Saturday, February 27, 2016

Survival Simulation High Score Wins Chicago Dead Drop

It has been (belatedly) revealed that after passing 1000 days on the Survival Simulation game, a secret message from Howard was unlocked, revealing the location of a dead drop in Chicago.

Reddit user helveticatt went to the locker at the HI Chicago hostel and found a Paris bag and a cell phone.

There was one voicemail on the phone from Howard:
Megan, as promised - a phone just for you and me to talk. Keep it hidden so your mother doesn't ruin this too. I put my number into your contacts. Call me as soon as you can. I need to hear your voice, and I gotta get you out of Chicago before everything happens. Your life is in real danger, Radiogirl. But I promise to keep you safe. Call me please. Love, dad.

The password to the voicemail was 4813 - the number from the jukebox in the trailer.

The cell phone has one phone number stored in the directory, the number for Dad (Howard).

Unfortunately, the person who found the phone does not want to reveal the number. Hopefully this does not derail the game. This and other shady behavior have resulted in a bit of an uproar in some of the forums... but I digress...

It appears that when you call the number, there is a generic voicemail message, but the name Howard Stambler is spoken by John Goodman:
You're call has been forwarded to an automated voice messaging system, Howard Stambler is not available. 
UPDATE: Howard's phone number has finally been released: (985) 788-4071. The mailbox is now full, but you can still call the number and hear the outgoing message, The (985) area code is located adjacent to New Orleans.


  1. I don't know how to feel about keeping information in secret. Well, i hope the game masters find a way to keep the game on.

  2. watching the sub reddit is starting to be more fun than the arg. its a car wreck.

  3. A lot of us have worked hard to get where we are in figuring out the mystery behind 10 Cloverfield Lane - it's not exactly fair for one person to keep the phone number to themselves because they were the one who retrieved it.

  4. They're just trying to avoid a thousand people trying to call Howard's number at the same time. That would be chaos and I wish people would be more reasonable and try and understand that. There's two numbers involved..."Megans" which I'm glad most people understand the reasons for not giving that number out(though it was shared at first out of excitement). But the other is Howard's...and while I doubt John Goodman is going to call Cat and just shoot the shit and have a conversation with her the fact is that more than likely a call or text will come through at some point from the phone that's linked to Howard's number. Well how is the person that will send that message supposed to do it if the phone they have to use for it is ringing non stop because of over zealous people calling the number over and over cause they're "participating"? People need to realize that sometimes participating means sitting and waiting for others to come through.

    1. I agree there is no reason to release Megan's number, but Howard's number is a different story.

      It's very doubtful that John Goodman has a matching flip-phone, and is just sitting around waiting for someone to call it. More likely it is just a Google Voice number, and won't ever get answered by a live human anyways, so there would be no harm in 'allowing' other people to call it.

  5. Dad 985-788-4071
    There you go.

  6. Watch, they're gonna hide something in Paris!

  7. Is that Jhon Goodman's voice though?
    It doesn't sound like him to me but it may just be due to the distortion from the audio quality.
    I don't see why it wouldn't be though.

  8. Seems the number was disconnected