Saturday, February 20, 2016

Audio File From Hidden 10 Cloverfield Lane USB Drive

MugensKeeper has uploaded the audio files from the two USB drives found in Howard's GPS dead drop to DropBox.

The contents of the audio files are a recording of a Mission Control conversation concerning a large burst of unexplained magnetic energy. At the end of the conversation, they are instructed to cover up the incident.

There are five identical audio files, spread over the two drives - likely a sort of makeshift backup system, in case one of the files was damaged.

The "Swiss Army knife" drive contained two identical files:
The "bottle opener" drive contained the same three identical files:
If you open one of the files in notepad, there is some embedded text in the file:

Employee Terminal 838-4305174 :: PM
I did a quick audio spectrograph, but nothing unusual appears.

I also tried slowing down and reversing the audio, but there doesn't appear to be anything hidden in the audio.

Here is the full text of the conversation. If you see any corrections that need to be made, let me know in the comments.

Agencies Referenced:
ISS - International Space Station
ESOC - European Space Operations Centre
CRONUS - Communications RF Onboard Networks Utilization Specialist
CAPCOM - Capsule Communicator
FLIGHT - Flight Director


Man: Houston, we're already circling the stage experiment, segment 724, downlink complete.

Woman: Copy ISS, cruise confirmed, download complete, proceed to mission parameter 474

Man: Confirmed, bringing AMOS interface online

Woman: Copy

Man: Uh, Houston be advised, AMOS data is outside expected perimeters. Uh, reinitializing access.

Woman: Copy

Man 1: Reinitialized access resulted in no change to anomalous data. Sending downlink.

Man 2: Downlink confirmed.

Woman: Received. CRONUS is analyzing.

Man 2: Looks like a localized burst of magnetic energy. It's not consistent with uh... anything I've seen before.

Woman: [something] this is CAPCOM

Man 3: Go ahead CAPCOM

Woman: We may have a [off-normal?] situation with AMOS 02.

Man 1: Have we heard from Space Com about any activity in the area?

Woman: Negative.

Man 2: The data stream is intact, so likely is not equipment failure

Man 1: Check with ESOC and (?). Find out if they're seeing the same thing we are.

Woman: ISS says it doesn't appear to be equipment failure.

Men: (?)

Man 1: Space Command, this is the flight director of Johnson. You guys testing anything we don't know about?

Men: OK, we are not.

Man 1: You guys are sure?

Men: Europe(?) is saying the same thing.

Man 1: Space Command says they don't have anything up there.

Man 4: We're seeing another burst in the signal. This one is bigger.

Man 5: It would have to be something really big to generate this type of magnetic field.

Woman: Can you get a visual AMOS

Man:  Yeah, Renee's looking now... yeah CAPCOM, Renee thinks he saw something –


Woman: ISS, what was that? ... ISS do you copy?

Man 1: Yeah, we copy Houston. There was a flash of red light that seemed to come from... uh... everywhere... and then it was gone.

Woman: Copy ISS. Everyone ok up there?

Man 1: Yeah, more or less Houston.

Man 6: Tell them to clear it out.

Woman: ISS, FLIGHT would like you to execute procedure 2380A and scrub this from the mission logs.

Man 6: Wipe the signal please. Notify ESOC and (?) regard.

Man 1: Confirmed


  1. Replies
    1. It's quite possible, knowing the date that the recorded conversation took place would tell us if the monster in the original film was from space and landed in the ocean, or if this is a different monster entirely, and 'clover' has always been in the ocean.

      That is, unless, the date in the file's title (February 11th 2016) is the date this event took place. But it could also be the date that this guy simply put the file into the USB, idk.

      I still can't believe this is happening, just when i thought "Oh well, maybe they won't be doing another one, oh well" They pull this, i'm completely elated.

  2. Also, Dennis, the files become corrupted or something when i try to download directly from the links you provided, i needed to go to the dropbox page to download them properly (unless that's what you intended).

    1. Those are the links I got directly from the Dropbox files. I'll try to put up a mirror of the files asap.

  3. I firmly believe that the "AMS" is actually Amos. Space com is a company that produces satellites for big companies. They actually lost communication with their AMOS 5 in November. Amos 2 and Amos 3 cover the entire Eastern seaboard. I'm not sure if this is in game, or if it's just a coincidence.

  4. To use if you think it's worthy. :D

  5. To use if you think it's worthy. :D

  6. Looking at the Amos website and seeing that Amos-6 was going to launch in q1/2016. I'd bet it's in game. Would tie in with the recordings. I'm trying to see if there was a true Amos launch

  7. Is it possible that they hid any files in the back ups? They did send multiple variations of the same file so you would be able to check the "back up"s versus the "Original".

  8. I think we should be focusing on the background chatter.I think that's where the details might lie. I hear Japanese and another user said they heard French as well. No one can seem to isolate the conversation . I think we need someone who speaks Japanese to listen and translate.

  9. I haven't heard the audio yet but is the "loud noise" related to the monster or sound like the monster?

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  11. Anyone able to make out who the other agency is that they check with about the data stream? ESOC (Europe) and something else? I'm hearing what sounds like "secuba". Anyone know of an agency that has an acronym that sounds like that? Or are we looking at something fictional and tied to story?

  12. the first (something) is FLIGHT and the first (?) is SECURE THAT