Friday, February 19, 2016

10 Cloverfield Lane Trailers Shown During Deadpool Found On YouTube

Online versions of the 10 Cloverfield Lane trailers shown during Deadpool last weekend have been found on YouTube!

Searching YouTube today for the keyword "Sailor Monkey", a description of one of the hidden images, turned up a video and channel of the same name containing one of the 5 trailer variants. However, this channel only contained one of the videos. After trying dozens and dozens of different keywords, the other 4 videos were eventually found.

See if you can find the other four yourselves - one of them was particularly challenging.

Here are the secret keywords, and high-res screenshots of the hidden images:

Navy Football

Flotation Vest - this was the hardest to find!

As you can see from the high-res images, it looks like we have been missing some numbers, and if you look closely, something weird is going on with the colors...


  1. Without running the images through any filter or anything, I see yellow-ish watermark type words in the bottom right areas of all five. For parachute pants I see "Able", for sailor monkey I see "Charlie", and for flotation vest I see "Dog" or "Doc"? Anyone with any image-editing skills able to decipher the other two? Or find errors in what I'm seeing? Cheers Dennis! Thanks!

    1. Forgot to add...get a load of the far right navy football player's jersey icon!

    2. Each picture has a yellow word on the bottom right hand corner. The word list done based off the list of pictures in this article:
      1. Able
      2. Barbara
      3. Charlie
      4. Easy
      5. Dog

    3. #2 is actually "Baker", not 'Barbara.' Also, the numbers in each picture are circled in.

    4. Able, Baker, and Charlie were nuclear tests.
      Dog and Easy were as well.

  2. Now the football photo makes sense. All of these have connections to the Navy, and through it, Mr. Stambler.

  3. Wait a minute. "Charlie"? We have A, C, and D. If I'm right, the other two are B and E.

  4. It looks like "Bill The Goat" is the mascot of the US Naval Academy

  5. It looks like the super 8 monster might be in the upper right hand corner of the on deck photo but I could be just seeing things.I don't have the proper photo software to render it properly.