Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Official Cloverfield DVD Announcement

The Cloverfield DVD is finally official. It's on the official CloverfieldMovie.com site, heck it's even on Walmart.com (Which is probably where I'll be getting it at Midnight of the 21st!)

The official site links to Amazon, but the page is not working yet. I'll post the link here when it is available.

Here's a look at the back (click to enlarge).

It's odd that there are no pictures of Rob or Beth on the back, but there IS a picture of The Monster.

* Thank again to DVD special reporter The Enchanted One!


  1. Oh, Goodie!

    At least the Bad Robot Logo can be found on this one!

  2. its fake!

    thats the Statue of Liberty head from Escape from NY.

  3. Steven said... its fake! thats the Statue of Liberty head from Escape from NY.

    Are you kidding me??!!?!?

    The graphic is from the OFFICIAL Cloverfield website. (click on About The DVD)

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  5. I wonder if i could by it from USA and have it sent to me in Ireland. My DVD player is multieregional so it should work ok.

  6. Dennis I understand it is from the Cloverfield site, but just google the cover art for Escape from New York. Its EXACTLY the same thing.

    It doesn't make sense, the SOL head they portray on this cover looks NOTHING like how it looks in the movie.

  7. Why would they use graphics from Escape from NY?

  8. Dennis, steven is talking about the back of the box. but i see now that the image is included beside the picture of the dvd on the official site. but if you compare it with the one from escape from new york, it is almost identical in a flipped position. Maybe this was done on purpose though, since they said that was their inspiration. But i agree it is real, just mimicking the original.

  9. Disappointed to see it ain't a box. Really disappointed. Goood thing I can get it from HMV...

    The back looks cool, but I hope the front gets an improvement.

    If this wasn't on the main site, I'd claim it as fake - it is such a let down after the hint from HMV.

  10. will there be an HD dvd version?

    does anyone know?

  11. It could be a misdirection thing...

    Also, April 22nd is Earth Day. I wonder if that has any significance.

  12. i think its pretty real. where else would they get the picture of the monster. they never released anything like that of the monster. but yeah, it does look a LOT like the escape from new york cover/poster. but i am SO preordering this. i NEED to own this!!

  13. keyboardsurgery said... will there be an HD dvd version? does anyone know?

    HD-DVD is dead. There will NOT be and HD-DVD version of Cloverfield. Paramount has stopped releasing any new movies the format.

    There will most likely be a Blu-ray version, eventually, but probably not until summer at the earliest.

  14. I think it looks like Escape from NY as a sort of homage.

    But do we have proof that is the back? I can't find that image anywhere...

  15. Three months after release means the film pretty much tanked at the box office and they need to recoup their money fast.

    I know the film made more than 30 million worldwide, but don't forget the bonzo marketing that went behind this... there were LOTS of TV spots.

    I must admit, after seeing the film, I was pretty much let down.

    I think JJ Abrams should stick with TV.

    Too bad, this film could've been so much better.

  16. Master Fetty said... But do we have proof that is the back? I can't find that image anywhere...

    We don't have proof that is the back, but you can see the image on the official Cloverfield site - CloverfieldMovie.com.

    Click the About The DVD link, and you will see the same image there. The link goes to http://www.cloverfieldmovie.com/dvd.html

  17. I know, but I was wondering if the image (without the cover in front of it) was on the site somewhere, guess not.

  18. sanjaya said something about the box office.

    Cloverfield did very well in the box office, close to 160 million worldwide(Not 30 million like you said) and I think they still haven't released it in Japan. 160 for a 25-30 mil budget is pretty good.

    Source: http://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=cloverfield.htm

  19. "I know the film made MORE than 30 million worldwide", is what I said Tony... read what I wrote a bit more carefully please.

    And I still think the movie fell short of the hype. That's how I feel and so do LOTS of other people, hence the 3 month DVD post theatrical release. After the DVD comes out interest in this film will drop even more.

  20. Sanjaya, now I see what you meant, and I see your point. Even though it was a commercial success it didn't live up to the hype.

    It just wasn't a movie that kept making money in theatres, so it went out quickly, so now they're coming out with a DVD pretty quick. It is usually four or more months for a DVD so three does seem short.

    As long as I have my copy of Cloverfield I'll be happy.

  21. I wouldn't say that Cloverfield is coming out on DVD any faster that anything else. I A Legend opened one month earlier than Cloverfield, and the DVD for that just came out, which is the same 3-month time frame.

  22. No Rob? No Beth? No problem. If they had to go with The Pretty, I like the direction they took.

    Now for the *really* important part: the DVD extras. How much of the online marketing campaign (particularly the Tagruato-related "news" reports) is going to be incorporated into the DVD? Since the marketing campaign is the real story of "Cloverfield" (IMO) perhaps we should save our $$ until the two-disc "Collectors' Edition" appears. Because you know they're absolutely going to do that, same way they sucker-punched us with "Zodiac."

  23. Idiotboy...

    I have seen NO CREDIBLE REASON to believe that there will be a "2-disc Collector's Edition", only rumors. AFAIK, the only other Cloverfield release will be the Blu-Ray edition (although there is nothing confirmed), which unfortunately will probably have additional interactive material not on the regular release. That's just how studios roll with Blu-Ray now.

    The movie was only 84 minutes long (with credits), so there is PLENTY of room on a single DVD for all the extras. But, since you don't even know what exactly the extras on the regular release are, what do think might be missing?

    BTW, Two things to think about even if your rumor is true....

    1. I've said this before, but there definitely won't be a second release if the first doesn't sell well. So waiting and hoping that something better will come along will guarantee that it won't.

    2. The Collector's edition Zodiac DVD came out 6-months later. Are you really going to wait that long?

  24. I'm not privy to any rumors, let alone solid info. Let's just say I've been burned once too often by the tendency of studios like Paramount to rush the market with a low-frills DVD and then, slightly down the road, roll out an "unrated" or "Special Edition" version, as though to say, "Ha ha, fooled ya again!"

    As to whether I can wait six months, I'd say, probably yes.

  25. I want to apologize to all the people that actually liked the movie, but i'd have to say that Cloverfield was one of the worst movies i've seen in my life. It should have been longer and not so much with the dam handy cam. They should have explained more about what was going on as well.