Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Slusho! Ringtones

I have converted the music on the Slusho! pages into MP3s, so you can use them as a ringtone, or whatever you want. Maybe someone can make remix them into something cool.

Slusho Downloads (72.3K)
Slusho Feedback (96.1K)
Slusho Flavors (13.4K)
Slusho Happy Talk (153.5K)
Slusho History (80.2K)
Slusho Home (6.1K)
Slusho Store (15.0K)


  1. Aw man. That it sooo awesome! I can't wait til I get home and convert that sucker to full-fledged ring tone!

  2. Dennis,
    The link you have for the Store MP3 links to SlushoHome.mp3. You may want to correct it.

  3. Um is the main page theme supposed to have that audio dropout near the end?

  4. how about a monster roar next?!