Monday, September 17, 2007

Jamie and HUD in the trailer?

Most of our MySpace 7 can also be seen in the official 1-18-08 trailer, but until now I haven't really noticed Jamie or HUD.

zennie62 from Unfiction thinks this might be Jamie - and I think that might be HUD with her. Here is a picture of HUD for comparison. Or could he be the mysterious Teddy Hanssen?

Click the image above to see it full-size and let me know what you think.

POLL RESULTS: Is that Jamie and HUD?


  1. The guy in the picture seems to have much straighter hair than HUD. But honestly, I think it's just far too blurry to tell.

  2. Dennis,
    The pictures on show us that HUD is the one behind the camera. He does fall when everyone is running down the stairs, but Rob helps him get up. Once they're on the street, you can see Rob again, so you know Rob doesn't have the camera. I doubt we'd see HUD in this trailer except through a mirror or if he turned the camera on himself.

    I've already hypothesized that the camera may switch hands from time to time, but there's no proof of that in the trailer itself.

  3. i know the guy in the picture... he was on this comedy site called

    he is hysterical... among other things he also starred in KFCs Choose Your Sauce microsite adventure... great guy and great actor

  4. i found something out about hud. i found his myspace name very odd so i googled and wikipedia it. look what came out

    almost same as 1.18 revelations

  5. POLL RESULTS: Is that Jamie and HUD?

    44% Jamie, not HUD
    28% No
    22% Yes
    3% HUD, not Jamie
    373 votes

    66% Believe that's Jamie
    25% Believe that's HUD