Friday, August 10, 2007

Slusho! Newspaper is the Nikkan San (Japanese Daily Sun)

Commenter Christian has determined that the Japanese newspaper is Nikkan San or Japanese Daily Sun, a free paper from Hawaii. You can see the the Japanese text from the website matches the text at the top of the newspaper pages. Here is a quote for the English version of the website:
The Japanese Daily Sun is the most popular Japanese Language free newspaper in Oahu. It is distributed to more than 200 locations including supermarkets, major tour desks, hotels, restaurants, retail stores and 24 publication dispensing racks on Waikiki’s main street, Kalakaua Avenue. The Japanese Daily Sun provides local Japanese residents and visitors from Japan with current up to date news covering sports, politics, health, entertainment, economy, a classified section and lots more.
UPDATE: Once again Christian come through with the goods. Digging around on the Japanese version of the website reveals that the Nikkan San is also available in California and New Y.C!
The Daily Sun, since starting issue in 1984 in Los Angeles, is the daily newspaper which is regularly read in many people in south California, New York and Hawaii Nikkei society. As for the sport entertainment article from the sun Kay sport whose popularity is high even in Japan, the general article receives offer from cooperation communication, in Hawaii the up-to-date news of Japan as been able to enjoy to everyone in real time, we have distributed free.


  1. That's Matsui on the front page.

    He's known in Japan as "GODZILLA". Imagine that.

    a "Godzilla for the U.S." and here we have "Godzilla".

  2. Please tell me Cloverfield isn't going to be a baseball movie ;)

  3. The address I had seen previously was in Hawaii, but after I looked at the front page image you linked, I noticed this text:
    "The Japanese Daily Sun is published daily except Sunday, Holidays and Jan. 1 through Jan. 4 $120 per year by The Japanese Daily Sun, 330 E. 2nd St #B, Los Angeles, CA 90012. ..."

    The website is about placing ads; it does not have the text of the paper. I am not sure that the paper is free.

    I looked at the website a bit more and found this text (translated):
    "The Daily Sun is a daily newspaper, begun in Los Angeles in 1984; it is ready by many in Japanese society in Southern California, New York and Hawaii...

    Anyway it must be available in LA and NYC. I don't think it is significant, but adds some flavor to the Slusho packaging. Certainly it is not from Japan, but from the USA. :-)

  4. That explosion? That was Barry Bonds exploding after an overdose of steroids. That was just after he hit the Statue of Liberty head around the world (thus allowing for the time differences :D).

  5. christian said... The website is about placing ads; it does not have the text of the paper. I am not sure that the paper is free.

    On the front page of the link I provided, it says:

    The Japanese Daily Sun is the most popular Japanese Language free newspaper in Oahu.

    I found the reference to NY in the Japanese version of the website, but the same link on the English site does not mention LA or NY.

    Good work again!

  6. ロブ・ホーキンズ...this is what Rob Hawkins looks like in japenese...
    Cloverfield- クローバーフィールド
    Monster- 怪物
    Movie- 映画
    So i guess just scan through the newspapers for words in japanese that look like this and we may find sumthing...Just let me know and ill translate whatever you want...

    狙撃射手岩!....(translation) Snipeshooter rocks! lol

  7. lol thatd would be hillarius if it was a documentary about baseball wen the SoL head went flying that was godzilla playing baseball =)

  8. Did you see this Cloverfield Parody?

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  10. i'm pretty sure that we won't see the monster, or whatever it is, in the entire movie. It's the interst of the movie. Follow a group of people in the chaos cause by a myterious attack in N.Y.C. At the end of the movie, we won't have any clue. You know JJ Abrams like this kind of stuffs, don't you ? (sorry for my english, actually i'm french...)

  11. it's okay vivien.

    but i really hope it's not like that.

    i mean, we see the results (destruction and claw marks). and whatever else......we BETTER see "something".

  12. I know what it is. It's a water-lion-squid-dog. Yep. It's pissed off because New Yorkers have been drinking a slushy drink made of its precious eggs. So it's going to stomp through NYC, bopping heads off enormous statues, and chasing the grandson of the maker of this drink (the monster researched the who-is on the internet on his giant-sized underwater iPhone), in order to kill him for eating his babies.

    (Vivien, that sounds much like the Blair Witch project. Just leave it to the viewers' imaginations)--I like that approach; but I'm not sure how well it would sell these days since nobody wants to use their imagination and would rather see a giant CGI Lion-Squid-Rosie-O'Donnell punching through buildings instead).

  13. well, i don't think it's so much people don't want to use their imaginations (although true). I think it's more because of the TYPE of film. if it's a "realistic" HORROR film, then yeah. it's not necessary. HOWEVER.......a giant monster movie......well, there you have it. it's a GIANT MONSTER movie. not a horror (more of a thriller or sci-fi). And with that, it's hard to do something like that.

    again, i just don't think this is the TYPE of film you do that with.

  14. Hey. I was reading in the unfiction forums and someone had said something to the effect that a big thing is supposed to be released on the 18th. Maybe someone should check that newspaper on the 18th, potentially for an advert for slusho.

  15. Hud's B-Day is August 22nd.
    ...probably means nothing, though.