Thursday, August 9, 2007

Slusho! Avatars

I have turned all of the Slusho! characters into 60 x 60 icons so they can be used as avatars.

* To add an image to your Blogger account, right-click one of the images, select "copy image location", then paste that into the Photo URL box of your Profile Settings.


  1. Hey guys.

    I Live in the UK and i went to see Transformers a few weeks ago on the week of the films release over here. During that time there was no Cloverfield trailer.

    I went to see Transformers again today and low and behold there was the trailer. Watching it through. "Robs a main dude" Everthing goes black, big rumble all exactly the same until the end. When instead of 1-18-08 i get a bitch slap to the face when it just says "2008", which indicates 1-18-08 is not a worldwide release for the film, just in the US territory and also means im slightly annoyed :/

    Other than that the whole trailer is the exact same over on the other side of the pond. Nothing else to report :(

  2. ...oh... and comes up with Olympic games crap lol

  3. Another good reason why the movie WON'T be called "1-18-08"

  4. Damn. I was kinda looking forward to a movie with just a date as it's title. But oh well, hopefully we get something amazing

  5. Thanks for the avatars; have (possibly obviously) nicked the Secret Ingredient lotus.

  6. Can you make one of the donkey with the hat sideways from the Slusho store page??