Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Slusho Truck Update, Bobbleheads and Brochures

A Slusho truck appeared at Comic-Con last July, and was giving out free drinks, and other surprises. Some people that were there are now receiving Tagruato swag in the mail. Imgur user narciee shows the unboxing of their package.

The return address of the package is listed as Tonopah, AZ, which was one of the stops of the Slusho Truck, and also the site of the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station.

Just like in the original Cloverfield ARG, the items were wrapped in a Japanese newspaper.

The package contained a Slusho Bobblehead, a certificate of authenticity, and a Tagruato brochure explaining the Cloverfield Energy Initiative (CEI). The brochure also mentions: Seabed Nectar (aka Kaitei No Mitsu), Quantum Biology, Exo-meteorology, centrifugal force-based artificial gravity.


Here is the full text of the brochure:

Brought to you by the Future Energy Development Committee.

The Tagruato Corporation is excited to announce The Cloverfield Energy Initiative (CEI), a revolutionary new partnership that brings together top scientists, leading energy providers, and world governments as part of one coalition dedicated to reshaping the way we power the world.

Through better connection, grid integration, and clean energy solutions, The Cloverfield Energy Initiative will embark on a decade-long venture designed to revolutionize our infrastructure, ushering in a new era of unprecedented energy efficiency.

This exciting new exchange will go live on April 18, 2018, a date lead scientist, Rafu Funaki, is calling "Initiation Day."


As a part of several exciting new bio-prospecting endeavors, Yoshida Medical has recently finished development on its latest fleet of dive vehicles, allowing for further exploration and sample recovery at unprecedented depths.

The new dive fleet will also help Yoshida Medical in mapping future Seabed Nectar sites, as well as continuing its research in the Quantum Biology space.


Bold Futura is pleased to announced that 2017 was a year or record-setting profits, thanks to our work in the developing field of Exo-meteorology. In conjunction with a leading American aerospace and space transport company, Bold Futura has positioned itself on the cutting edge of weather-related technology in this exciting new area of space exploration.

In other space news, Bold Futura is continuing its revolutionary work in the field of centrifugal force-based artificial gravity.


  1. Quick thoughts:

    Does "Cloverfield" have a real meaning now?
    April 18th, two days before "Untitled Cloverfield Movie" is released...
    "Weather related technology"... Geostorm 2?
    "Untitled Cloverfield Movie" involved with 2 Tagruato subsidiaries?

  2. Is this site really going to keep ignoring http://04182028.com/ after Donal Logue was in the last video saying (and you can read his lips too) "CEI was a lie"?

  3. Ah, my comments keep getting deleted. I forget that this is the same website that said FunAndPrettyThings was a game-jack and that God Particle wasn't the next Cloverfield movie. This website sucks now. At least Reddit is doing a good job of tracking the progress for this ARG.

  4. 'God Particle' isn't going to be the next Cloverfield movie. The God Particle script was rewritten so it could fit into the Cloververse, and whatever Cloverfield 3 is called, it won't be called "God Particle".

    In regards to FAPT, I have a pretty good record of NOT covering fake websites. I'm sure I don't need to remind you how many game-jack sites there have been for Cloverfield and Cloverfield Lane. Yes, I was skeptical of FAPT at first, mainly because of the suspicious domain registration date (on the same day Radioman70 was found), you can't be right 100% of the time.

    As far as 04182028.com, I honestly don't have time to keep up with everything anymore. Someone else wrote up a draft for it, but I forgot to post it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'm always looking for new contributors, if you are interested...

  5. So I've seen this brochure now on roughly...hm, let's say around 11.000 sites HUGELY hyped up, but somehow on each one I missed the link to the place where people mention that the flyer contains the words QUANTUM BIOLOGY in more than a side note.