Sunday, July 27, 2008

Maybe there will be a Cloverfield sequel after all...

Sci-Fi website IO9 talked to JJ Abrams at Comic-con, and according to them:
There will be a Cloverfield 2 ... but it won't be a sequel. It will be something "surprising," said Abrams. [Here is] what Abrams told us on video about what the most important monster feature is, from the perspective of a guy who has created a lot of monsters.

Maybe that explains this sign in Pasadena (or maybe it is just BS)...

Lost ARGs spacer* Thanks to FringeTelevision for the story, and to Kristen S. for the photo!


  1. Well, they did take the untitled cloverfield sequel off of IMDB. Maybe it won't be called cloverfield.

  2. Oh hell yeah.....I will cry is this is true

  3. YUSSSS I guess they found an original idea....

  4. Was dying to see this video this morning before it went up...
    LAME VIDEO!!!!

    Can't wait for another movie though.
    THAT is exciting!!


  6. I'm just wondering what type of Viral they will come up with this time around.

    It seems a waste that all the other pages are still floating around with ZERO updates since April!!

    Also, I just hope Abrams (and team) realize they could loose some fans if there's no homage to their viral in this next film. One Slusho! T-shirt and a glimpse of a passed-out Jamie were not enough to satisfy many of us!! And, the Dharma Logo on the SD card turned out to be so BS ... I was hoping that Cloverfield would be the Lost Experience for the big screen.

    They had better be careful: A decapitated Statue of Liberty will be hard to top ... We wouldn't want to see Abrams fall into the M. Night Shyamalan syndrome!!

  7. RasGold said: We wouldn't want to see Abrams fall into the M. Night Shyamalan syndrome!!

    Damn you're right!

    I heard The Happening was extremely bad HAHA-wait? Sequel? AWESOME!! I dunno what JJ said at the video but who cares! CLOVIE SEQUEL! XD

  8. sorry for double post but...he said 'something surprising'...hmmmmm.....

  9. Ok, so I decided to go on Brenden theatres website to see if there was a Cloverfield 2 coming anytime soon

    would this be true? or not??

    Please reply, and sorry If i wasnt allowed to have links on the comments. :\

  10. I saw your link. Here is what the "Full Synopsis" says...

    "Paramount orders up another bit of monstrous mayhem with Cloverfield 2, the sequel to the hand-held trip through Manhattan during a giant creature attack. The follow-up comes complete with the original creative team intact, with Matt Reeces returning to direct along with screenwriter Drew Goddard and producer J.J. Abrams."

    It is supposed to be "something 'very' surprising". Matt Reeves said earlier that they are not gonna try to "make the same movie" because they want a completely original idea. Well i'm guessing that this idea is seriously gonna be original. I just hope it won't pull a "Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2" on us and get us all disappointed...

  11. @kaligdren:

    I'm not sure about the release date, but they could just have that page up there as a placeholder.

  12. Yeah most likely you two are right, but I was thinking about it and 1/1/09 is a Thursday, then i thought, aren't movies usually released on Fridays? So It must be a placeholder. Disappointing how there weren't any new trailers over the Summer Movie lists. I was really hoping that something would pop up before the Dark Knight, at least just a recording of " Help Us" lol
    Thanks for the replies.

  13. Maybe something before the new star Trek Movie?

  14. Something original and 'surprising'...could this be the Cloverfield game that was talked about a while back

  15. Here's what we do!

    1.) Go to and make a list of all their movies that haven't come out yet.

    2.) Look for a trailer in said movies.

    3.) Once we have a new trailer, PARTY!!!

  16. The next big Paramount movie to come out is Tropic Thunder ("I'm a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude"). When the Cloverfield teaser came out, it was like a couple of weeks before production. Maybe they will make a trailer before Tropic Thunder. If not, let's just hope an awesome trailer comes out in some other movie....

  17. The picture is very interesting. I found something interesting as well. I was watching the movie "Cloverfield" and I think I found another creature or something. At the Brooklyn Bride, right after the tentacle crashes into the bridge, when the light from the helicopter shines upward, you can see the legs of something walking on top of the tower at 28:31 in the movie. You can see it briefly again as that tower falls. Using the tower as a scale the creature is too large to be a parasite and of course too small to be one of the huge "cloverfield" monsters. What a shock!! Can someone else confirm my findings?

  18. brittany i believe i see what ur talkin about i thought it was a buildin being seen from far but no i believe it has to be a some sort of creature