Wednesday, September 5, 2007

MySpace Updates - Hud and Beth

There was a bunch of MySpace updates today...

New post from Hud:

Calling all comic book artists!

Have you created a comic book character? Post them here! Maybe we can make some sort of story with them all.

BTW, Hud's current reading selection is Avengers: The Ultimate Guide.

New post from Beth:

You know what else would be in my hell?

Madden Football video games! I'm sorry boys, but its stupid and you spend way too much time on it!

MySpace Comments:

Sep 5 2007 11:49A - Beth (to Rob) - Hey Rob! Are we continuing our Curb tradition? This sunday, my place. I'll order the pizza.

Sep 5 2007 11:50A - Beth (to Lil) - Hey what are you up to this weekend? I really need to get some shopping done. I need a new bag and something to wear to my cousin's wedding.

Sep 5 2007 11:58A - Lil (to Beth) - That's so funny, I was going to ask you the same thing. How's Satuday morning? Just call me when you get out of work, I have to talk to you about something.

Sep 5 2007 12:04P - LenaDia (to Jamie) - No, you cannot make chicken nuggets in the mircrowave. You really need to get out of your apartment.

Sep 5 2007 12:09P - Jamie (to Rob) - Next time you see your brother? Tell him he's an insensitive asshole.


  1. So letme get this straight, all of the characters from the movie have myspace accounts? So their psotings are like a build up to the movie, ending with everybody being invited to robs place in NYC for a going away party?
    This is pretty cool.
    BTW, as for the monster, im hoping its ralph or lizzie from RAMPAGE. If it isnt, they should make a movie with them. Cheers

  2. obviously the monster is John Madden.

  3. Turducken, heheh, I've had some of that. :-)

    I guess that this crescendo will peak around a month before the movie comes out then, eh? Interesting how this is going. Thanks Dennis for laying it all out for everyone.

  4. Beth said... Hey Rob! Are we continuing our Curb tradition? This sunday, my place. I'll order the pizza.

    I guess I'm a little slow, but I just realized the "Curb" she's talking about is "Curb Your Enthusiasm", which started a new season on Sept. 9th.


  5. Well, at least we know what they watch on the tube. We also get clued into their type of humor. But, again, it's just more back story.

    YAY, more useless information!! ;-)

    I wonder who's going to die the most violently? You should do a poll.

  6. Also who is Mari because Rob posted to her account asking how her weekend was? I didnt know they posted comments to other real accounts?!??