Friday, March 18, 2011

Matt Reeves on Cloverfield Sequel: "You are going to see it"

Total Film recently caught up with Matt Reeves and interviewed him about the status of Cloverfield 2:
We asked the Cloverfield and Let Me In director what was going on with Cloverfield 2, and he told us: "Well, you are going to see it - we just don't know when [laughs]."

"At the moment we are talking about the story quite a lot. Drew Goddard, who wrote the original, is going to pen the sequel and JJ Abrams is very much involved.

"However, the three of us have been so busy that getting the right idea together has been taking a long time."

But will the sequel shoot in real-time again? "You see, that's a difficult part: we want it to be shot like the first but how can you continue that idea successfully for a second time?

"We have a lot of affection for the original and the sequel can't just be the same thing. But that is tricky when you need to have a monster destroying stuff once again."
We've heard a similar story before... do you think this sounds like it might actually happen someday?

* thanks to I.V. Kay for sending this in!


  1. i had not looked here in months.. and today i do. fantastic news.

    what do we want from this movie?

  2. I would like handheld footage again. I remember people wanting the story from the military perspective, but after Battle: LA and I don't think they'd want to do something as similar. We'll have to wait and see I guess. The viral will probably push us in the right direction of what this film will look like.

  3. His statement seems a lot more definite. There's still that deep sense of ambiguity in regards to *when* it will be released, but he seems a lot more assured that it eventually *will* (compared to the past, that is) - and that's all I personally need.

  4. Then again.........wait they couldn't have been the only people in NY with a camcorder, could they? Diffrent files of the event filmed by diffrent people in diffrent parts of NY!!! Like to see that!?

  5. Yay, coming out in two months! Exciting. :)