Friday, March 28, 2008

Slusho 'Sword' Update

There is a mysterious update to the Slusho website. A strange symbol, which looks like a sword and a quote balloon, is appearing on the main page, and on the contest page. I checked the site, and don't see any other changes, or anything else hidden in the flash files - so I don't know what to make of it. Let the wild speculation begin...

* Thanks to Luis S for pointing this out!

Cloverfield Special Edition DVD

IGN is reporting that some retailers will be getting an exclusive 'Steelbook' packaging. In the US, it will be FYE and Suncoast stores. In the UK, it will be an HMV exclusive. There doesn't appear to be any difference in the DVD content - just the packaging. I just hope this doesn't end up like the Transformers DVDs, where different stores each have their own "exclusive" editions.

On a side note, I've seen numerous comments from people here and other places who seem to be under the impression that Paramount will try to double-dip and release a '2-disc special collector's edition' version of Cloverfield later on. AFAIK, this is not true (Maybe these are the same people who think there are two monsters :). Paramount initially released a Zodiac DVD with NO extras, but there were mitigating circumstances, and that is certainly not the case with Cloverfield. Long ago, before there was any solid information about the DVD, some sites listed all kinds of Cloverfield versions that *might* be available, including a deluxe version and an HD-DVD version. The Paramount Home Video website now has Cloverfield listed, and they show only one version. Sweeny Todd, on the other hand, is coming out next week, and has a regular and deluxe version listed. I assume they both will eventually have a Blu-Ray release, but that is a diffferent story.

* Thanks to The Enchanted One from CloverfieldFans.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Double Negative Visual Effects for Cloverfield

Visual Effects company Double Negative has a Cloverfield Showreel with brief breakdown of their work from the film, including digital city scapes, CG bridge and CG Statue of Liberty head. Check out two other scenes below.

Cinefex Cloverfield Article

Special Effects magazine Cinefex has a huge 11 page article on Cloverfield titled "Ground Zero", featuring numerous photos of the Cloverfield monster, and a scene-by-scene explanation of the special effects that went into making the movie.

Here is the article, minus the photos, which are posted in a separate post below. To read the article, click the full-screen button (next to the printer icon)

UPDATE: Something seems to be wrong with FlashPaper, so I have temporarily removed the article.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Cinefex Cloverfield Photos

Special Effects magazine Cinefex has a huge 11 page article on Cloverfield titled "Ground Zero", featuring numerous photos of the Cloverfield monster, and a scene-by-scene explanation of the special effects that went into making the movie.

Here are the photos, with their a scene-by-scene explanation of the special effects that went into making the movie.
New York City comes under attack from a giant monster of mysterious origins in Cloverfield. As conceived by producer J.J. Abrams, the film put a new spin on a genre staple by envisioning all action as seen through the lens of a bystander's handheld camcorder. Visual effects supervisors Kevin Blank, Eric Leven and Michael Ellis accompanied a guerrilla-style shoot in Los Angeles and briefly in New York, working alongside production designer Martin Whist and special effects coordinator David Waine. Tippett Studio then furnished animated creatures while Double Negative handled environment enhancements, including digitally decapitating the Statue of Liberty.

The ground shakes as an enormous fleeting shape passes behind the Woolworth Building and demolishes it, sending a cloud of dust and debris toward terrified onlookers. Director Matt Reeves, director of photography Michael Bonvillain and the visual effects teams studied amateur camcorder footage of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on New York City as a visual reference for the film, relying on similarly frenzied camera motion and glimpses of the city's marauding protagonist to evoke an impression of cataclysmic events. The shooting style presented enormous tracking challenges to the visual effects team.

The production shot the Woolworth Building collapse on the Paramount Studios New York Street backlot set, where members of the visual effects crew placed tracking markers and greenscreens at either end. Double Negative surveyed the set with theodolites to create 3D surveys of the environment, and also shot high-resolution digital photographic surveys of the backlot set and New York City locations. Digital artists used that data to build CG set extensions, and used 3D geometry to create a fluid dynamic simulation of the debris cloud. Compositors layered all the CG elements behind the live-action crowd.

As thunderous footfalls pass, the story's protagonists take refuge in a convenience store and then emerge - camera still running - onto the street, demolished in the creature's wake. The production staged the scene as a series of long, carefully choreographed takes darting into the store and then back out onto the redressed street. Double Negative generated invisible digital transitions between takes, using subtle morphs and tracking elements from one shot to the next. In addition to practical flattened vehicles on set, the ruined street featured digital set extensions and synthetic smoldering wreckage.

Venturing uptown in search of a lost friend, Rob Hawkins (Michael Stahl-David) and Lily Ford (Jessica Lucas) halt in shock as they discover the north tower of the Time Warner Center half-collapsed and leaning against its neighboring tower. The visual effects crew shot airborne helicopter plates of Time Warner Center, but security restrictions limited access to the surrounding area. Double Negative digitally removed the existing tower from plates and reconstructed the environment using digital stills of the area, then layered in smoke and atmospheric effects.

From atop the collapsed Time Warner tower, Rob, Lily, and cameraman Hudson Platt (T.J. Miller) see the 350-foot-tall monster approaching, lit by incendiary flashes of U.S. Army ordnance. To preserve the mysterious nature of the unnamed and largely unexplained creature, Tippett Studio revealed it only sparingly and in poses designed to disguise its anatomy as it navigated the skyscraper canyons of Manhattan. Environmental lighting elements - such as roving searchlights, strobing tracer fire and flames - were reflected in the creature's pallid skin.

As Hud's handheld camera pans up from street level, the creature lurches into view above Grand Central Station, angered by a ground-level artillery assault. Starting with a live-action plate shot on location in New York, Tippett Studio animated the monster's reactions to gunfire hits, and its subsequent crashing through a glass-fronted building. Tippett Studio digitally simulated the creature's interactions with the building environment, rigging 3D models with interior furniture that could smash apart dynamically and rain debris across the creature's body.

The next morning, after dropping his camcorder in Central Park, Hud swings the retrieved camera skyward and is momentarily transfixed by the sight of the creature staring direaly back at him, considering its prey. Tippett Studio founder Phil Tippett suggested the moment to J.J. Abrams and Matt Reeves, extending what had hitherto been planned as another fleeting shot into a show-stopping closeup of the creature, revealed through a soiled camcorder lens. Tippett Studio generated the 40-second shot entirely digitally, showcasing the creature's bizarre physiognomy, which included alien ocular mechanisms and pulsating bladders on either side of its head.

Tippett Studio Ad

Double Negative Visual Effects Ad

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Cloverfield Kishin 2 Manga Translated

Here are the translated pages for the second installment of the Cloverfield Kishin manga (comic). Because the comic is Japanese, you must read each page from right to left, starting with the right page first.

NOTE: In case it's not clear, click the pages above and it will take you to the Picasa photo album, where you can view them full size. If you can't size your window big enough to view them full size, click the 'magnifying glass' button to enlarge them.

* Thanks to Kosmopol for the translation.

Ziggy and Cloverfield

Poor Ziggy. He’s perpetually one step behind... or in this case, two months behind.


* Thanks to RasGold for the comic tip!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cloverfield's Escape From New York

The Statue of Liberty head, shown on the back of the Cloverfield DVD and the DVD section of (seen on the right), is distinctly different than what was show in the trailers or in the movie. It has been mentioned in several interviews that the inspiration for the movie was the poster for Escape To New York (on the left), so this is probably just an homage to that film.

For reference, here at the other two versions of the Statue of Liberty head - one from the movie and the other from the teaser trailer.

Cloverfield Finally On Amazon (sort of)

After initially stumbling out of the gate, the Cloverfield DVD has finally been posted up on Amazon... well sort of.

All of the information seems to be user submitted (including the cover art), but at least you can finally place your pre-order now. The nice thing about pre-ordering on Amazon is the Price Guarantee: Order now and if the price decreases between your order time and release date, you'll receive the lowest price.

If you are planning to order it from Amazon, please support CloverfieldClues by using our Amazon link. Thank You!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Official Cloverfield DVD Announcement

The Cloverfield DVD is finally official. It's on the official site, heck it's even on (Which is probably where I'll be getting it at Midnight of the 21st!)

The official site links to Amazon, but the page is not working yet. I'll post the link here when it is available.

Here's a look at the back (click to enlarge).

It's odd that there are no pictures of Rob or Beth on the back, but there IS a picture of The Monster.

* Thank again to DVD special reporter The Enchanted One!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Cloverfield DVD News

DVD news site DVDActive is reporting that Paramount has officially announced the Cloverfield DVD release, with the following details:

Paramount Home Entertainment has officially announced Cloverfield which stars Lizzy Caplan, Jessica Lucas, TJ Miller. The Matt Reeves directed monster flick will be available to own from the 22nd April, and should retail at around $27.95. The film itself will be presented in anamorphic widescreen, along with an English Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround track. Extras will include a commentary by Director Matt Reeves, 4 featurettes (The Making of Cloverfield, Cloverfield Visual Effects, I Saw It! It's Alive! It's Huge, and Clover Fun), 6 additional scenes (Congrats Rob, When You're in Japan, I Call That a Date, It's Going to Hurt, Alt Ending #1, Alt Ending #2), and multiple eastereggs.

The first US retailer out of the gate with the news is, listing the official artwork and a pre-release price of $20.89.

* Thanks to The Enchanted One for the DVDActive link

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cloverfield DVD Cover Art

An anonymous tipster from Denmark sent me this advanced look at the artwork for the Danish Cloverfield DVD release.

Although I don't speak Danish, it's not hard to translate the extras:
  • Extra Materials
  • Trailers
  • Exclusive Bonus? Material
  • 10 Deleted Scenes

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cloverfield DVD Special Features, the UK's number two online retailer, may have leaked some info on the upcoming Cloverfield DVD release.

Take that for what it's worth, as they still also list an HD-DVD version, which we know will definitely not be coming out.

According to their site, the special edition two-disc set will include:

• Commentary by Director Matt Reeves
• Case Designate: Cloverfield (50 mins)
• Easter Eggs
• Document 01.18.08: The Making of Cloverfield
• Cloverfield Visual Effects
• I Saw It! It's Alive! It's Huge!
• Clover Fun
• Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary
• Alternate Endings with Optional Commentary doesn't list a price or release date, however is listing it at £14.99 with a June 9th release date, and has an exclusive look at the cover.

* Thanks again to The Enchanted One

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Cloverfield Kishin 2 Screen Shots

I have uploaded all the screen shots into a Picasa photo album, and I'll have translated screen shots soon!

Cloverfield DVD Release Date in UK

The Cloverfield DVD will be released in the UK on June 9th, according to The UK's has a picture of the DVD cover, which looks like a smashed metal box.

The US release date still looks like it will be April 22, according to the website and various other reports, but still no update on

* Thanks to The Enchanted One!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Cloverfield Kishin Second Story

The second issue of the online Cloverfield Comic is now available
. The story seems to revolve around Slusho!

Translations and screenshots coming soon...

* Thanks to Hawk_Eye10, Anthony, and Kosmopol for emailing me about this!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Cloverfield Rumors - DVDs

There are a lot of Cloverfield rumors floating around the lazysphere lately, and while I don't normally like to promote pure speculation, and in some cases wishful thinking, there are some things that maybe we can clarify.

Cloverfield DVDs
There are actually several rumors floating around regarding the Cloverfield DVD release - specifically regarding the release dates, formats, and extras.

I've heard two supposed release dates for Cloverfield - April 15th or the 22nd, although there has been no official word. Logically, that time frame seems about right, since I Am Legend opened about a month before Cloverfield, and its release date will be on March 18th. VideoETA is estimating April, but won't announce an official date until the 18th.

FWIW, Cloverfield won't even been released in Japan until April 5th. Looking again at I Am Legend, Japan was its second highest foreign box office, pulling in over $40 million. I think the 'American Godzilla' might do well enough in Japan to not want a DVD release a week or two later.

There are a few wrenches of the monkey variety that could also cause a delayed release. First, Paramount was until recently in the HD-DVD camp, and while they have recently canceled all new HD-DVD releases (including Sweeney Todd and There Will Be Blood), they are not expected to release any Blu-Ray movies until the Summer. I don't know whether it makes more sense to:
  • Release the movie without Blu-ray, then release a 'complete' Blu-ray version later
  • Release the movie with a stripped down Blu-ray version now, then re-release an enhanced version later (known as 'double-dipping')
  • Delay the release date until both formats are ready to go
Another wrinkle in the Cloverfield raisin is the question of the bonus extras, specifically what would have been included on the HD-DVD version, and now may or may not make their way on to a rushed Blu-ray release. The fan site posted an 'anonymous' letter that claims the extras may in fact get scrapped. This 'news' is already getting some play on bigger sites, so if anything, lets hope this 'leak' prevents that from happening.

UPDATE: I just received an email from Paramount promoting their final two HD-DVD releases, and the standard-DVD only release of Sweeny Todd. So, it look like we will probably get a standard DVD release for Cloverfield next month, then hopefully an HD sometime in the summer.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Official Cloverfield Movie Monster Figure Collectible

Hasbro has updated their site with a proper Cloverfield page.

There is a much better picture of the "Official Cloverfield Movie Monster Figure Collectible", and you can even hear the monster's roar:

All of the specs are the same, same price, release date, etc.

* Thanks to Eddy at for finding this, and to Pierce for emailing me!

Also, check out this, from the official press release:

Standing at an imposing 14 inches tall, the creature that wreaks havoc on New York City in the film is immortalized as a super-articulated figure for fans and collectors alike. As with other beasts in the annals of great movie monsters, the creature in “Cloverfield” captures the imagination and tugs at the fears of thrill seeking moviegoers.

The party may be over when this beast comes to town, but the fright inducing look of the creature lives on from the creepy people-sucking underbelly to the swath of parasites the beast lets loose to hunt citizens of the ‘Big Apple.’

How To Stop A 500 Foot Monster

Wired magazine has an interesting pair of articles discussing the weapons that might be effective in case of a real Cloverfield monster attack. How To: Stop A 500-Foot Monster How To: Stop A 500-Foot Monster, Continued

They have changed the release date of the next Cloverfield Manga from "Late February" to "Early March". I'll let you know as soon I see something!