Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Slusho Store now shipping

I just received an email that my Slusho order will ship today.

I noticed that 1-18-08.livejournal.com was notified yesterday, but I had not received my notice until now.

BTW, if you want a gray t-shirt in L or XL, you may get a better price on eBay (it's $22.60 at Slusho.jp)


  1. I got mine yesterday, but totally skipped over it. I guess they must have gotten WAY more orders than they anticipated. Nice for them, but where's my Slusho girly tee!!?? LOL

  2. Do you think the ones on eBay are legit? Probably not!

  3. The gray Slusho t-shirts on eBay are from Comic-con. Everyone that attended the Paramount event got a free Slusho shirt and 1-18-08 poster. That's why there are so many on eBay.

    I ordered a hat and black shirt from the Slusho store, but I've been trying to eBay a gray shirt for the last few of days, but no luck so far.

    I was hoping that Totengraber was going to hook me up with a shirt and poster (since he didn't even know what Slusho was), but I haven't heard from him since Comic-con... nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more :)

  4. I asked the Slusho store when they would be allowing purchases from Canada - here is there response.

    Soon! Please check back in a FEW days for this. Note that you must
    pay with paypal (adding it!) if you are using an international credit card. Thanks for
    contacting Slusho!

  5. think i'm gonna' order a black one.

  6. I did get a shipping confirmation yesterday as well.

    Interestingly though, I ran across a guy in a Slusho shirt on Tuesday, July 31 at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado.

    I asked "when did you order your shirt?"

    He said "Order it? I work for Slusho"

    Definitely had it well in advance of the public on sale through the store.

  7. Well the jerks at SLUSHO! have taken my money, an have not sent me anything, and will not reply to emails! anyone else have a story like that??

  8. I think they are a very small operation, so it takes them a LONG time to ship stuff out. Just keep emailing them...

  9. Thanks D!
    I figured you'd know ;) + I'm sure they (slusho) are having some issues with there NYC distribution too LOL

    I sure like your site