Monday, February 2, 2009

Cloverfield's Tagruato in Star Trek Superbowl Commercial

J.J. Abrams dropped another nod to Cloverfield in the latest Star Trek commercial seen during the Superbowl*. The Tagruato logo can be seen on one of the buildings, while J.J. Abrams' name flashes on the screen.

This is the second Cloverfield / Star Trek crossover. We reported earlier that Cloverfield's Slusho! will also be making an appearance in the movie.

Thanks to Evan, Marcus, and Matthew for emailing me about this!

* That's right, I said Superbowl, and not "The Big Game"! Superbowl. Superbowl. Superbowl. Suck it NFL!


  1. no friggen way i almost cant believe it!!! lets just hope it isnt just a ploy to get cloverfield fans to watch the movie *crosses fingers*

  2. Hmmmmmm.

    Could just be a little ploy like COLD4740 suggested (and most likely he'd correct), but could it be JJ hinting at something more.

    Look at LOST. There's stuff in Season 1 and 2 that we are only just beginning to get/understand (and some shorter mysteries that have only subtley been explained). And as we saw with the viral for Cloverfield, he can do some pretty out things that only marginally link together, but do tell a greater story.

    So - we know JJ doesn't do much by accident. What if this is hinting at something much bigger. Perhaps we are about to enter into a HUGE series of films that while seemingly not linked, are all set in the same world and directly lead on from one another. i.e If in out world Clovie had attacked, then the future would be Star Trek (for example). This could also rope Heroes (remember Slusho's brief cameo?) into the mix. Its the sort of off the wall, on-going story that JJ would definitely go for.

  3. wow the crazy thing bout all you just said bout the tie ins for the stories is that it isnt that insane but ya never know jj's minds works one way and seems to change before we caught the last wrinkle

  4. Cloverfield 2 trailer will be attached to ST. Guaranteed.

  5. Proof? They'd need to be in production by now and we know they aren't.

  6. Found this on
    It's Official: 'Cloverfield 2' is Coming!
    Posted Jan 31st 2008 9:02AM by Patrick Walsh
    Filed under: Action, Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, New Releases, Paramount, Box Office, Fandom, Comic/Superhero/Geek, Remakes and Sequels

    According to Variety, Matt Reeves is "in early talks with Paramount" to direct a sequel to this month's smash Cloverfield. This should come as a surprise to exactly no one, as Cloverfield was made on the super cheap ($25 million) and scored a whopping $46 million in its opening weekend alone. From the way the announcement is worded, it looks like they want Cloverfield II underway ASAP, as soon as Paramount can complete discussions with Reeves, producer J.J. Abrams and writer Drew Goddard, who penned Cloverfield as well as episodes of Lost, Alias, and Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. Reeves has also signed to direct The Invisible Woman, "a Hitchcock-style thriller" he wrote that "probes the mind of a former beauty queen who turns to a life of crime to protect her family."

    It remains unclear which project will start production first, though the Variety article says there's a "good chance" it'll be Cloverfield. No word yet on the plot, but Goddard recently mentioned the possibility of showing you the fateful night of the attack from another cameraman's perspective. Much to my chagrin, I have yet to see Cloverfield. The night it came out I was assigned to review...Mad Money. You don't know humiliation until you have to purchase a ticket for a midnight showing of the new Diane Keaton comedy while surrounded by a huge mob of psyched Cloverheads. I'll check it out this weekend, but for those of you who've seen it -- are you excited for a sequel? And do you like the idea of watching events from another angle or would you want a whole new adventure?

  7. I'm guessing that the Tagruato bit in the trailer is just one of those little things that J.J. does, like the DHARMA logo in the Cloverfield trailer and the movie. There's no proof that there's any connection between DHARMA and Cloverfoeld. So I doubt that Tagruato being in the Star Trek trailer means that there's any connection between them. It's actually more likely that DHARMA is related to Cloverfield because they're both Abrams' franchises. Star Trek is not.

    And as far as a Sequel goes, I wouldn't be surprised if it really was in production now, they're just doing a damn good job at keeping it quiet.

  8. They weren't "in production" the last time around - were they? Trust me, they are working on it RIGHT NOW!

  9. I hope you're right. As long as it is original. Where've you hears this?

  10. Humm What if it is linked. what if Cloverfield was sent by an alien race in the Startrek movie. What if the Romulins did it? I mean with all the time travle the series has made whats stoping them from trying to whipe out the humans befor hand just like the BORG tryed to do.? LOL i dont know mybe far feched?

  11. I love star Trek so crossover or not I'm going to go see the movie :-p.