Wednesday, August 1, 2007

How A Theory Becomes A Rumor OVERNIGHT

Come and listen to a story about a man named malemunyon.
An unfiction poster, who's name rhymes with onion.
Then one day he was lookin' at some trademark site,
And up came Slusho! and something called Overnight.

Cloverfield that is, JJ Abrams, 1-18-08.
(sung to the tune of The Beverly Hillbillies)

Everyday there seems to be a new title for the Cloverfield movie: 1-18-08, Monstrous, Slusho!, Colossus, Cheese, Chocolate, Found, and now Overnight. I don't normally like to post rumors, but this Overnight theory has started getting some press. I just got a call from CNBC's On The Money asking me what I thought about the rumor (not much). They recently did a story on Cloverfield during Comic-con.

The evidence is interesting, but circumstantial - it basically boils down to: the trademark attorney who trademarked Slusho! also trademarked Overnight, and they may have the same lawyer. The purpose of the trademark is certainly not clear. I don't deny that JJ Abrams may have trademarked Overnight, but for what purpose? It could be for a movie title, but IMDB shows three movies already with the title Overnight.

FWIW, I don't think Overnight would be a very good title. If JJ Abrams wants to make an "iconic" monster movie, it needs to have a monstrous title, something "insane, and intense" - like Godzilla, or King Kong. Something, that when you hear the name of the movie, it conjures up images of a monster, and strikes fear into the hearts of small children.

Overnight? It sounds more like an Adam Sandler comedy where he works at Fed Ex, and some package absolutely, positively has to get there the next day - and calamity ensues.

However, Overnight would make a good name for an ARG...!

UPDATE: Or, a news show - thanks to SLV for the Overnight video!

UPDATE: Here are the final poll results

Do you think "Overnight" will be the official title for Cloverfield?


  1. Dennis: It does seem this "Overnight" title does have some credence to it, but I agree that it doesn't really bring up any images of a "great monster"! Could it mean that everything changes overnight? The world becmes a different place overnight? Nothing really profound there.

  2. The fact the Overnight may have been trademarked has some credence, but that doesn't mean they are going to use it for the title of the movie.

    It's a reasonable theory, I just don't believe it. It's just too... obvious? Why not just call it "monster movie"

    Always the skeptic I guess.

  3. hah! i posted this in the last thread before you made this... aha go me... anyway

    yeah Overnight is a shockingly bad name for an iconic Monster movie and I think JJ would think so too so I'm gunna say strike it off of the list for possible names i think its more likely going to be called Power Rangers than Overnight.. but yeah would seem more ARGish than Movie Titleish

  4. pretty much already puts a big fat stamp "NO" over the name Overnight then

  5. Maybe the word Overnight is going to be used heavily in an up and coming, non-viral marketing campaign?

  6. Your Adam Sandler idea is brilliant-- you should pitch it to Paramount.

  7. When I think of OVERNIGHT as a title, one haunting comment from the trailer comes to mind: The last scene with the smiling guy who says, "This is gonna be the best night ever..."

  8. i went to all the type websites. two of them have been preregistered they are and

    One is registered to a corey fisher and the other is registered through and my guess is they would have registered it by now under paramount probably... the only possible one is the one by proxy but thats most likely going to be fake because it just dont sound right lol i doubt it

  9. Oh and there's a film called Overnight in 2007 according to IMDB

  10. "Come and listen to a story about a man named malemunyon.
    An unfiction poster, who... (I don't know what rhymes with malemunyon).
    Then one day he was lookin' at some trademark site,
    And up came Slusho! and something called Overnight."

    HAHAHA I had no idea this would become this huge in only three days. My email address is if anyone's looking for comments.

    For what it's worth, malemunyon rhymes with "onion."


  11. I figured it rhymed with onion, but I didn't know how to work it into the song :)

  12. Nice find on the picture? Whered it come from. Kind of freaky it is exactly the same. Well minus the head still on the statue.

  13. That pic was used on NBC as their Nightly news start, and as it shows there, their Late Night News... I think that SNL also used it for Weekend Update when Brad Hall was the Anchor. It was a panning helicopter shot of the SOL

  14. Am i the ONLY one who has noticed what appears to be an alien/monster face in the clouds on the poster, screaming down from the top right at Liberty's decapitated body?? Thoughts??

  15. i'm glad to have contributed. i also agree with the comment above me. the faces in the poser are clear.