Monday, March 3, 2008

Official Cloverfield Movie Monster Figure Collectible

Hasbro has updated their site with a proper Cloverfield page.

There is a much better picture of the "Official Cloverfield Movie Monster Figure Collectible", and you can even hear the monster's roar:

All of the specs are the same, same price, release date, etc.

* Thanks to Eddy at for finding this, and to Pierce for emailing me!

Also, check out this, from the official press release:

Standing at an imposing 14 inches tall, the creature that wreaks havoc on New York City in the film is immortalized as a super-articulated figure for fans and collectors alike. As with other beasts in the annals of great movie monsters, the creature in “Cloverfield” captures the imagination and tugs at the fears of thrill seeking moviegoers.

The party may be over when this beast comes to town, but the fright inducing look of the creature lives on from the creepy people-sucking underbelly to the swath of parasites the beast lets loose to hunt citizens of the ‘Big Apple.’


  1. I'm confused about the "people-sucking underbelly" Is there something we've missed here??

  2. This one looks more like what we seen in the film. The flesh colored air sacks is a nice improvement...

  3. Why Exclusive ? Why Limited ? :'(
    why not "Mass-Producted" for fans worldwide ?!
    I want One so bad ...

  4. Now we can see the little arms and maybe even see where the monsters second feeding area may be located.

    Way better picture.

  5. it seems that cloverfield is no longer in american theaters *sob*

  6. huh, that what the little nubs r for.
    I still say the tail is too short

  7. OMG..

    fandango has posted a release date for a supposed Cloverfield 2.

  8. God no...Why can't we just have no sequel. Great films can be ruined by a sequel. Nowadays nearly every film has a sequel, even though they aren't needed. It's the norm - something Cloverfield isn't.
    Take Planet of the Apes. The story wasn't explained, but it could easily have worked as a lone film (it was, however, ruined by sequels).

    If a sequel is going to be done, don't do it well - do it amazingly...

  9. the only cool thing about this figure is the 70 points of articulation.

    i think this figure is horrible and gives the movie a bad image, cause this toy looks like an albino turd.