Saturday, September 29, 2007 - Photo #6 - Deep Sea Nectar

A new photo was added to today*. On the front is a Japanese chef pulling something that looks like a pizza out of a freezer. Also in the picture is a red blender.

On the back, there is a recipe written in Japanese:

Thank you for checking us out! We are Introducing this week's tasty one dish. Make sure you eat it cold!
  • Skinless chicken breast - 2, cut in halves
  • Sōmen noodles - 10 oz.
  • Watercress - 1/2 cup cut into small strips
  • Turnip - 1/2 cup, thinly sliced
  • Shiitake Mushrooms - 1/2 cup
  • Chicken stock - 1/3 cup
  • Sake - 2 tbsp.
  • Sugar - 1/2 tsp.
  • Deep Sea Nectar - 1 pinch
In a small saucepan, stir together 1/3 cup water, chicken stock, sake, and sugar. Chill it until it becomes cold. Grill the chicken breast on both sides for about 8 minutes, and then chill. Boil the noodles for about 3 minutes, and then run under cold water until chilled. Mix the watercress, radish, and mushrooms into the sōmen. Slice the chicken thinly and arrange on top of the sōmen mix. Just before you serve, put the deep sea nectar in the sauce and pour over the noodles generously.

Go Go Delicious Chef!


UPDATE: the link above is to our mirror of the original 1-18-08 site. DO NOT go to the original 1-18-08 website anymore. The domain expired and is no longer controlled by Paramount, and someone else snatched it up to run ads with malware.

UPDATE: I have updated the recipe to a more accurate translation by Lasher at Unfiction. The original translation by Hinoai from Unfiction is here.

It turns out not to be deep sea crab, but instead it is deep sea nectar/honey, which sounds like the mysterious deep sea ingredient used in Slusho!

I found the food processor in the photo. It is the Robot Coupe food processor!

* Special thanks to Anthony Navarro for being the first person to email me about this!


  1. The jar in the freezer looks like it contains large larvae (just a quick thought related to the parasite and/or secret ingredient concept)

  2. also, a google image search for 3912 brought this up:

    probably not related, but interesting anyway.

  3. Iv been hearing rumers of the second cloverfield trailor being attached to "stardust". Is this true...proly not but its just a rumer.

  4. Yeah, no offense, but I'm not trusting a rumor from someone who can't even spell rumor.

  5. There's a website for a Japanese restaurant ...
    The characters are not Japanese, tho.

    There's also a site for genetic research:

  6. Upon further inspection ... the website is NOT a restaurant, but a dermatology clinic!!

  7. I didnt start the rumor i just heard it...sry im not a great speller.

  8. Check the source code for, there's a lot of odd comments. What it means I couldn't tell you though... -_-

  9. Anyone remember,well i know its fan made but they've put a timer counting down to 1-18-08.

  10. Zuvvna, how do you check the source code?

  11. Is it just me or is there some sort of design or a few letters in the crab dish the chef is holding?

  12. google, when you are on the website, right-click and select "View Page Source". anything in green are comments that do not show up on the site that you see, but only in the source

  13. Hey guys BINGO! The big Clue I did some WHOIS look up on Slusho! and heres what I got:

    Select English. Enjoy.

  14. wow very nice find ^
    definatly has something to do with all this.

  15. A restaurant review, featuring the "secret ingredient" can be found here:

  16. New website for Tagruato found.

  17. guess what......the japanese chef photo is not the only one that flips.....the pic with jaime flips and so does the one with rob drinking....dont know if anyone else caught it


  18. "Thats no blender! That's a robo-coup!", said the line cook who wanted to point out a fact he knew.



  19. "guess what......the japanese chef photo is not the only one that flips.....the pic with jaime flips and so does the one with rob drinking....dont know if anyone else caught it"

    they all flip

  20. At the Tagruato corp. website, they have a map of their drilling stations around the world, including Chuai station opening in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge in September 2007.

    Maybe they disrupt the monster?

  21. In addition to the mid atlantic ridge i found this maybe unrelated but still pretty cool ..

    BTW atlantis is near this place so maybe an atlantis based movie ?? nah dont think so

  22. Taking back my former remark on atlantis movie .. check this out

    and compare the place of atlantis with the place where the new station will be build

  23. and another fact i doubt anybody has seen .. all the station names are old japanese emperors. each new station has the the follow up emperor name of the previous station ..

  24. There's a "contact us" section of the tagruato website with an email address and phone number.

    I'm going to mail them and see if I get an auto-response

  25. There is no auto response mailed them a couple of hours ago and still no response

  26. Its not even close to atlantis.....
    Its more to the west of atlantis. Might be something but i dout it.

  27. Station near titanic debris .. just a fact i noticed

  28. on the tagruato corp site,
    if you go under company history and look at the titles, it starts off with begginnings, hard times, and a new sun risen.

    basically, the outline of the movie. Beginning, monster attack, learn from each other become close to survive and reach a whole new point of enlightenment(you know what i'm talking about if you read the last page of the script spoiler)

  29. has anyone thought about checking this out on that same page

    18 Palace Plaza
    36-40-10 Marunouchi
    Marunouchi, Tokyo 118-8336

    TEL +81-3-5403-6318

  30. Marunouchi is a district but does not recognize this company

  31. This was how the site ( was initially found. The address matches that of the site owners of both and (from

  32. "-ras said...
    Upon further inspection ... the website is NOT a restaurant, but a dermatology clinic!!"

    Its interesting that its a dermatology clinic. Do you think there is a connection to the "rash" hat Jamie talks about in her message on

  33. Hey has anyone noticed that the recipe makes sure to mention "Make sure you eat it cold!" and that fact that the temp on NYC on 1/18/08 is 69 degrees?

  34. The Deep Sea Nectar/Special Ingredient needs to be at a near frozen state, hence the being served cold.

  35. Does any one else find it odd that this is the only photo that is on a different color of paper?

  36. Has anyone used google maps to check out the way this address from above looks?


  37. In regards to 3912 from the 6th. pic...

    “-39,-12” are almost spot-on coordinates for Keiko Station. Significant, who knows?

  38. About the 3912 in the photo #6

    Human genome has its codes also and 3912 is actually the number for one of human's gene

    This one is also called 'laminin, beta 1'

    Do you think this could be the link ?

  39. I´m not sure, but I think I saw the recipe on the fridge that is in the trailer.
    Can anybody check it, please?

  40. Is it me, or has anyone heard a loud growl sfter staying in the site for more than 30 min?

  41. illogicsol said...
    "Is it me, or has anyone heard a loud growl sfter staying in the site for more than 30 min?"

    It's 6 minutes!
    There's a roar at 6 minutes.

    I also tried the recipe ...
    (substituting the nectar for crab ...)
    It's pretty good.

    I don't see this recipe being Slusho! tho.

  42. i googled 3912 japan and found some ineresting stuff about something called t-3912.

    also taguato corp has drilling points in the bermuda triangle and the dragons triangle, where legend puts the dragon's underwater palace.

  43. I checked the emperor that follows Chuai, and it was an Empress Jingu:

    According to the traditional records of ancient Japan, Jingu was the wife of Chuai, the 14th sovereign (reigned 192–200), and the regent for her son Ojin. Aided by a pair of divine jewels that allowed her to control the tides, she is said to have begun her bloodless conquest…

    Interesting, perhaps...

  44. Hey
    I found Robot Coupe from you link and called their 1800 number
    spoke to an operator who sent me to customer service
    customer service woman said she hadn't heard of the blender's appearance, nor (strangely) had she heard of JJ Abrams by name, nor cloverfield. she repeated "JJ Abrams" like she was writing it down, then she said that "they" were not in any "partnership" or anything with "them".
    I dunno, I was bored, and reached for a clue. Probably just a coincidence.

  45. i think ive made a freaky link with the order of emporers and the drilling station. if its not tied in its definately where theyve researched it from.

    Firstly this seems to be a real drilling company.
    ive found a prospected site for a drill in the ojin seamount (ojin was the son and successor to emperor chuai and naturally the next site).

    if you look at the homepage of this company it strangely resembles the Tagruato web site. heres the homepage link:

    let me know if im goin anywere with this coz im tired an i cant think!

  46. answer to peet_

    Yes this site talks about drilling & they are prospecting under deep-sea floor

    But OJIN seamount is located in Pacific Ocean (east of Japan)

    And this research program is for REAL !

    I think we can conclude J.J.A. (or the scenario writer) has been inspired by this, like he was with Rambaldi inventions in ALIAS

    That's what's make J.J.A. universes so interesting. The limit between truth and fiction is very very very thin

  47. I don't mean to scare the shit out of anyone, but I'll do it anyways.

    I noticed the numbers at the bottom of the photo (3912) and did a little looking around in a certain book that has numbers like that: The bible.

    I've seen plenty of scriptures for the other photos, but not for this one. Then I found this...:

    "Psalm 39:12

    Let my prayer come to your ears, O Lord, and give attention to my cry, make an answer to my weeping: for my time here is short before you, and in a little time I will be gone, like all my fathers."

    Sounds pretty heavy to me.

  48. Go to THEN WAIT LIKE 5 MINUTES THERE´S IS A SOUND!!! im really sorry about my english, so Check the teaser again there´s 2 sticker with a site i cant see it clearly!! it say something like the only thing to be really clear is mystery and (dot) jp. ill try everything without luck!

  49. Hey yall. To get back to the picture here, I wonder if anyone else noticed the serious lack of Japanese people in the movie or trailers. The only video I have seen a Japanese person (other than the Japanese news clip) was of the clip of the oil rig sinking.

    What if this picture is of a cook on the rig before it went down. Plus, if you look at the investors section of the page, it says that none of this secret ingredient is outside their facilities.

  50. I'm surprised no one has commented back about the very first Google Image search for 3912.

    Montauk, NY anyone?

    Camp Hero is located on Mantauk Point along Long Island. According to the military, Camp Hero was simply a radar base way back when we needed to defend the eastern coast during WWII. According to all the conspiracy theorists out there, Camp Hero was actually a military testing facility where humans were morphed into monsters and such.

    A simple google search for Montauk, NY will uncover quite a bit of the conspiracy.

  51. Reading up on that facility shows it was opened to the public on September 18, 2002.

  52. Harumph. I went to Google Maps AND Mapquest and searched the address for Tagruato. No luck. And has anyone checked out the ParafFun site? There is a lot going on with Tagruato and Slusho, but nothing on ParafFun. It is supposed to be some kind of parrifan company.

    And a last thing: what is with the bloody carcus on No time stamp, nothing on the back. Possibly a victim of Clover?