Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cloverfield HD Rental on Apple TV

Cloverfield is available for rental on Apple TV in HD for $4.99. Of course, you'll need an Apple TV boxin order to do this (the standard version is available through iTunes for $3.99). Unfortunately, it's only available in 720p, so you'll still have to get it on Blu-ray for the 1080p goodness.

* Thanks to Apple TV Junkie for the news and specs!

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  1. The APPLE TV has been great for me! I've got it hooked to a DVR, so the 24hr rental has not been a problem (I record them to DVD-RAM, so I delete stuff after watching and record new things--I'm NOT into bootleggin').

    Some people have complained about the download stream being too slow. I use an N-series router and the download time is fine for me.

    (I've also got my Blu-Ray copy pre-ordered!!)