Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Cloverfield Rumors - DVDs

There are a lot of Cloverfield rumors floating around the lazysphere lately, and while I don't normally like to promote pure speculation, and in some cases wishful thinking, there are some things that maybe we can clarify.

Cloverfield DVDs
There are actually several rumors floating around regarding the Cloverfield DVD release - specifically regarding the release dates, formats, and extras.

I've heard two supposed release dates for Cloverfield - April 15th or the 22nd, although there has been no official word. Logically, that time frame seems about right, since I Am Legend opened about a month before Cloverfield, and its release date will be on March 18th. VideoETA is estimating April, but won't announce an official date until the 18th.

FWIW, Cloverfield won't even been released in Japan until April 5th. Looking again at I Am Legend, Japan was its second highest foreign box office, pulling in over $40 million. I think the 'American Godzilla' might do well enough in Japan to not want a DVD release a week or two later.

There are a few wrenches of the monkey variety that could also cause a delayed release. First, Paramount was until recently in the HD-DVD camp, and while they have recently canceled all new HD-DVD releases (including Sweeney Todd and There Will Be Blood), they are not expected to release any Blu-Ray movies until the Summer. I don't know whether it makes more sense to:
  • Release the movie without Blu-ray, then release a 'complete' Blu-ray version later
  • Release the movie with a stripped down Blu-ray version now, then re-release an enhanced version later (known as 'double-dipping')
  • Delay the release date until both formats are ready to go
Another wrinkle in the Cloverfield raisin is the question of the bonus extras, specifically what would have been included on the HD-DVD version, and now may or may not make their way on to a rushed Blu-ray release. The fan site posted an 'anonymous' letter that claims the extras may in fact get scrapped. This 'news' is already getting some play on bigger sites, so if anything, lets hope this 'leak' prevents that from happening.

UPDATE: I just received an email from Paramount promoting their final two HD-DVD releases, and the standard-DVD only release of Sweeny Todd. So, it look like we will probably get a standard DVD release for Cloverfield next month, then hopefully an HD sometime in the summer.


  1. I work at best buy and on the endcaps on some of our movie carts it shows cloverfield being released on april 22. don't know about the bluray though

  2. oh yay! I'm so excited now!
    I'm the type of person that when I get excited about something I need to have everyone I know experience it. My dad hasn't seen the movie yet and says he's waiting for it to come out.
    When it does I will force him to watch it.

  3. Okay, so this whole raucous has been confusing the normal DVD version going to be bare-bones?

    Other than that...I have a major bone to pick. What is it with us movie fans being essentially forced to buy Blu-ray players to get the best special features? I think it's bullshit that just because I don't feel like spending over $1000 on a Blu-ray player and new television, I should have to go without all the special features that were made for the movie.
    Just a tip for any industry insiders here: shortchanging consumers who don't feel like upgrading isn't going to win ANYONE over.

  4. What seems to be the case lately is the DVD will probably have most of the extras, but the Blu-Ray version will have 'bonus' extras.

    However, whatever extras they had prepared for a HD-DVD release will have to be re-programmed for Blu-ray, which will take too long to release it in time. There was speculation the the Blu-ray version might be stripped down, but it now looks like they will just release it without a Blu-ray version for now - just like Sweeny Todd.

    BTW, I completely agree that it sucks that the Blu-ray editions have more stuff, but I think you are going to see that more and more, because the Blue-ray format has a much more interactive format.

    FWIW, you can Blu-ray players for under $300 on Amazon, but you might want to wait until you can get a 2.0 "full profile" player - which will support all the Blu-ray special features (P.I.P and internet connectivity).

  5. Ha...I have'nt commented in a while...but i think this is mindless banter to coverup for them bullShite'n us for the Kishin comic the words of Capt Hook...BAD FORM...BAD FORM...

    Give us the comic!!!

  6. Sorry for the doublies...and sorry for goin off bout the comic...seems like i bit off more than i can chew...and pt 2 is alot to decipher and decode...goodluck...50 plus frickin pages

  7. Yeah I work at Best Buy also. While I was closing tonight I saw the release dates for Sweeny Todd and Cloverfield and commented about them to a co-worker. April 22nd is the date on the poster board I saw on a movie cart. Yes those dates can change I have seen/we have all seen it happen before. More than likely the movie will be released and the Blu-Ray will come out later. It happens with a lot of movies anyways so if you have Blu-Ray im sure it will still be worth the wait.

  8. Dear Dennis!
    The second part of Cloverfield Manga is out!
    I'm, translating it now

    Enjoy it!