Friday, March 28, 2008

Cloverfield Special Edition DVD

IGN is reporting that some retailers will be getting an exclusive 'Steelbook' packaging. In the US, it will be FYE and Suncoast stores. In the UK, it will be an HMV exclusive. There doesn't appear to be any difference in the DVD content - just the packaging. I just hope this doesn't end up like the Transformers DVDs, where different stores each have their own "exclusive" editions.

On a side note, I've seen numerous comments from people here and other places who seem to be under the impression that Paramount will try to double-dip and release a '2-disc special collector's edition' version of Cloverfield later on. AFAIK, this is not true (Maybe these are the same people who think there are two monsters :). Paramount initially released a Zodiac DVD with NO extras, but there were mitigating circumstances, and that is certainly not the case with Cloverfield. Long ago, before there was any solid information about the DVD, some sites listed all kinds of Cloverfield versions that *might* be available, including a deluxe version and an HD-DVD version. The Paramount Home Video website now has Cloverfield listed, and they show only one version. Sweeny Todd, on the other hand, is coming out next week, and has a regular and deluxe version listed. I assume they both will eventually have a Blu-Ray release, but that is a diffferent story.

* Thanks to The Enchanted One from CloverfieldFans.


  1. Oh the transformers drama, I literally sat at my computer for an hr thinking about which one to get. I was kind of expecting the cloverfield dvd to have a lot more features such as a wrap up of all the viral stuff but oh well. I will be getting the special edition as long as its not a ton of more money.

  2. Do you know that non of the SF won't be about the viral stuff? We onyl have the names.

  3. Why does the HMV site say that the special edition has 2 discs? Hrrrrm.

  4. Whats The 2nd Disc On The HMV Site, This Sucks Cuz They made So Many Special Editions & Now I Have To Research How To Get The DvD Content