Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Hawk's MySpace Update

Looks like another fantasy football post from Hawk. This time he's looking for advice about Adrian Peterson, rookie running back for the Minnesota Vikings:

I have a few questions for all my fellow Minnesotians still living in the gopher state. Here in NYC, I don't get the solid day to day Vikes reporting that I get back home. How big of a role is AP expected to play? Will he be splitting with Chester Taylor, or are they just leaving Taylor as the starter and working AP in on third downs. Is he pegged for goaline carries? Is he at least above Mewelde Moore on the depth chart?

Also, what about Bobby Wade? Is he looking like a solid 1 wide out? Has he been developing a good connection with Jackson?

I need to know for both Vikes fan and fantasy team purposes... Thanks

Here are some of the people mentioned in the post:
What do we learn from this post? Well, we now know that Hawk is from Minnesota and he's a Vikings fan.

UPDATE: If you want to know more about the actor playing Hawk, check out Mike-Vogel.com and MySpace.com/MikeVogelOfficial

* Thanks to Joe for the Mike Vogel tip!


  1. Sorry, but I think you're looking into things too much...

  2. I'm not saying there's anything there... I'm just reporting the "news"

  3. Eric if you check out the Mike Vogel site you will see a confirmation of a Myspace created for his character, which means it's involved with the whole expierience, as most of the info will probably useless, it's still news about the characters... I think it's cool, I'm a Viking fan!

  4. Hmmm... So far out of the myspace pages everyone has written a blog everyday... Rob should be coming up soon and I bet some info will be there... Hopefully...

  5. these Myspace pages have only been created so that fans can get to know the characters and have some sort of back story created. Then, when you see the film, you really care about them being caught up in the attack. I doubt there will be any info at all on these pages, maybe only a little bit right upto the day of release (like maybe a sighting of something that makes the news and people are talking about it)

  6. Sweet! I posted a comment on Hawks blog and he posted it! This whole idea is awesome... Hope Hawk doesn't get it!