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Cloverfield Special Investigation Mode

Here is a screenshot of the Cloverfield Blu-ray's Special Investigation Mode. The main window shows the movie and time code. On the left is a map of NYC, which tracks the locations of the Human Subjects (Rob & Friends), the Large Scale Aggressor or LGA (The Monster), and the Primary Military Activity. On the bottom are the military's notes for each section of the video. There are way too many notes to list them all here, but here are some of the more interesting ones:
Investigations are underway regarding a connection between the Chuai destruction and the Large Scale Aggressor (LSA) attack in New York.

Bold Futura's satellite "Hatsui" was instrumental in the search and identification of the ChimpanzIII fragment off the coast of New York.

It is currently accepted that this explosion and subsequent firestorm did not come from the Tagruato tanker, as it remained intact several hours later.

It is estimated that over 2,000 parasites emerged from LSA during CLOVERFIELD. Due to their destructive nature, they were as much of a rationale for the Hammerdown Protocol as was LSA itself.

Preliminary blood samples from HSPs (Human Scale Parasites) showed high levels of Katei No Mitsu ("Seabed's Nectar"), the key ingredient in Tagruato's Slusho! beverage

EMCINTYRE's companion earlier that evening, Travis Marello, drove his own car away from Manhattan Island via the Lincoln Tunnel and was at home in Weehawken, NJ for the duration of the attack.

The Large Scale Aggressor (LSA) is estimated to stand between 240 and 300 feet tall in it quadruped pose, and possibly up to 1,200 feet in length, from head to tail. Its weight is estimated at 5806.04 metric tons.
You can read all of the notes in the comments, or at

UPDATE: Check out this photo essay by Midgard Dragon of the S.I.M. comments!

* A HUGE special thanks to Bartle from CloverfieldMovieForum for the screenshot and notes!!!!


  1. Here are the complete notes as from Bartle:

    these are the notations which are listed throughout the movie, i tried to include a little thing about where the notations are made so you know where they are during the movie. I hope ya all enjoy this, it's very informative and took some hours to do. I tried to copy down what the notations fully said and how they said it.


    (in the apartment)

    US-439 (formerly "10 Columbia Circle" or "Time Warner Center") was a two-tower commercial and residential structure in the center of the city completed in 2003.

    Unit 3910 was owned by Warren T. McIntyre, CFO of the Mirna Group, a global private equity firm.

    Warren T. McIntyre's primary residence was in Imperial Beach, CA and he was not in New York during case designate CLOVERFIELD events.

    (beth in bed)

    Elizabeth McIntyre (EMCINTYRE), 27, had been allowed to reside in her father's unit, he later reported, until the Manhattan real estate market stabilized.

    (beth eating strawberries)

    US-175NS (formerly "Coney Island") was a popular beach resort in Brooklyn, NY.

    (beth turns camera on Rob)

    Robert Hawkins (RHAWKINS), 27, a native of Minneapolis, MN, was the owner of the camera that recorded this footage.

    (on the streets)

    Jason Hawkins (JHAWKINS), 28, brother of RHAWKINS, is currently filming.

    (Jason filming Lily)

    Lily Ford (LFORD), 27, romantic partner of JHAWKINS, was raised in Toronto, Canada and was later employed as a human resources representative at a New York publishing company.

    (camera pans to jason in the shop)

    Jason Hawkins (JHAWKINS)

    (cut to rob and beth on the train)

    RHAWKINS and EMCINTYRE are seen taking the N train across US-288WS (formerly 'Manhattan Bridge')

    (going up the steps)

    Residence of RHAWKINS, JHAWKINS, HPLATT and LFORD in the US-271 section of lower Manhattan Island.

    (focus on Hud after he hangs up sign)

    Hudson Platt (HPLATT), 27, has been posthumously commended for his brave work in documenting and providing the Department with rare close-up details of CLOVERFIELD events.

    (Marlena is mentioned)

    "Marlena" refers to MDIAMOND.

    (jason's speech)

    RHAWKINS was preparing for a move to Japan as Vice President of Marketing and Promotions for the Japanese beverage company Slusho! (exclamation point part of trademark)

    (Hud moving through the party)

    RHAWKINS was to develop a new marketing approach for Slusho! beverages that would be more appealing to U.S. consumers.

    (Lily's speech when Hud zooms on Marlena)

    Marlena Diamond (MDIAMOND), 26, a native of Rowayton (Norwalk), CT, was an acquaintance of LFORD and an assistant at the Atlas Talent Agency

    (Hud talking to himself while filming Marlena)

    Slusho! is a subsidiary of the Tagruato Corporation, a Japanese deep sea exploration company whose primary reported concerns were in "petroleum excavation."

    (Hud talking to Marlena about doing speech)

    Tagruato's other subsidiaries include Bold Futura, a technology company, Yoshida Medical Research, a specialist in deep sea bioprospecting, and ParaFun! wax distribution

    (Marlena doing speech)

    Tagruato's newest deep-sea drilling station, Chuai, in the Atlantic Ocean off the North American coast, was destroyed in an attack originally attributed to a radical environmental group called T.I.D.O. Wave.

    (right after Marlena finishes her speech)

    Investigations are underway regarding a connection between the Chuai destruction and the Large Scale Aggressor (LSA) attack in New York.

    (Rob's surprise)

    Tagruato's chief discovery outside of its petroleum interests was of a substance from the "ocean floor" known as Kaitei No Mitsu, or "Seabed's Nectar."

    (Rob asking about Beth)

    Seabed's Nectar is a key ingredient in Slusho! and was advertised as having been approved by the "American Food Association" (unrelated to the FDA), who classified the substance as a "high-grade stimulant."

    (focus on Jamie passed out)

    This woman, Jamie Lascano (JLASCANO), 26, is rumored to have consumed Seabed's Nectar in its pure form a few hours before this footage was shot, after allegedly receiving a sample of the substance from Theodore "Teddy" Hanssen.

    (Jason and Rob talking at the table)

    Hanssen was affiliated with the environmental group T.I.D.O. Wave, and was reportedly on the Chuai rig at the time of its destruction.

    (filming of Rob, Lily, Beth, and Travis)

    T.I.D.O. Wave denies responsibility for the Chuai attack, but alleges that the station was not, in fact, drilling for oil. Further information has not surfaced, and Hanssen and JLASCANO are both currently missing and presumed dead.

    (rob sitting on chair drinking from sake cup)

    Tagruato subsidiary Bold Futura was involved in the hunt for a downed portion of the Japanese government's science satellite ChimpanzIII.

    (Beth's speech)

    Bold Futura's satellite "Hatsui" was instrumental in the search and identification of the ChimpanzIII fragment off the coast of New York.

    (Jason playing game)

    Due to CLOVERFIELD events, efforts to retrieve the ChimpanzIII fragment have been postponed. Bold Futura has since been unreachable, having closed all lines of communication.

    (Lily telling Jason and Hud about Rob and Beth sleeping together)

    Tagruato's secretive CEO Ganu Yoshida, who oversaw development of both the Chuai rig and the Hatsui satellite, is currently classified as a person of interest in these investigations.

    (Hud telling Marlena about Rob and Beth sleeping together)

    Tagruato's connection to CLOVERFIELD remains under investigation.

    (Hud filming Rob and Beth)

    In anticipation of the conclusion of the relevant legal proceedings, efforts are underway to procure the Japanese government's cooperation in the possible extradition of Yoshida and other senior Tagruato staff. Yoshida is also wanted for questioning by the Japanese authorities.

    (Jason and Rob on fire escape)

    Yoshida was reportedly on Manhattan Island at the beginning of CLOVERFIELD events but was seemingly evacuated early on. His current whereabouts, according to Japan's National Police Agency, are unknown.

    (the shaking)

    0045 hours (12:45 am). The New York City power grid was off line for 7 seconds upon Large Scale Aggressor(LSA)'s initial arrival in the area.

    (filming TV report)

    This is a Tagruato-owned VLCC class petroleum tanker. Notably, no substantial amount of oil spillage was detected in New York Harbor after CLOVERFIELD events.

    (going up the stairs)

    Many initially believed that case designate CLOVERFIELD was a terrorist attack.


    It is currently accepted that this explosion and subsequent firestorm did not come from the Tagruato tanker, as it remained intact several hours later.

    (sounds before SOL head)

    This is the first recorded sound of Large Scale Aggressor (LSA).

    (SOL head landing in street)

    The head of the Statue of Liberty weighs approximately 11.25 tons and is made of copper and steel. It has been suggested that LSA was trying to consume the statue and threw the head after discovering that it was inedible.

    (Woolworth Building destruction)

    LSA made landfall on Manhattan Island at US-249 (formerly "Battery Park"). The Woolworth Building, completed 1913, was the first large structure to be destroyed.

    (Hiding in shop)

    It appears that Large Scale Aggressor (LSA) is pursuing a north-by-northwest path along the former "Broadway".

    (camera placed down in shop)

    At this point in the footage, LSA is in US-271, directly outside this convenience store near the intersection of Broadway and the former "Duane Street," continuing its path in a straight line.

    (cutout of Rob and Beth on train while Hud shows the monster)

    RHAWKINS and EMCINTYRE, seen here several weeks before CLOVERFIELD incident, are riding the N train to US-175NS ("Coney Island") through Brooklyn, NY

    (Jason talking and taking lead)

    It is approximately 0120 hours (1:20 am). Evacuation efforts were not fully organized, and residents fled Manhattan Island both on foot and in their vehicles.

    (shot of people in ambulance)

    FDNY paramedics and NYPD officers were first on the scene, while military efforts (chiefly the NY Army National Guard's 42nd Infantry Division) were being coordinated underneath Governors Island with support from Forts Dix and Hamilton

    (walking down street towards bridge)

    US-304WS (formerly the "Brooklyn Bridge") connected Manhattan Island with Brooklyn, NY, crossing the East River. It was opened to the public on 5-24-1883 and was 5,989 feet long.

    (HUD zooming in on tagruato tanker)

    Another shot of the capsized Tagruato petroleum tanker.

    (Beth calling Rob on cellphone)

    EMCINTYRE's phone call at 0157 (1:57 am) suggests that LSA was near the McIntyre unit in US-439 ("10 Columbus Circle") at approx 0130 hours (1:30 am), arriving at US-304WS ("Brooklyn Bridge") by 0158 hours (1:58 am).

    (Shot of people fleeing the bridge)

    Designer John Roebling designed the bridge six times stronger than necessary, including a suspension system, a diagonal stay system, and a stiffening truss in order to withstand the most extreme structural stress.

    (shot of bridge collapsing)

    The bridge was later enhanced to withstand 49,200 tons of pressure, suggesting that LSA's tail exerted a far greater force.

    (running after collapse)

    Many victims chose to flee via the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel, which during CLOVERFIELD events was reserved for military transportation dispatched from "Earthworm" Operations Center/Armory beneath Governors Island.

    (Hud filming Marlena, Rob, and Lily)

    Earthworm was established on 03-31-2002 to facilitate the NYANG 42nd "Rainbow" Infantry's response to potential terrorist attacks in the New York City area.

    (Hud filming looters from a distance)

    Earthworm was constructed beneath existing installations on the island that had been historically used by the Army and then the Coast Guard. Underground fortifications built during the 1960s were enlarged and adapted.

    (Hud filming Rob)

    Earthworm's access to the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel below New York's Harbor was key to the hidden base's strategic positioning.

    (Rob looking at cellphone)

    Case designate CLOVERFIELD marks the first successful deployment of troops, artillery, and vehicles from Earthworm.

    (Hud filming reports on TV in store)

    Additional operations centers, the only ones publicly acknowledged, were Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn and Fort Dix in New Jersey, providing organizational support.

    (Hud filming army outside of store)

    The 42nd Infantry's response to the Large Scale Aggressor (LSA) was initiated within 100 minutes of LSA's first appearance in New York Harbor.

    (Hud filming rob searching)

    On-the-scene media coverage of LSA's attack was curtailed after 0330 hours (3:30 am) when several television news helicopters were destroyed in mid-air by LSA.

    (Hud filming TV report again)

    There has been a great deal of discussion over the Human Scale Parasites (HSPs) that emerged from LSA. File #US6X-8810-L244 is currently the most thorough source of information.

    (Hud filming parasites on TV)

    It is estimated that over 2,000 parasites emerged from LSA during CLOVERFIELD. Due to their destructive nature, they were as much of a rationale for the Hammerdown Protocol as was LSA itself.

    (Rob listening to phone)

    Some theories suggest that these parasites may have provoked LSA into it's violent emergence from the water onto dry land.

    (Rob telling Marlena, Hud, and Lily to go with military)

    Over 350,000 Manhattan Island residents and visitors were successfully evacuated via the Holland Tunnel

    (Lily saying she is coming with Rob)

    Early estimates indicate that approximately 1.4 million residents and visitors were evacuated via tunnel, helicopter, and bridge.

    (military attack)

    LSA's foot has been estimated at 35-40 feet in length - roughly the size of a New York transit bus.

    (going into subway)

    Contrasted with the empty Spring Street station, several subway stations across Manhattan were filled with terrified citizens during CLOVERFIELD. It is estimated that thousands were still in the stations at the initiation of Hammerdown Protocol.

    (filming in station)

    In Upper Manhattan, the absence of Large Scale Aggressor (LSA) activity and relatively few Human Scale Parasites (HSPs) allowed many to evacuate to The Bronx, NY, through subway tunnels.

    (Hud filming Rob)

    Uptown coordination efforts were handled by NYPD, as military efforts were focused on the lower half of the island and did not move north of US-447 ("Central Park"), despite the large population in that area of the city.

    (Rob on phone)

    Patricia Hawkins of Minneapolis, MN, mother of RHAWKINS and JHAWKINS, provided the Department with details of her sons's backgrounds.

    (Hud filming Rob and Lily from a distance)

    Mrs. Hawkins claimed that she had no further information on RHAWKINS' involvement with Tagruato, the Slusho! beverage, or its stimulant ingredient Kaitei No Mitsu ("Seabed's Nectar").

    (Hud filming Marlena)

    Tagruato CEO Ganu Yoshida was reportedly attacked while in Manhattan. Protesters were said to have pour an unidentified liquid on Yoshida outside of a restaurant.

    (Hud and Marlena talking)

    It has been inferred the protesters were members of radical environmental group T.I.D.O. Wave, who has also initially been blamed for the destruction of Tagruato's Chuai drilling station in the Atlantic.

    (Rob planning route on map)

    It is not known if RHAWKINS was personally acquainted with Theodore "Teddy" Hanssen, alleged T.I.D.O. Wave member, although they shared a mutual friend in Jamie Lascano (JLASCANO).

    (In tunnel)

    Although HPLATT recorded little footage from the 3.5 mile walk in the tunnel between the Spring Street and Lexington Avenue/59th Street stations, it is estimated that this walk took approximately 60-65 minutes to complete.

    (Hud talking about ocean in tunnel)

    HPLATT is likely referring to the coelacanth, presumed extinct for over 80 million years until rediscovery in the 20th century. Madagascar's first reported coelacanth was found in 1995.

    (Superman comment)

    Although it was just HPLATT's conjecture, preliminary details from the attack on Tagruato's Chuai drilling platform offer evidence that the Large Scale Aggressor (LSA) may have originally been discovered in the Atlantic Ocean.

    (little after comment)

    While connections between deep space exploration and LSA are tenuous at best, investigations into the relevance of Japan's ChimpanzIII satellite and Tagruato subsidiary Bold Futura's Hatsui satellite remain open.

    (filming rats)

    Rats can hear up to a range of 90 kHz, compared to the range of human hearing, which goes no higher than 20 kHz. This gave the rats early warning of Human Scale Parasite (HSP) presence in the tunnel.

    (hurrying through tunnel)

    It has been suggested that HSPs had entered this subway tunnel via the 51st Street station, prehaps detecting potential victims.

    (parasite sounds)

    This clear recording of the distinctive sounds of HSPs has proven invaluable to the Department. Refer back to documents from US6X-8810-V973 for an in-depth sonic analysis.

    (parasite attacks)

    Many HSP attacks seemingly involved some level of pack coordination.

    (after the attack when they get away)

    Preliminary blood samples from HSPs showed high levels of Katei No Mitsu ("Seabed's Nectar"), the key ingredient in Tagruato's Slusho! beverage

    (view of Marlena's wounds)

    Close-up of MDIAMOND's wounds show typical features of Human Scale Parasite (HSP) bite patterns.

    (cleaning Marlena's wounds)

    One theory is that water poured on the wound may have caused a reaction with HSP's saliva (or possibly venom), and accelerated the deaths of MDIAMOND and other victims.

    (discussion of Marlena)

    MDIAMOND was bitten at approximately 0430 hours (04:30 am), and succumbed to her wounds within 20 minutes. This places her early within the spectrum of most HSP bite deaths - which generally occured between 20 to 40 minutes after the initial bite.

    (when they come out of subway)

    The Lexington Avenue/59th Street subway station opened in 1919 and was in use by the 4, 5, 6, N, R, and W Lines.

    (going through the station)

    This station's upper platform was designed to connect directly to US-419CDP (formerly "Bloomingdales's" department store, opened 1886)

    (enter into command center in mall)

    The command post/triage unit at US-419CP ("Bloomingdale's") was the smallest of three CPs installed on Manhattan Island during CLOVERFIELD events.

    (dead soldier)

    This dead soldier exhibits what seem to be standard traits of HSP bite trauma: exploded central cavity and bleeding from the nose and eyes.

    (dead parasite)

    Specimen #84P was key in the Department's research in the physiology of HSPs. The yellow substance around it's mouth was initially thought to be venom; however, further studies indicate that it may actually be a form of saliva.

    (Marlena being rushed off)

    MDIAMOND's isolation during her final moments was a precaution against initial fears of viral contamination. The rapid containment of her body before its inevitable combustion was also necessary for hygenic purposes.

    (after Marlena's death)

    This service hallway was rarely used by military personnel during case designate CLOVERFIELD. US-419CP was fully evacuated by 0600 hours (6: 00 am) via the route through the store to the Lexington Avenue/59th Street station.

    (military guy talking to them)

    A special train serving the 4 line was sent in to transport military personnel, surviving victims and evidence northeast to Van Cortlandt Park in The Bronx, NY.

    (discussing hammerdown protocol)

    At 0442 hours (4:42 am), the Hammerdown Protocol was approved for case designate CLOVERFIELD, 120 minutes before execution.

    The intersection of the streets formerly known as "40th Street" and "Park Avenue" was one of the several airlift evacuation points, and the one closest to the Hammerdown Protocol's zero vector.

    (footage of carriage alone in street)

    This escaped horse was merely fortunate; other amateur video footage (see file #US6X-8819-C105) shows Large Scale Aggressor (LSA) consuming several horses at once.

    (beth's apartment)

    US-439 (formerly "10 Columbus Circle" or "Time Warner Center"). For details on how the second structure came to lean, see document #US6X-8810-X589, Appendix C.

    (building lobby)

    Surprisingly, a neighboring tower, US-438 ("1 Central Park West"), once known as the "Gulf and Western/Paramount Building," was not damaged by LSA.

    (in stairwell)

    US-439 ("10 Columbus Circle") at 750 feet in height, was marketed to potential residents as being 80 stories high, but the actual number of floors in each building was substantially lower, due to the extra height of each floor.

    (planes flying overhead while crossing buildings)

    These F/A-18 Hornets were clocked at this position on Manhattan Island at 0516 hours (5:16am).

    (going into beth's building)

    EMCINTYRE was one of few occupants of the upper floors of this tower to escape. As it was damaged early on by LSA, most occupants were unprepared and trapped in their residences.

    (entering beth's apartment)

    EMCINTYRE is estimated to have left the home of RHAWKINS at approximately 0025 hours (12:25 am) and arrived at US-439 at approximately 0050 hours (12:50 am), 40 minutes before the attack on the building.

    (beth on the floor)

    EMCINTYRE's companion earlier that evening, Travis Marello, drove his own car away from Manhattan Island via the Lincoln Tunnel and was at home in Weehawken, NJ for the duration of the attack.

    (zoom in on monster from beth's apartment)

    The Large Scale Aggressor (LSA) is estimated to stand between 240 and 300 feet tall in it quadruped pose, and possibly up to 1,200 feet in length, from head to tail. Its weight is estimated at 5806.04 metric tons.

    (Bombing of LSA while crossing buildings)

    F/A-18 Hornets fired AGM-65 Maverick missiles at LSA to no avail.

    (single parasite attack)

    Human Scale Parasites (HSPs) were frequently discovered lurking in stairwells and other enclosed spaces, suggesting advanced predatory skills in employing surprise to trap their prey.

    (back out through lobby)

    RHAWKINS' reminder of final chopper liftoff at 0600 hours (6: 00 am) was crucial: The time in this footage is approximately 0540 hours, allowing just 20 minutes for the victims to traverse the 1.6 miles to 40th Street and Park Avenue.

    (running on the streets)

    US-398CP (formerly "Grand Central Terminal") was the largest of three command post/triage areas on Manhattan Island during CLOVERFIELD events. It had been evacuated by the time of LSA's attack in this footage.

    (first chopper taking off)

    By 0600 hours (6: 00am) at least 78 successful airlifts from Manhattan Island had been completed, with only 2 choppers down.

    (getting into second chopper)

    UH-1N Twin Huey helicopters were the primary airlift vehicles used for CLOVERFIELD-related evacuations.

    (flying overhead)

    HPLATT's overhead footage of the Large Scale Aggressor (LSA) is noteworthy for its survey of damage to the island; news footage of LSA earlier in the evening provided more detail. (See related documents from #US6X-8810-F560)

    (bombing of LSA)

    This B-2 spirit unleashed a payload of 80 Mk-82 bombs with minimal damage on LSA. Significantly heavier ordnance was used on LSA during Hammerdown Protocol.

    (attack of chopper)

    This footage shows LSA leaping up to approx. 560 feet.

    (chopper crash)

    Other reports indicate that LSA's horizontal reach, arms outstretched from side to side, may measure as much as 740 feet in width.

    (talk on radio)

    Hammerdown Protocol was initiated at 0643 hours (6:43 am) which indicates that this section of footage was shot at 0628 hours.

    (shot of dead pilot)

    CW3 Douglas Inhorn piloted 13 rescue missions out of Manhattan Island during case designate CLOVERFIELD, and was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.

    (up close shot of monster)

    The Department has hypothesized that LSA's head is 45 feet high and 50 feet deep, it's mouth up to 15 feet wide and 35 feet high, and it's largest teeth 5 feet in length.

    (footage of Hud dead on the ground)

    Although HPLATT's remains were never recovered, it is generally accepted that his body was severed in two by LSA.

    (going towards arch)

    Greyshot Arch in US-447 ("Central Park") was constructed in 1860 and opened in 1862. Its archway was 30 feet, 6 inches wide and 10 feet, 1 inch high, while it's bridge and balustrade were 100 feet long.

    (camera with Rob and Beth)

    It is believed that New Brunswick sandstone used in the bridge covered the camera and shielded it from further destruction during Hammerdown Protocol.

    (rob explaining to the camera)

    RHAWKINS was incorrect: actual time between initial appearance of LSA and execution of Hammerdown Protocol was 5 hours and 57 minutes.

    (explosion of bridge)

    Hammerdown Protocol executed precisely at 0643 hours.

    (during credits)


  2. Wow, there are a lot more USGX files out there, any possibility we may be seeing them in the near future? But anyways, the best part about all of those: The Paramount building was still standing...


  3. A few things.

    1) Now we know what Seabed's Nectar REALLY is: Parasite venom! This likely means that Tagruato is farming it from these creatures, which would explain Chuai station.

    My theory on Seabed's Nectar is that it is diluted and kept at cold temperatures so as to avoid the deadly effects it has on humans. Though I am unsure as to why the parasites secrete this stuff, I have a feeling it is either to serve the monster in some way or it is used for predatory purposes (perhaps both).

    The water poured on Marlena's wounds may well have sped up the reaction of the Nectar in her blood and caused her to explode early. The need to keep it at low temperatures and high pressure in order to preserve it and its relationship to the above theory is something I'm currently thinking over.

    2) If possible, we need to find those files. Now.

  4. I don't understand one very important part, though. That short half-second clip we see of the clean-up crew picking up the camera and Beth screaming, "Rob!!!" -- WHY DIDN'T THEY MENTION THAT IN THE INITIAL REPORT?!

    I smell a sequel. Damn, just reading the new tidbits about the guy who escaped the LSA attack of Manhattan and the confirmed connection between the seabed nectar and the parasites...


    I love Cloverfield. Man, what a trip!

    Thank you for keeping us updated with the AGR, Dennis. I would have never known all of this connected with Cloverfield had I not been browsing your Cloverfield Clues blog on a daily/weekly basis. Props, man.

    - Pr0

  5. So the new files of interest are:



    #US6X-8810-X589, Appendix C


    Are these anywhere to be found?

    And they kept on saying there is a connection between that Space Station fragment that fell in the ocean. Didn't that file with the censored sections (it was one of the files that Alysse was supposed to see) mention a fragment? The fragment came from a science space station. Maybe a specimen of some kind was on that fragment and reacted to the sea nectar. Maybe the nectar made it grow. Or there was some super reaction with whatever was on that fragment from the space station and it made the specimen grow and the parasites grow too.

  6. The US6X is probably a typo - I haven't seen this in person, but I'm guessing it should be USGX... like the other files.

    Either way, I don't believe these files actually exist...

  7. Just to correct wolfgang, Seabed's Nectar is actually in the parasite blood. The line is:

    Preliminary blood samples from HSPs (Human Scale Parasites) showed high levels of Katei No Mitsu ("Seabed's Nectar"), the key ingredient in Tagruato's Slusho! beverage

    They took blood samples and found the ingredient in the blood. This could mean that either Tagruato is getting parasite blood and extracting the ingrdient, or the parasites are eating the nectar and it is getting into their blood.

  8. My absolute favorite piece of information that I'd been wondering about so far came in near the very beginning.

    It is currently accepted that this explosion and subsequent firestorm did not come from the Tagruato tanker, as it remained intact several hours later

    Now I'm really curious as to what that's implying, and if it's something Clover / the LSA caused on its own.

  9. Yeah judging from the USGXWHATEVER pictures it looks like the parasites are eating something off the ocean floor.

  10. This escaped horse was merely fortunate; other amateur video footage (see file #US6X-8819-C105) shows Large Scale Aggressor (LSA) consuming several horses at once.

    There definitely has to be a reason to set a sequel or at least more of an alternate reality game to base all of this information on. The other amateur footage may suggest that in light of the horrific events, more survivors managed to escape not only death but Manhattan. This may lead to another story conxcerning the government's strategy after the attack to notify the public. But, I don't know. I'm just guessing.


  11. Thanks for posting this... I will say that 99% of the text is what I originally wrote. One thing that surprised me was the mention that Rob, Jason, Hud AND Lily all lived together. I hadn't written that, and I find it interesting (and a good excuse for why Rob's got such an enormous apartment in NYC - because they're splitting the rent four ways).

    I'm surprised nobody's commented on Earthworm or the Mirto Group... :)

  12. (I mean Mirno Group. Sorry. Very important distinction.)

  13. Hmm, I wonder why they didn't mention anything about the last scene - Rob and Beth at Coney Island and caught a glimpse of something (mostly probably the ChimpanzIII fragment) falling into the ocean.

  14. Pr0LiFiX - That scene is a deleted scene and not in the movie.

    Ken - In Game, I don't think they noticed it. Out Of Game, it's JJ keeping his options open about what that is.

  15. I wonder... If Jamie ate seabead necter(which may have some effect in the exploding)Do you think she exploded?

    Or mabey that she was attack by a parasite since she had seabead nector in her. Do you think LSA or HSP were atrracted to Slusho?

  16. Some ideas:

    a. If there´s seabed nectar in the blood of the HSP, we could imagine that Tagruato is getting their blood to get the nectar and make Slusho - who came up with the idea of making a soda with crab blood ? - or the HSP ate the same nectar that Tagruato gets in deep ocean.
    Considering that the HSP eat that nectar, why are they called parasites ? They should use the LSA to get the food they want, right ? Otherwise, they´re not parasites.

    b. Jamie ate the nectar, but didn´t exploded... so only the nectar won´t kill anyone... there´s something else.

    c. There´s a line that says that maybe the HSP made the LSA angry... well, if Tagruato is stealing their food - nectar - the HSP could go crazy and bite the LSA ?

    d. Crazy shit.

  17. this seems to be implying that the the Chaui Station's containment chambers were (as i thought) holding the maybe Clover, who woke up from the subs searching for ChimpanzIII, destroyed the chambers (in those underwater pics) and the parasites then attached to him!

  18. This has gotten very, very interesting....


  19. Maybe it followed the tanker into NY harbor from the Chuai station because it had Sea Nectar in it. Plus the parasites pissed off the monster and caused it to rampage NY. I still think something made that monster and those parasites big. Something that Tagruato did. Maybe experimenting with the Sea Nectar.

  20. Why would the LSA bite the head off the Statue of Liberty?

    Was the LSA getting the nectar from the HSPs, or is it the other way around? That could explain the erratic nature of the HSPs.

    If the nectar/blood mixed with water accelerates the side-effects, how is it found in a deep sea environment? Does the LSA and HSPs have some sort of immunity to it?

    This is very interesting. The more I learn the more questions I have...

  21. Thanks for posting that "photo essay" (heh, never thought to call it that). Somehow I'm starting to feel this is the only new info we'll get for some time since they didn't do any viral for the UK DVD release. :(


    Fact #1: We have a new name for Clovie: LSA. Much less dorky than 'The Clover"

    Fact #2: Seabed Nectar in the parasites! Awesome info! This means Tagruato harvested the shit from those little buggers and froze it.

    Fact #3: Chaplin said, "Why LSA bite the head off the Statue of Liberty" FALSE! It did not bite it off (at least that is what i think...i dont have an HDTV and therefore can not have BluRay version) but i think it ripped it off with its hand. In the cover, it shows 3 claw marks on the back of the statue. LSA has 3 fingers with claws on them, therefore...ripped it off. But why would it chuck it into the city...hmmmmm....

    Fact #4: USGX files! And there are tons of them. The hunt is on to find all of them. But we need more hints as to where to find them.........

    Fact #5: This is one of the more awesome shit of the ARG. It is very informative! Lets expect more awesome stuff!

  23. The "biting the head off" I got from above:

    The head of the Statue of Liberty weighs approximately 11.25 tons and is made of copper and steel. It has been suggested that LSA was trying to consume the statue and threw the head after discovering that it was inedible.

  24. One really dumb question i have:

    what ARG are you guys refering to?

    i love clover but sometimes i really get confused when people bring up the ARG.

  25. Jesse,

    The Cloverfield ARG started back in July 07, when the first Cloverfield trailer came out, and ended when the DVD was released. It provided a HUGE back story to the movie through the character's MySpace pages, and through other websites, including:

    You can find out more about all of these on I highly recommend starting back at the very beginning, and working your way to the top.

    If you just want to find out more about a particular subject, try one of the subject labels - Myspace, 1-18-08, Slusho, Tagruato, Tidowave, JamieAndTeddy, MissingTeddyHanssen, or any of the other tags in the "Label Cloud" on the right side of my blog.

  26. So I Guess This Confirms That Rob And Beth Are Dead. Still No Sign Of Lily Although "only 2 choppers down" could be indicating that her chopper also went down.

  27. ASharkWithKnees said: "So i guess this confirms that Rob and Beth are dead. Still no sign of Lily. Although 'only 2 choppers down' could be indicating that her chopper went down also."

    I kinda disagree with that. I mean there is still a great chance Lily died too. But come on! EVERYBODY dying doesn't really seem THAT right. In I Am Legend, the lady and her kid survived. Independence Day, All the survivors still survived (WILL SMITH FTW!). Although there is still a great chance of her dying, it still hasn't been confirmed. Besides, with JJ Abrams behind the wheel, there is also a pretty good chance she is still alive!

  28. About the venom, maybe it takes affect with a catylst(spelling?) such as iron that is found it the blood stream, then water accelerates this? it would make sense that the digestive track could break it down without serious damage. nonetheless, damage exists (jamie thought she had a urinary track infection)

  29. "only 2 choppers down" by 6:00 AM. By the time Lily was in the air and after Rob and companies copter went down, it would have been at least a meaning after six. So if we're taking the comment very literally, Lily's copter can't be one of those two.

  30. Thank you Ty for giving the best proof that Lily still exists and supporting my theory.

    As for what Ale* said. yes Jamie did think she had a urinary track infection. But i think i still support the water speeding it up theory.

    Now here is a REALLY TOUGH one. USGX FILES!!! There must be a way to find them, or a clue or something. These files must be extremely important in our search for the conspiracy!!! THE HUNT IS ON!!!!!

  31. I've loved following the ARG and think I've gotten most of the details so I'm going to assume I'm not forgetting anything with these theories:

    1) Lily survived. With only 2 choppers down prior statistics say she made it, plus, as she took off several minutes before, you would probably have heard of the chopper over the radio by time Rob Beth and Hud went down.

    2) This one's a bit convoluted to bear with me. Tagruato does NOT harvest seabed nectar directly from the HSPs. If they did, that would mean that those creatures are all over the ocean floor as Slusho has been around longer than the Chuai station. That would also mean there is no direct correlation between the HSPs and the LSA as HSPs would have to be all over the ocean. Otherwise, if the HSPs were directly related to LSA AND seabed nectar IS harvested directly from the HSPs, than that means that there are multiple LSAs.

    3) Seabed Nectar is eitehr what the HSAs feed off of or what they 'leave behind' as that would explain why it is in their system. Then if you go off the idea that, like some venomous creatures, the HSPs use the mixture of saliva and seabed nectar to kill their prey, that would explain why concentrated doses can induce sickness.

    4) Lastly, and this somewhat plays in with 2, you're talking about pack animals that roam the ocean floor. They have no fins, no means of swimming, so unless they survive off of eating the crabs that surround, say, vents, they probably are directly linked to the LSA as a form of transportation. They feed off creatures that may get close to or live on the LSA.

    But that's just me guessing...

  32. Ok so this is awesome, probably the coolest thing the ARG has yet to reveal. I really think that the HSPs actually are at fault for their victims "exploding" because Marlena was bitten and shortly after died, and the above mentions that the soldier had also been bitten, and we see him without a stomach.

    One thing that I've noticed as I watch cloverfield is that these numbers always pop up somewhere:
    3, 6, 7, 19 In quanities of something, sightings, times a person says something and so on.

    One main piece of fact that we have now, is the exact, or nearly exact dimensions of the LSA itself (assuming that the LSA they measured is the main one) Simply put, the LSA at the end (Mr.Closeup) was certainly NOT as big as they said, it looked only 15 times bigger than a human.

    Do you guys notice that the LSA/LSA's look rather humanoid? Has a head, 2 eyes, its mainly bi-pedal, two arms with the shoulder structure of a human, and legs. Perhaps the LSA's are the result from a Parasite attack? Idk that was a friend of mines idea, I slightly disagree with the fact that HSP's bite you, then you go BOOM.

  33. 3 Things:

    1) I know they nuked NYC and all but did anyone else realize that they make no mention of finding the dead LSA? or even any pieces of it? Interesting...

    2) Some of the information they reveal in this report actually helped clear up a few problems/questions I had with the actual movie...

    3) ...which brings me to my last point. They cleared up many problems but one. The fact that Beth was even alive when they got to her after laying in that apartment for quite a while with a piece of industrial metal through her upper chest. I wish in this report they had some sort of quick physiological explanation there to show how she was able to live and be running with no problems about 10 minutes later...

  34. There'd have to be only one LSA in the movie because they show where it is at all times in the movie off to the left of the screen (look at the dot for the LSA).

  35. kaligdren said: One thing I noticed as I watch cloverfield is that these numbers always pop up somewhere:
    3,6,7,19 In quantities of something,sightings,times a person says something and so on.

    It is kinda like in LOST. There are these cursed numbers that pop up everywhere! 4,8,15,16,23,42. Again for the sake of being flamed on again, I do not think Lost and Cloverfield are connected but still,an interesting find. I will have to find that the next time i watch the movie...

  36. To Chris' reply, Yea dude thats what I was thinking, RANDOM FACT TIME: Did you know that all the Lost numbers multiplied together, and divided by SIX equals: 11,808 or 1-18-08. Thats just pointing out something interesting. With Cloverfield I have noticed 3,6,7,19 being popped up with these things:
    Everytime Jets fly by, they come in 3

    Everytime HUD looked at Jason and Jason would look back at him, he would say "What". That happens 3 times

    "You Cant Drink Just Six"

    With some close up pictures of the LSA with his mouth open, I counted he has, 6-7 teeth.

    There are far more things that happen that point out these numbers, and I would like to stay on this website so I dont want to make a huge post, but look out for these things, I think these numbers serve some significance.
    One last thing, the movie starts with Rob saying " Six forty two, A.M. Beths dad's place" K? And in the central park bridge scene, Rob says its Six Forty Two A.M. plus the camera's display says so. Could this be of any significance? However what I think is weird, is how the movie is set in april and may, but the myspace pages last log ins are ALL 1-18-08, concluding the fact that some died that night however why would all of them last log in that day? Even though the attack technically hasnt happened in our time?

  37. There is only ONE LSA! The dot moving around the map at all times proves this... and I still think the parasites only attached to the LSA after it destroyed the Chaui station which was clearly containing them. Maybe Clover thought the subs that woke him (looking for the ChimpanzIII fragment) attacked him with the parasites, so thats why he followed the subs back to shore. (It makes sense for the monster to be woken up after undersea drilling operations, ChimpanzIII crashing there, and a bunch of subs searching around)

  38. Well, to everyone not believing about multiple LSA's, google this:


    It's a tie-in manga detailing the events prior to the Chuai Incident, and it reveals some of the connections between Tagruato and the monster.

  39. Hello Everyone, I have some questions and thoughts about the film. But, before I go on, some background......

    I only watched the film (DVD UK) last night and discovered all this background/ARG information by searching for answers today.

    So, if the answers to my questions (etc) are obvious then I apologise....I just have that feeling you sometimes get that these are silly questions!

    Anyways.......I never did mind making a fool of myself:

    1 - What caused the 'Quake and explosion at the beginning?

    2 - If the LSA has come from a Deep Sea environment how does it survive out of water?

    3 - As has already been said, I was surprised that Beth survived being dragged off that stake, let alone have the strength (and Blood)to continue as she did.

    4 - I was intrigued by samsam's theory....but I'm struggling with the 'Sleeping Giant' thing.

    How about this for a somewhat uneducated theory:

    The LSA and HSP's are connected.
    The LSA feeds on Seabed Nectar and HSP's either feed on the LSA's blood or something it (he or she....reproduction?) then excretes.

    Seabed Nectar is harvested and sent to New York on a (leaky) oil tanker.

    Driven by hunger and the irratation of HSP's (which are also now hungry) the LSA follows
    the tanker and it's food.

    Just a thought.....

  40. okay, so it says that the blood of the hsps have the nectar in it, i think, that since they're parasites, they suck blood from the lsa, so, that means that tagruato was drilling into the lsa, causing it to get aggravated, and attack. duh!

  41. Hey,maybe this is a stupid question but someone please answer anyway.

    On Marlena's myspace page,all the pictures in her pictures section look legit but what is with the one that looks like her in the medi-unit,the one wit the weird caption? Is this suposed to be there or did someone hack it? IT has been there too long to be a hacked picture in my opinion.

    If anyone knows,please hook me up.

  42. Wonkerine : I've been wondering that same thing, but with that caption I think its just a joke-ish picture they slapped on there to confuse the fans.

  43. Question: How come Travis didn't die? I hear of a sequel and if Travis didn't die, ya think he might be in the sequel?

  44. take care of this, from tagruato web site:

    Smilers! at the Fish Market!
    When fish gutter Yukawa Heisuke went into work this morning, the last thing he was expecting was a mouthful of delicious Slusho!. In their latest show of public support, the Slusho! Smilers hit the docks, bearing copious amounts of Slusho! brand happy drinks. Each worker at Mishima's Marina, an isolated yet bustling fishing center on the coast of Ryukyu, was rewarded for their hard work with unlimited Slusho! brand drink combinations.

    Smiler! Yagi beamed, "Mishima's workers known for fishy smell; but today, they will smell of sweetness!" After passing out 6 Slusho! drinks to all, they quickly emptied out Mishima's largest fish tank and filled it with Banana Anime. In a matter of seconds, workers were splashing and laughing, taking a much deserved Slusho! bath.

    And the excitement soared when Dock Captain Tanaka Jokichi threw some fish back into the tank. Amid the squealing and giggling of his crew, he noted "In my 23 years, I've not seen Yellowtail ever swim so swiftly." Within moments, the fish were leaping into the air joyously, tails flipping. Added an impressed Tanaka, "Yellowtail never jump before! This Slusho! makes all creatures overflow with happy!" He then did his best Yellowtail impression for the Smilers!, swimming wide-mouthed and gulping down all he could.

    The event is the latest in a string of public outreach showings featuring the Slusho! Smilers, a friendly arm of the Tagruato Cares Foundation. Said Smiler! Niwa, "They drank Slusho! with same excitement as their first fishing catch. To be part of such a day is pay enough."

    read well!

    "And the excitement soared when Dock Captain Tanaka Jokichi threw some fish back into the tank. Amid the squealing and giggling of his crew, he noted "In my 23 years, I've not seen Yellowtail ever swim so swiftly." Within moments, the fish were leaping into the air joyously, tails flipping. Added an impressed Tanaka, "Yellowtail never jump before! This Slusho! makes all creatures overflow with happy!" He then did his best Yellowtail impression for the Smilers!, swimming wide-mouthed and gulping down all he could."