Saturday, March 8, 2008

Cloverfield Kishin 2 Screen Shots

I have uploaded all the screen shots into a Picasa photo album, and I'll have translated screen shots soon!


  1. You know, I think this volume of the manga explains that green night vision picture on with all the jets shooting at something in the ocean, and that picture with that destroyed tanker in the ocean.

  2. True true. It also clarifies that the monster was being held captive (because of the one image of it's back and arm, and the broken chains around them).

    Also, was that the same image of the satellite falling into the ocean?

  3. So someone was controlling the monster after all! This is great, I didn't think they would let us see this much, but I wish I could read the story! The images connect to the story that we all know, so much more than the first chapter.
    It's gotta be tidowave though, remember that "horns down" comment right before the movie came out?
    Also looking at the monster's hand up close, sure looks like a mutated human to me, not any kind of sea creature. Can't wait for another, and since it's a "baby," I hope someday we can see it as an adult, or it's mom? Who the hell is mom and dad..

  4. We need translations, fast! The most important thing is the Slusho! connection, as well as the identity of the cult!

  5. ddogg - I think you're taking what JJ said too seriously. He said it was LIKE a baby, as in a creature in a new world, not a young child. Besides, how could something that has lived for 1000 years be a baby?

  6. Ok this is IMPORTANT! There are more pics than the first one and every picture practically relates. And a whole buncha crap was revealed.

    What we know so far:

    1) Chains on monster (Control)

    2) Some kinda Slusho! connection

    3) And that interesting question: "WHO THE HELL IS MOM AND DAD..."


  7. I don't believe the monster is being controlled.

    I don't believe the monster is a mutated human.

    I believe that the creature is an infant of a previously undiscovered species, mutated by experiments with Seabed's Nectar. The manga segments involving the monster an the Tagruato freighters seem to take place off the shore of Japan.

    I am of the opinion that the monster was kidnapped and taken to one of the offshore rigs near Japan and experimented upon. The creature then began to grow at an exponential rate. In order to cover up the experiment, Tagruato decided to transport it to Chuai. Look at the top panel of page three. Look at the metal band breaking off of the creature's arm.

    Now, do you guys remember what the covert research on Seabed's Nectar uncovered?

    short term exposure to the substance, some initial tests revealed accelerated [cell]
    growth, increased strength, increased soft muscle tissue growth, sharper [eyesight],
    better digestion. smoother skin, and a full-body, pleasant sensation that one [of our]
    researchers actually described as 'a wave of pure happiness'."

    Now, the planet is not big enough to sustain more than one something of that size. So here's what I think: the species reproduces asexually. It's entirely possible that the creature lays an egg as well. Then it would take a LONG time for it to hatch, perhaps a few thousand years. Tagruato probably discovered the egg and captured the baby, then began experimenting on it.

    Mass exposure to Seabed's Nectar caused the creature to grow exponentially and also caused it to become incredibly strong, strong enough to survive low pressures. It may be the case that Tagruato actually captured the egg itself, continuing on the assumption that this species is born from eggs, and that low water pressure and various experiments contributed to the mutation.

    This is my theory. I'm still working on the "not an egg" end, though.

  8. Your idea makes more sense than the mutated human one, but reading got me curious...

    Eggs are only produced by sexual reproduction - birds/reptiles. Asexual reproduction is normally used in micro organisms in their actual creation, so I'm not sure about that.

    I'd say it could be the lone survivor of a aquatic species that had sea-bed nectar that was around it disturbed by the mining/ the satelite caused it to grow and escape from the rock...etc.

  9. Ever see Gamera: Guardian of the Universe (1995)? It established that all Gyaos are both male and female, and reproduce asexually. If they can do it, why not Cloverfield?

    I still don't think the satellite has anything to do with the creature or its mutation. It just doesn't make any sense. If the satellite was nuclear, this wouldn't cause a mutation, not in real life. And that's what Cloverfield is: A monster that can exist in real life.

  10. when are the translations coming?

  11. So any news on the translation?

  12. Hi Dennis, Hi people, sorry for shamfull delays, I was very busy with my work... Now I have fulfied the translation, even if not everything. I've posted the translation at unfiction and in my blog

    The essential informations are translated (like Seabed nectar etc.)

    If you find some mistakes, please report me, and I'll upload and actualize translation.

  13. Dunno if its just me, but the people in the masks show another parallel to Cthulhu (thought that had gone away, huh?). Cthulhu had a cult who believed in the godly lovecraftian monsters, leading to the point when their ancient city rose from the ocean. Just saw how the masks resembled the monster and made the connection.

    Which brings us to this point: did people know about the monster before this incident? I mean, how else would the model their masks after it?