Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cloverfield Now On Blu-Ray!

Cloverfield is now available on Blu-ray! Amazon still has it for only $19.95, plus $2.98 shipping - OR get free shipping with a $25 order. Walmart and Target also have it for under $20.

Blu-ray.com has the details:
1080p high definition and framed in the movie's original 1.85:1 aspect ratio. For what the movie is, it looks great. ... Fine details...look rather good ... surprisingly solid black levels ... you are seeing is exactly what the filmmakers intended for you to see, and this disc definitely provides viewers with the raw feel and gritty look that is the true star of the movie.
One important thing to note: ALL of the video in Cloverfield was shot in HD, even the scenes using "handheld" cameras.

Cloverfield devastates Blu-ray with a Dolby TrueHD 5.1 lossless track ... this one could be considered the best on the market, a sound mix many other movies of this sort could and should aspire to, and is certainly exemplary demonstration material ... The entire soundtrack is awe-inspiring, remarkable stuff. Kudos to Paramount -- what a fantastic way to truly kick off their return to Blu-ray.
The Blu-ray exclusive feature is the "Special Investigation Mode":

Next up is Special Investigation Mode. This is a clever and entertaining way to watch the movie. The movie plays in a box while the remainder of the screen provides a map showing the current location of the "large scale aggressor," "human subjects," and the "primary military activity." Facts about the characters, the monsters, and various locations around the city also appear at regular intervals in another box.
This sounds very similar to the UGO interactive map.

After reading a handful of reviews, I haven't been able to find any screenshots of the Special Investigation mode, or any mention of Easter eggs. If you see anything, let me know! FWIW, Walmart.com lists the same Easter Eggs as the standard DVD.


  1. Maybe we could see if Jason's 'dot' is still around,then we'd see if he's still alive.

  2. awww man gotta get this!! want to see that investigation mode for myself and try to find those eggs.

  3. Check out the investigation mode, it's good, I wrote it! :) And it's way more involved than the UGO interactive map. More accurate, too. I'm curious what fans think.

  4. Sounds great, I wish I had a Blu-ray player. Any chance you can send in some screenshots?

  5. No, I don't have a Blu-ray either! I'm sure somebody will send some in soon enough.

  6. well, looks like cloverfield is done. thanks for playing.

  7. I'm going to pick up the Blu-Ray DVD for Cloverfield and check it out for myself as well. On a side-note, I broke down the Cloverfield timeline for you guys which I thought would be nice to share. We're short on news anyways, concerning the whole ARG thing. So I guess you could call this a little bed-time story to maybe hinder more clues and predicaments.

    "A Japanese oil rig, wiped off of the face of the earth. A series of ships, torn and savaged by some unknown force, their decks crawling with voracious parasites. Massive unidentified blips on sonar and satellites, appearing and disappearing like a ghost. The signs were there, for those who could read them. But few saw reason to speculate, blaming the string of disaster on coincidence. Until one fateful night in Manhattan.

    There was no warning of the attack to come. It emerged from the water, a amphibious behemoth 30 stories tall with anatomy that continues to confuse the scientists who study it. It's motivations and origins are still unknown; it is theorized that it was disturbed by deep sea drilling, but this in unprovable conjecture. Eyewitnesses noted a "panicked look" in the creatures eyes, and some said they found it's movements reminiscent of a spooked animal. But in it's fear, it laid waste to a city. The parasites that covered it's hide scattered onto the ground, killing any who crossed their path.

    The military made several attacks on the creature before the final strike, which only served to anger it further. Untold lives were lost in the rampage, and the creature's carcass was removed by the government for further study. All that is known of that night comes from eyewitness accounts and a few home videos shot by brave amateurs. But even with these records, the true nature of the beast codenamed "CLOVERFIELD" is a mystery..."


  8. I've just seen the bit of the film when HUD watches the news reports in the electrical store. Anyone else noticed that the only other show on is - 'Spongebob Squarepants'?

    Thanks to my younger brother, I know that he 'lives in a pineapple under the sea'. Now at the end of the manga, what shape are the 'eggs'. To me, they do look a little bit like pineapples...

    But looking at the actual clips, I get something else:
    One is of a newsreader. Considering the rest of the TV have real news on, I think we can assume that it is just mimicing the real stuff.

    The second clip we see is of Sandy, the squirrel. Now she comes from above ground, but lives under the sea. Many people have commented how the monster doesn't look like an aquatic creature. Could it be because Clover did a Sandy - went underwater and somehow got stuck/hibernated for thousands of years?
    And in the show, Sandy gets homesick a lot. Could NY have been the monsters old home?

    Very off topic thoughts, but I'd like to share them with you guys.

  9. Just a little FYI...

    The original post says that Wal-Mart and Target have the Blu-Ray for under $20. That is only partly true. The only way you can get it for that price is online. I went to both Target and Wal-Mart, and Target didn't even have it, but there was a spot for it that said $34.99. I actually bought it from Wal-Mart for $29.99, and when I bought it, I asked the clerk about the online price. She said the online pricing is completely different from in store pricing. Whatever...

  10. BTW... The Special Investigation Mode is definitely worth the $30 that I had to spend.