Friday, February 26, 2016

Life Preserving Information Update - Survival Simulation Research

There is a new entry on the Life Preserving Information page on the FunAndPrettyThings website.

In the latest update, Howard tells Megan that he had made more changes to the Survival Simulation game, adding a "research" job that will help extend supplies.

Each successful research job performed will give a boost to your health, moral, or one of your resources.

UPDATE: Someone has already broken 1000 days with this new update, and Howard has already noticed, and posted another update:

I'll start compiling the research here, if you see anything new, post it in the comments.

Not every research job is successful...


  1. We have a new drop location! A locker in Chicago with a paris bag inside. inside the bag is a cell phone that has a message from Howard (and John Goodman recorded the msg!!)

  2. YouTube of the phone found. And the voicemail message left by Howard a.k.a John Goodman!

  3. I'm just curious has anyone analyzed the way that words appear in the intro to the "survival sim"??? I just noticed that the text appears in multiple paragraphs simultaneously filling in information. Is this significant? Who knows but from my experience with the previous films viral marketing I have learned that even things that seem meaningless may not be. Just a thought...