Sunday, February 14, 2016

New 10 Cloverfield Lane Trailer Shown During Walking Dead

A new 10 Cloverfield Lane trailer was shown during The Walking Dead's midseason premier (and also during Bob's Burgers) tonight. The new trailer features additional dialog from all three characters, but no hidden images.

As always we will have 10 Cloverfield Lane screenshots up asap...


  1. Seems that all the monsters in previous Cloverfield will be involved in this one. Exciting!

    1. Sorry man, I dont think so, if you look at the new trailer it looks as if there are zombies or some sort of rage virus going around. Possibly from the nuclear fall out. I doubt will have any monster from the first besides clover himself and thats a big if. No matter what tho, there is definitely a monster in it.

    2. You may be right, after rewatching it, it seems like it is a person hitting the window. That would be fantastic if Clover appeared in this one. Still exciting though!