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Since our initial article on, the site was updates numerous times during the ARG. The following will be all the updates to the site in chronological order, starting with the discovery of the site. To find out more about how the entire ARG progressed, check out reddit user u/blueonred, who helpfully created a whole thread outlining it. The Youtube channel 'Cloververse' has also collected all the videos from the Cloverfield movies ARGs spanning 2007-present. All videos seen and connected with 04182028 are available there.


Initial 04182028 site is found. Our article on it is available here.

01/24/18 is updated with a new video. The visual aspect is still mostly distorted, with a few new frames of the figure visible in video 1.

The transcript for the video seemed to be a news broadcaster:

"Welcome to the show... Cloverfield Station...joining us today...controversy... Mark Stambler, author of the book..."


This update to welcomed a new video with cleaner audio. The same figure that was in videos 1 & 2 (the consensus being that this IS Mark Stambler) is seen more consistently.

The transcript for the video:

"Woman (interviewer): Your thoughts, Professor Mark Stambler?

Mark Stambler: ... because of Tagruato... Everything that's happened, I was right. The CEI was a lie, just like I predicted in my book, the Clover-"

CEI we know is in reference to the Cloverfield Energy Initiative, that was printed on official Tagruato brochures included in the delivery of the Slusho! Truck bobbleheads.

01/30/18 is updated once again. These updated have been coming frequently and fast, living little time to absorb information fully before the next update is flung upon us. This new video seems to suggest someone talking about a social media hoax. It mentions a location and a lamp. The transcript reads:

"... This is a social media hoax... social medium, my email...why does this have to happen again... third floor, by the lamp."


The trailer for The Cloverfield Paradox premieres at the Super Bowl, and in a massive twist the movie is released after the games ends on Netflix. is also updated. In the newest video, Mark Stambler (who is being interviewed by the woman we heard in earlier videos) reveals his book, titled 'The Cloverfield Paradox'.

Video Transcript:

"The experiment could unleash chaos, the likes of which we have never seen. You have no idea how much I would love to be wrong about this. It would be no fun for me to be right. If you want to know more, read my book..."

In The Cloverfield Paradox 
(Minor spoilers ahead for one scene in the Cloverfield Paradox)

During The Cloverfield Paradox, the distorted videos we have been seeing finally
come together in a scene taking place aboard the Shepard.

Mark Stambler is being interviewed live and we finally get to see the complete video, with proper audio and visual quality.

The interview is often cut away from or spoken over in the film, but the transcript for the interview seems to read:

Woman: Another test aboard the Cloverfield Space Station. The 47th test in just over two years is scheduled for 8:00am Eastern Standard Time. All eyes are on--

Mark Stambler: Right this minute, they are testing a particle accelerator up there, so we can learn how to make unlimited energy down here. But those who have accepted the

Woman: Why does this accelerator worry you so much? 
Mark Stambler: Because that accelerator is 1000 times more powerful than any ever built. Every time they test it, they risk ripping open the membrane of space time, smashing together multiple dimensions, shattering reality. And not just on that station, everywhere. This experiment could unleash chaos... the likes of which we have never seen. Monsters, demons, beasts from the sea-

Woman: To clarify, you believe their efforts to solve the energy crisis might unleash demons?

Mark Stambler: Yeah. Oh, yeah. 

Mark Stambler: And not just here and now... in the past, in the future, in other dimensions. You have no idea how much I would love to be wrong about this. 

Mark Stambler: If you want to know more... read my book--

Suzanne Cryer, also newswoman in The Cloverfield Paradox
Note some small and interesting points in the scene:

- The woman interviewing Mark Stambler is actress Suzanne Cryer, who played the woman trying to get into the bunker in 10 Cloverfield Lane.

- The @Paradox_Is_Real account (that is seen under Mark Stambler on the screen in the movie) is real account on Twitter, created in January 2018. Currently there is no content on the page. The official Cloverfield Paradox twitter page recently tweeted this in reply to Chris O'Dowd (one of the actors in TCP)-

Hinting at the fact that this is either a still more of the ARG still to come, or a cheeky wink to the audience and ARG players. This is where 04182028 has led us, up to this moment.

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