Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Cloverfield 3 ARG 04182028.com Website

A new website has been discovered, found through deciphering information in the distorted text underneath the error message on tagruato.jp. Reddit users Camille and MagicJesus were able to break down the text, finding that it reads-

Tokyo – January 18 2018: Tagruato has begun development on a revolutionary new energy technology in what Ceo Ganu Yoshida called a technological great leap forward for our planet. This renewable technology will take at least 4 years to complete along with another six years International regulatory bodies to bring the powerful revolutionary energy source by April 18 2028.

From there, 04182028.com was discovered using the date (April 18th, 2028) similar to the original Cloverfield's infamous 1-18-08 site. On the website was a 11 second video, featuring distorted images and audio, including frames where a face is clearly visible. The video is available here

The audio from the video was then examined extensively, resulting in words being distinguishing-able. Reddit and Discord users have so far been able to discern the following-

"...That is why I'm trying to warn you about the dangers of what Tagruato is trying to do..." 

The end of the message is much harder to hear, though it is speculated it reads-

Helios Spacecraft
"That is why we must now battle to save the helios." (Which would make sense as the Helios are a pair of spacecraft probes launched into orbit to study solar processes, and could relate to the 3rd Cloverfield film). 

For now we are still trying to examine every aspect of the video and see if we can find any other clues, messages or codes within the video.

*The link above is to our mirror of the original 1-18-08 site. DO NOT go to the original 1-18-08 website anymore. The domain expired and is no longer controlled by Paramount, and someone else snatched it up to run ads with malware.


  1. Looks like there is a new update to the Tagruato website. This time it looks like clippings from an article written in Hebrew. Can anyone translate?

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    2. Late to the translation game, but a friend of mine in Israel translated it as follows:
      Found in the Qumran area, locals who have come into contact with the research crew did not (indecipherable) of the scrolls (?)
      “I thought it was going to impact the tourists that come to Kalia beach”, said Shlomit...(surname)...a local Israeli archeologist “but it interferes with my work. I hope it will end soon.”
      The left is magnified and says:
      “There’s an inconvenience to the locals in Kalia caused by the shutting down of route 90.”
      That’s it.

  2. Also the site 04182028.com has a new video/message with him discribing where something is ....3rd floor by the lamp?

    1. "This is a social media hoax. Do you read me son? (voice: Yeah, dad, I do). It was all on social media; my email, my video call, totally made my book possible, till the (something) convinced me, that, that I'm gonna get it. (voice: Where are you (or Where is it) now?) 3rd floor. (voice: Where on the 3rd floor?) By a lamp."

  3. I'm very confused. The audio I'm hearing in the link provided above doesn't say anything about Tagruato. Instead it is Mark Stambler's warning from the movie. I'm just doing some background research and noticed that the audio is not at all what you've transcribed above. At least not for this particular audio clip.

  4. Has anyone looked at 04182028.com? Someone is holding a book saying "The Cloverfield Paradox". It's probably the man on the news that the characters watched towards the beginning of the film, I just haven't noticed it on 04182028.com