Wednesday, January 27, 2016

10 Cloverfield Lane Trailer #1 Screenshots

I have created a bunch of screenshots from the "10 Cloverfield Lane" trailer, and compiled them into an album at

Leave a message in the comments if you find anything interesting!


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  2. Earlier today two images briefly popped up on the swampop website but were promptly removed. Not sure if it was a mistake or what. One of them was a picture of a product called "poptails" and the other was a picture of the Atlantic Ocean. Here's a link to where the images were.

    The only images you can currently find on that link are various sizes of the radioactive symbol.

    Someone merged the 2 images and posted it here.

  3. Thank you for taking the time to get screenshots of the trailer! Here's what I found:

    THE NUMBER 3 -3 cd's shown in jukebox -3 trees in the home sweet home sign (notice the placement of the trees) -3 "sitting ducks" on the shelf behind JG (notice their placement as well...) -3 dots on blue/green pillow in living room -3 pictures of the Eiffel Tower

    THE COLOR YELLOW: - cereal bowls in "Cannibal Airlines" scene -Swamp Pop Satsuma Fizz drink -sunflowers -wallpaper (has both yellow and blue) -sunflower lamp above vent -picture frame near entrance to kitchen -mac and cheese at dinner time -ducks on shelf -Figure next to the blue lamp. (can't make out what it is)

    YELLOW and BLUE: -Wallpaper in kitchen/living room -Couch -cars in LIFE game -John Goodman's shirt in barrel scene -blue" L" and a yellow" A" on fridge next to each other -blue "East Marion" writing with yellow background on hat -blue barrel with yellow hazard label

    RANDOM THINGS WORTH DISCUSSING: All pictures of the Eiffel tower, including the one on MEW's shirt ALL have what looks to be a storm coming. Maybe we should of replied "cloudy" when Swamp Pop asked us how the weather was....

    The wooden tree behind John Goodman at the dinner table is a Satsuma tree.

    The 10 Cloverfield Lane poster has dead Satsuma trees by the house. I have a feeling the dead grass we see on the poster used to be a sunflower field....

    There is a lucky horseshoe above the door at the 0:25 mark

    The drawers in the living room have handles that look like dots. :::::::: There are also blue and green dots on the pillow in the living room. (notice the placement of the dots)

    Does anyone else agree that there are a LOT of lamps in the bunker? Combined with florescent lighting, it seems a bit much.

    The song number 4813 looks like it has been played back to back. Have our characters been playing the same song over and over?

    At the 0:53 mark there is a picture of a plane flying over a field of sunflowers. Still trying to get a clear shot of what type of plane it is.

    There are a lot of books in the bunker. A lot. A looooot. Can anyone get a clear pic of the white book with someones pic on the back? It's in the jukebox dance scene. Looks like it was put there for us to investigate further.....

  4. There's a scene with Mary Elizabeth Winstead reading a book on the sofa with her back against a cardboard box. On the cardboard side, printed upside down there's the number 8149. 4-digit code as the number 4813 digited inthe jukebox.

  5. I haven't seen anyone else mention it yet, but the second time I watched the trailer it almost jumped out of the screen at me....they show each of the three characters working on the puzzle, but the only time the name of the puzzle is visible is when John Goodman is working on it. The title of the puzzle is Cat Fish....hmmmm I think Mr. Goodman might not be who or what he is pretending to be...

  6. Has anyone else noticed how the movie, clues (Swamp Pop, the shelter, juke box, etc) brings a strange nostalgic feeling similar to the well known RPG Fallout?

  7. Anyone catch the trailer with the word HELP scratched in the glass/plexi? It looks like she touches it and finds the embossing on the inside of the glass.