDENCE DAY, what was the alien space ship blowing up? The White House
  9. What is the record high temperature for New York City on 1.18? 60°
  10. Which of the following films does NOT involve a meteor headed towards Earth? Sunshine
  11. Janet Leigh, star of PSYCHO, is the mother of what Hollywood actress? Jamie Lee Curtis
  12. Who composed the music for the original horror film, HALLOWEEN? John Carpenter
  13. What film used the following tagline: “they’re coming to get you…again!” Night of the Living Dead
  14. Who played THE CREATURE in Kenneth Branagh’s 1994 remake of FRANKENSTEIN? Robert DeNiro
  15. In the original film, where is GODZILLA discovered to come from? Udo Island
  16. What is the name of the space-ship in the film, ALIEN? Nostromo
  17. Where did the “pods” come from in the original INVASION OF THE BODYSNATCHERS? Aliens
  18. In what famous 1953 disaster film did a monster come to New York and destroy Coney Island? The Beast from 20,000 fathoms
  19. Central Park is nearly six times as large as the world’s smallest country, which is? Vatican City
  20. What was New York City named by its first European settlers? New Amsterdam
If studying is not your bag, you can highlight the questions above to see the correct answers.

* Thanks to Ken for emailing me about this, and for the questions and answers

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Cloverfield Radio Ads

Slashfilm has an exclusive sneek preview of two Cloverfield radio ads that are scheduled to start running Christmas eve.

There is some interesting new dialog in these clips, so head on over to Slashfilm to check out these "monsterific radio spots".

* Thanks Peter!

Here is the transcript:

[Monster Roar]
HUD: Did you guys see that? Did you guys just see that?
Lily: What is it? Is it coming this way?
Matt Reeves: I saw it! Its alive! Its huge!
Reporter: Phone calls are pouring into the news room, something violent has rocked the city, once again we have no idea what has caused this...
Announcer: Some "thing" has found us
Hawk: We don't know what we saw, the point is, its still here!
Announcer: On January 18th
Rob: Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god...
Marlena: We cannot go into the middle of the city we gotta get out of here!
Announcer: The mystery, will be revealed
Rob: Oh my god?!
[Monster roars, panic occurs]
Announcer: From producer J.J. Abrams
Lily: What is that?
Rob: Run run run run, RUN!
Rob: Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god...
Announcer: Cloverfield

The second radio ad is just like the first, but missing a few lines.

Here is the spectral analysis of the new monster roar:

* Thanks to Dan and Gabriel for the transcript.