Thursday, May 29, 2008

UK Cloverfield DVD Review

UK movie website Den Of Geek has a pretty thorough review of the Cloverfield Two-Disc Special Edition Region 2 DVD, which will be available June 9th.

Cloverfield 2-Disc DVD Rreview
Clover Eggs: A complete cheat's guide to the Cloverfield DVD Easter Eggs

In a nutshell, the R2 DVDs combine all of the features and extras of the Standard R1 DVD, but spread over two discs. However, there are a few bonus extras:

"Disc 1 contains the film with a commentary by director Matt Reeves ... and also has a special feature you can turn on or off where, throughout the movie, the battery life icon appears onscreen, and if you click it, you get to watch an extra mini behind-the-scenes features... After each featurette is over, the DVD returns you to the film.

The behind-the-scene videos are the same ones that can been seen on, but there is no puzzle to solve before watching them! I suspect this is probably how the Blu-ray disc will work as well. The first disc also contains the "Supplemental Files" easter eggs.

The second disc contains all the other standard R1 extras and Easter eggs, plus a few new Easter eggs titled "Not Without My Baby". These short clips feature some improv from TJ Miller and Lizzy Caplan, and appear to have come from the Best Buy exclusive TJ Miller Video Diary.

* Thanks to Sarah at Den Of Geek for the review!


  1. Her raving about the movie makes me want to pull my well-used Cloverfield DVD out and give it yet another go. In a time when the hype is so close to over, it's great to see someone still so excited about the movie.

  2. I like the UK's cover better than the USA's.

  3. I like the Steelbook cover better than them both.

  4. The steel book is available in the UK, but only from HMV.

    The regular (1-disc with less extras) DVD has the same cover as the US.