Friday, September 19, 2008

The Glass Helmets return in Fringe?

Fox added some notes to the official Fringe episode 102 recap - the "Songs in The Same Old Story", which include:
The band name The Glass Helmets may ring a bell for Cloverfield fans. The band was mentioned in a Cloverfield viral video on the website.

It's still not clear if TGH is a real band, or is "in-game". A MySpace account for TGH appeared during the Cloverfield ARG, and does not appear to have been updated since.


  1. I could catch The Black Angels here in town ... They've been advertising them for a couple weeks, now. Tho, STUBBS is quite an uncomfortable venue.

    BTW - J.J. spoke a bit about the Cloverfield Sequel this week (amongst other things) : BBC RADIO INTERVIEW

  2. more motion sickness then the 1st one hhhmmmmmmmmm interesting pitch for cloverfield 2 i say????

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  4. you guys check out ? it is a real site

  5. Also, the guy quoted on theglasshelmets' MySpace profile is named John Scott.