Thursday, January 18, 2018

Happy 10th Birthday 1-18-08

This January marks the 10 year anniversary of the release of Cloverfield on January 18th, 2008.

In terms of the A.R.G, it's been over ten years since the original trailer premiered and viral marketing sites like 1-18-08*, Tagruato, Slusho, TidoWave were found. Who knew that we would still be anticipating the third film 10 years later?

10 Cloverfield Lane came as a pleasant surprise in early 2016, sporting another Alternate Reality Game, 8 years after the first film in the Cloververse. Hopefully the 're-branding' of the Cloververse as an anthology series means we can expect more original films in the future, under the umbrella of the Cloverfield name. As JJ Abrams stated in an interview with Vanity Fair:

"It's like Cloverfield is the amusement park, and each of these movies is a different ride in that park."

After the past entries in the Cloververse, it's exciting to anticipate what the future of the series will hold, especially with the plans that JJ Abrams has for the Cloververse.

So here's a thank you to all the blog-readers, Unfictioners, Redditors and internet-scavengers that have been here from the beginning, for 10 long years. Here's to anyone who has joined along the way. And here's to anyone who will find us in the future. Welcome to the world of Cloverfield... and always remember:

It's a lion, and it's huge.

Happy 1-18-18.

*The link above is to our mirror of the original 1-18-08 site. DO NOT go to the original 1-18-08 website anymore. The domain expired and is no longer controlled by Paramount, and someone else snatched it up to run ads with malware.

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